Biden gets failing grade on jobs, inflation despite bragging about ‘Bidenomics’: poll

President Biden’s handling of the economy is doing little to lift the spirits of Americans, as only three in 10 feel the U.S. is doing a better job recovering from the coronavirus pandemic than the rest of the world, according to a new poll. The Monmouth University Poll — which was released Wednesday and featured random sample responses from 910 adults ages 18 and older — found that 62% of respondents disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, compared to 34% who said they approve. As for the president’s handling of jobs and unemployment, 48% said they disapprove and 47% said they approve. On transportation and energy infrastructure, there’s a larger disapproval margin, with 51% saying they disapprove and 43% saying they approve. BIDEN CALLED OUT FOR ‘FACTUAL ERROR’ IN ‘BIDENOMICS’ TWEET, AFTER BOASTING ABOUT WAGE LEVELS Data from the poll reflected that seven in 10 Democrats rated the president positively in most areas related to the economy, while eight in 10 Republicans gave him negative remarks. Independent voters, like Republicans, also believe the president is lacking when it comes to an economic bounceback, with approval for Biden from the demographic group standing at only 26% for inflation, 41% for jobs and unemployment, and 37% for transportation and energy infrastructure. “The president has been touting ‘Bidenomics,’ but the needle of public opinion has not really moved. Americans are just not giving him a lot of credit when it comes to the economy,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a statement. Of those that took part in the survey, 44% said they approve of the overall job Biden is doing and 52% disapprove. Regarding Biden’s approval number, Monmouth noted that it “is three points higher than it has been over the past few months, but his overall rating is statistically in line with where it has been since last autumn.” ‘MESSED UP’: AMERICANS REACT TO BIDEN’S HANDLING OF THE ECONOMY AND ‘BIDENOMICS’ PUSH Just one in four of those surveyed said they believe the U.S. in headed in the right direction, compared to 68% who said the opposite. The results from the survey come as the president touts “Bidenomics,” a term that he and his administration have used in recent weeks to tout his economic policies. “Right now, real wages for the average American worker is higher than it was before the pandemic, with lower wage workers seeing the largest gains,” a tweet from Biden’s Twitter account stated. “That’s Bidenomics.” Twitter’s Community Notes added context for readers that said: “The tweet’s claim about real wages contains a factual error.” “On 3/15/20 when US COVID lockdowns began real wages adjusted for inflation (AFI) were $11.15. As of 7/16/23 real wages AFI are $11.05,” the Twitter note continued. It added: “Real wages AFI remain lower (not higher) than before the pandemic.” Hopes are also not very high for Vice President Kamala Harris, with just 40% of the Monmouth poll’s respondents saying they approve of the job she’s doing and 52% saying they disapprove. The Monmouth University Poll was conducted from July 12 -17 via phone, online surveys and text. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percentage points. Fox News’ Lawrence Richard contributed to this report.
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