Anti-Israel mob stages ‘seder on the street’ near Schumer’s home in NYC

Anti-Israel agitators staged a “sedar on the street” protest in front of the Brooklyn home of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in protest of American support for Israel.The protests came after the Senate passed a $95 billion emergency foreign aid package to Israel, Gaza and Ukraine.Organized by pro-Palestinian groups, the protest was described as a “seder on the street” for the second night of the week-long Jewish Passover.Photos from the protest showed large groups of demonstrators gathering in front of Schumer’s Brooklyn, New York home.COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY RESPONDS AFTER ROBERT KRAFT SAYS HE’S PULLING SUPPORT OVER ANTISEMITIC VIOLENCEThe protesters urged Schumer to support an end to the U.S. providing weapons to Israel for its ongoing conflict in Gaza.Following speeches from pro-Palestinian leaders, several people were arrested by New York Police Department (NYPD) officers.The NYPD did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request on how many protesters were arrested.COLUMBIA PROTESTS ARE ‘WRITING ON THE WALL’ ABOUT ANTISEMITISM ON CAMPUSES, STUDENT ORGANIZATION FOUNDER SAYSThe demonstrators at the Senate majority leader’s house came as New York City has faced an eruption of anti-Israel protests.Since Friday, hundreds of students and others have been arrested at Columbia, Yale, New York University and other schools.More than 100 students were arrested at Columbia University last week, and the prestigious university has decided to cancel in-person classes in an attempt to defuse tensions.
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