Biden campaign moves into next phase with new HQ opening in Delaware

President Biden’s 2024 election campaign staff will move out of D.C. and into their own dedicated offices at their new headquarters in Delaware this week. The first wave of aides is up and running at the Wilmington, Delaware, headquarters, and the next wave is expected to make the transfer by the end of September, Axios reported. “Having a campaign headquarters outside of D.C. is critical to building a strong, connected team, and I know that soon enough, we will all have our favorite dinner spots, running paths, and coffee shops. We look forward to welcoming supporters, volunteers, and even reporters to come soon enough,” campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez told the outlet. The ramp-up of Biden’s campaign efforts is the latest sign that the 2024 election season is getting well under way. Until now, Biden’s campaign staff had worked remotely or out of offices in the DNC headquarters in Washington. BERNIE SANDERS DOUBLED HIS 2022 INCOME WITH PROFITS FROM BOOK RAILING AGAINST CAPITALISM For now, however, most of the attention remains on the Republican presidential primary race, where former President Donald Trump maintains a commanding lead. Despite the Democratic National Committee not holding debates between Biden and primary challenger Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., many party members are dissatisfied with Biden as the party’s candidate, though they do say they would support him against Trump. An overwhelming majority of Americans stated that Biden is too old to competently carry out the office of the president for a second term, according to a Monday poll from The Associated Press. BERNIE SANDERS PUSHING CAMPAIGN CASH TO WIFE AND STEPSON’S NONPROFIT RAISES ‘LEGITIMATE CONCERN’: WATCHDOG Across all Americans, 77% said Biden was unfit, and even 69% of Democrats agreed, in addition to 89% of Republicans. Meanwhile, fewer than half of Americans say former President Trump is too old to hold office, despite him being just three years younger. The poll further found that American voters increasingly support wide-ranging rules aimed at keeping America’s leaders young. Roughly two-thirds of Americans say they support imposing age limits on the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.
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