29 Dems vote with GOP to protect gas stoves from Biden’s Department of Energy

The House on Wednesday passed legislation to block the Department of Energy from implementing tough new energy conservation rules on gas stoves, an effort that was supported by more than two dozen Democrats. Lawmakers passed the Save Our Gas Stoves Act in a 249-181 vote. Every Republican voted for it, and they were joined by 29 Democrats, a sign that many members of President Biden’s own party don’t support what his Energy Department is doing. The vote is a response to a department rule issued this year that seeks to boost energy efficiency standards for gas stoves. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., argued that the department initially determined that 96% of gas stoves currently on the market would not meet the new standard, and that the department introduced new data later in an effort to make the standard look less severe. BIDEN OFFICIALS EXPLORED CRACKING DOWN ON GAS STOVES EARLIER THAN PREVIOUSLY KNOWN, EMAILS SHOW “What did DOE do after the public heard about this and pushed back?” she said on the House floor Tuesday. “They adjusted their analysis, seemingly out of thin air. Now, they claim that nearly 50 percent of gas stoves will pass their rule. Guess what? That means more than 50 percent won’t. Don’t tell me they are not trying to ban gas stoves.” Lesko also said that while the department is arguing the regulation will lower consumers’ energy bill, it would only drop those bill an estimated 12 cents per month. BIDEN ADMIN IS PREPARING TO TARGET AMERICANS’ GAS FURNACES AMID STOVE CRACKDOWN “Consumers don’t want to give up the features of the stoves they like for 12 cents per month,” she said. “Consumers don’t want to wait an extra 7 minutes to watch a pot of water boil for 12 cents per month.” While some Democrats agreed with that argument, most did not. Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., argued that the department’s energy standards are “extremely popular,” and said they would only apply to new models. “No one is saying you can’t keep your gas stove. No one is saying you don’t have a choice. No one is saying you have to move to electric stoves. This is all misinformation,” he said Tuesday. BIDEN’S ENERGY SECRETARY MET WITH CHINA-CONNECTED GROUP FUELING GAS STOVE BANS IN US “Despite what you hear from my Republican colleagues today, the DOE rule does not ban gas stoves, does not remove gas stoves from homes, and does not prevent anyone from putting a gas stove in their home,” he added. “This rule only applies to new stoves, and, as I said, manufacturers have 3 years to meet the standard.” A day earlier, the House voted 248-180 to pass a related bill, the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, thanks to help from 25 Democrats. That bill is aimed at preventing the Consumer Product Safety Commission from recommending restrictions on the use of gas stoves for consumer safety reasons.
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