Biden campaign, DNC to leverage GOP debate for massive political messaging operation

The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee are planning to highlight the contrast between the president’s policies and “MAGA Republicans” ahead of the first GOP primary debate next week. Fox News is hosting the first GOP presidential primary debate on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee. The debate begins at 9 p.m. ET. THESE REPUBLICANS HAVE MET QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE FIRST GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE A Biden campaign official told Fox News Digital on Thursday that the debate is a “key moment” for Democrats to highlight the differences between President Biden’s policies and Republicans’ “out of touch views,” while warning that electing a Republican in 2024 would “roll back the progress” made by the Biden administration. “We know Americans are mobilized against the MAGA agenda, and this serves as a perfect opportunity to energize and activate the Biden-Harris coalition well ahead of the general election,” the campaign official said. Fox News Digital has learned that Biden campaign officials will be on the ground in Milwaukee next week on the sidelines of the debate to “meet with local leaders and key constituencies.” DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison will also hold Black engagement events in Milwaukee, and attend an event with women voters in suburban areas. In Washington, D.C., though, the Biden campaign and the DNC will jointly run an “aggressive war room” to “hold Republican candidates accountable for the extreme MAGA views the Republican candidates espouse from the debate stage.” The campaign official said the Biden campaign is going to run its third major paid media buy of the re-election cycle. The DNC is also expected to launch a billboard campaign across Milwaukee – three standing billboards and one billboard truck that will circle the debate venue as Republicans take the stage. BIDEN RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN TO BE HEADQUARTERED IN WILMINGTON, DELAWARE “Next week’s Republican debate will put on display just how extreme and out of touch the Republican candidates are with the American people,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said. “That’s why we’re using the debate as an opportunity to activate and energize our supporters, as well as expand support for the Biden-Harris ticket and our agenda for the middle class and protecting Americans’ freedoms.” She added: “The 2024 Republican primary is a race for the MAGA base, not an effort to earn the support of the voters they’ll need to win in November 2024 – and our campaign will be making that stark contrast and the important choice before voters very clear.” REPUBLICAN PARTY RELEASES REQUIREMENTS FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES HOPING TO MAKE FIRST 2024 PRIMARY DEBATE Meanwhile, the DNC plans to engage hundreds of thousands of volunteers to “lift up relevant GOP contrast content” during the debate. Fox News Digital has learned that the Biden campaign will send emails and texts to supporters during the event, while also launching Facebook ads as part of its grassroots fundraising push for the night. “Next week, the American people will be introduced to the most extreme slate of presidential candidates in history. Candidates will take to the stage to out-MAGA each other, and we will ensure that every American knows that,” Harrison said. “We are more than happy to spotlight just how extreme their positions are.” The first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle will air on Fox News, and Rumble is the online live-streaming partner. Young America’s Foundation is also a partner in the first debate.
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