Biden continues to bleed liberal support to RFK Jr, Marianne Williamson in 2024 Dem-on-Dem showdown

President Biden continues to bleed Democratic support as two rivals in his party push forward into 2024. The president announced his re-election ticket with Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday, officially jumping into the 2024 race after months of saying he intended to run again. But according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday, Biden has two Democratic opponents who are growing in strength: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and spiritual adviser Marianne Williamson.  According to a Fox News poll, Kennedy and Williamson carry a combined 28% of the blue vote. ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. GAINS SIZABLE CHUNK OF BIDEN VOTERS AT PRESIDENTIAL LAUNCH: POLL Kennedy carried 19% while Williamson had 9%. Like Kennedy, Williamson, a long-shot candidate, has seen her polling numbers grow. Biden is sitting in on a solid lead with 62% support from Democrats, according to the poll, but the news is far from welcome. According to a Suffolk/USA Today poll last week, Biden’s support among Democrats sat at 67%, having lost 14% of his support to Kennedy at his launch. FOX NEWS POLL: TRUMP STILL TOP 2024 REPUBLICAN PREFERENCE, DESANTIS SLIPPING Williamson, a spiritual adviser by trade, carried 5% of the vote while 13% were undecided. A five-point shift away from Biden and rising support among Democrats for Kennedy and Williamson show the president is bleeding support from his own party. Biden probably isn’t too worried, however – the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is supporting the president’s re-election ticket and is not planning to hold primary debates. The DNC was not spared from Democrat criticism, though. Williamson and others decried the lack of debates, although it is common for the party in power to avoid primary elections when in control of the White House. Both Williamson and Kennedy have also made New Hampshire a key target of their race since the DNC changed the order of primaries. The national party bumped New Hampshire from the lead-off primary spot, but the state will likely hold an unsanctioned primary on its preferred date – meaning Biden may not even appear on the primary ballot in that contest.
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