Alvin Bragg protester booted from House Judiciary hearing: ‘You are utterly disgraceful’

A New York man protesting against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was escorted out of a House Judiciary Committee field hearing called by Republicans in New York City on Monday. The hearing in New York City called “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan” took aim at what Republicans described as Bragg’s “pro-crime,” “anti-victim” policies. Bragg’s office, which is currently prosecuting Former President Donald Trump for allegedly falsifying business records, and other political allies have blasted the hearing as a political stunt. One man claiming to be a New Yorker slammed Bragg and Democrats for “they’re refusal to protect everyday New Yorkers.” REP. HANK JOHNSON ACCUSES RELATIVES OF CRIME VICTIMS OF BEING ‘PROPS IN A MAGA BROADWAY PRODUCTION’ “It’s disgraceful what you guys do,” he said. “You are utterly disgraceful. Ralph Nader, you’re a disgrace to this country. I love you, Jim Jordan!” The man presumably meant to call out Rep. Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat and ranking member of the committee, who was at Monday’s hearing. The contentious hearing heard testimonies from several family members of crime victims in the city.  Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., sparked an uproar after he slammed the witnesses as “props in a MAGA Broadway production.” “The MAGA Republican extremists are not interested in gun violence, or even knife violence,” Johnson said. “The Republican witnesses who have used their time to criticize District Attorney Bragg have served as props in a MAGA Broadway production.” “Please don’t talk down to us witnesses, please,” one witness called out. “You work for us. We do not work for you!” Madeline Brame, chairwoman of the Victims Rights Reform Council, told the committee.
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