Activists troll disgraced former Harvard president with ‘moving day’ sign, U-Haul trucks outside campus home

A group of activists targeted disgraced former Harvard University President Claudine Gay outside her official campus residence Wednesday, trolling her with a “moving day” billboard and U-Haul trucks just one day after her resignation. “It’s moving day Claudine Gay!” the digital mobile billboard read before changing to another screen that said, “Sponsored by the TENS OF THOUSANDS of Accuracy in Media activists who demanded your RESIGNATION.” The billboard was accompanied by two U-Haul moving trucks, although it was not immediately clear if she had yet moved from the residence that serves as the official home of Harvard’s president. CRITICS CHEER RESIGNATION OF ‘ANTISEMITIC PLAGIARIST’ HARVARD PRESIDENT CLAUDINE GAY: ‘BYE FELICIA’ Accuracy in Media, the group responsible for the billboards, displayed messages for days outside Gay’s residence prior to her resignation on Tuesday. According to the organization, its mission is to use “citizen activism and investigative journalism to expose media bias, corruption, and public policy failings.” Gay announced her resignation in a letter to members of the Harvard community, stating she was stepping down as president but would return to the Harvard faculty despite widespread plagiarism allegations against her, as well as the sharp backlash to her response concerning antisemitism on the university’s campus. LIBERAL COLLEGE PROFESSORS RALLY AROUND HARVARD’S CLAUDINE GAY AFTER RESIGNATION: ‘FASCIST MOUTH-BREATHERS’ Gay, as well as the presidents of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, faced a line of questioning at a House Education and the Workforce hearing last month over whether calls for intifada, or the genocide of Jews, on campus violated their institutions’ codes of conduct or policies against bullying and harassment.  All three faced harsh backlash for failing to clarify and insisted more context was needed. UPenn’s president also later stepped down from her position. According to the Ivy League school’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, Gay’s resignation brought an end to the shortest Harvard presidency in the university’s history.  Fox News’ Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.
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