Biden, Harris release financial disclosures for 2022

The White House on Monday released financial disclosure forms for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris covering 2022.  The disclosures, obtained by Fox News Digital, show little change from the previous year in their respective earnings. It showed that Biden earned less than $201 in royalties for his 2007 memoir “Promises to Keep” and between $2,501 and $5,000 for his 2017 memoir “Promise Me, Dad.”  The report lists the assets of the president and his wife, Jill Biden, only within a range, showing they are worth between $1.05 million and $2.58 million.  BIDEN ADMIN WEIGHS KEEPING US SPACE COMMAND HEADQUARTERS IN COLORADO OVER ALABAMA’S ABORTION LAWS: REPORT The Bidens owe between $250,000 and $500,000 on a mortgage on their Delaware home, plus between $30,000 and $100,000 on other loans.  The vice president reported higher royalties for her 2019 memoir, “The Truths We Hold,” at more than $41,000. She earned more than $40,000 for her 2019 children’s book “SuperHeroes Are Everywhere.” She earned $456,000 in total.  Harris is married to Doug Emhoff, a lawyer and law professor. Together, their assets total between $3.42 million and $8.29 million. They owe between $1 million and $5 million on a mortgage on their home. The Associated Press contributed to this report. 
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