‘A puppet’: Some Americans say old age, weak guidance inhibiting Biden from being an effective leader

Americans in Silicon Valley shared whether they believe President Biden’s leadership has been effective enough to earn him another term ahead of the 2024 election, with several pointing to his age as a concern. “I do feel like he’s a little too old,” Travis said in San Jose. “I kind of see him more as a puppet. He just kind of signs and goes with the flow.” WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE But Richard disagreed. “I think he’s doing a great job,” Richard said. “The public perception — in particular, a lot of the advertising focused on his age and moments when he looks on camera to be a doddering old man — is a weakness, but his actual record is very impressive.” Over three-quarters of respondents in a Reuters/Ipsos poll published in September said Biden — the oldest chief executive to serve — is too old to be president. The survey also found the 81-year-old and former President Trump would tie in a hypothetical election. Earlier this month, a JPMorgan strategist predicted that Biden would drop out of the 2024 race sometime between Super Tuesday and Election Day due to health reasons. AMERICANS DELIVER BLUNT ASSESSMENT OF BIDEN’S RE-ELECTABILITY AHEAD OF 2024: ‘RETIRE AND MOVE ON’ “I think his leadership is weak, but I think people are kind of bought into it,” Steve told Fox News. “I don’t think most people are excited about Biden, but I think they are less enthusiastic about change with anyone else.” YOUNG EX-BIDEN SUPPORTERS ‘BAILING’ ON PRESIDENT, AGONIZING OVER 2024: ‘COULD NOT LIVE WITH MYSELF’ Ken said he prefers Biden over former President Trump. “It’s better than the leadership we had prior,” he said.  Biden’s approval rating, which ended 2023 at 39%, is the lowest among modern presidents seeking re-election at this point in their terms, according to a Dec. 22 Gallup poll. That’s a slight rise from Biden’s 37% approval rating over the past two months.  “I think there’s some good qualities and some bad qualities,” said Sarah, who voted for Biden in 2020. “I would not be excited about voting for him again, and I don’t know that I would,” Sarah told Fox News. “I would just like a new candidate to vote for in 2024.” 
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