Biden launches ‘Latinos con Biden-Harris’ to court Hispanic voters wooed by Trump

President Biden’s re-election campaign is targeting Latino voters with a new initiative. The president is slated to launch the Latinos con Biden-Harris campaign program on Tuesday during a campaign stop in Arizona.”The Latino vote was critical to the President’s victory in 2020, and 2024 will be no different,” said campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez.LATINO EVANGELICALS REJECTING DEMOCRATIC PARTY, PASTOR SAYS: ‘GOING TO VOTE LIKE NO OTHER IN NOVEMBER’She continued, “Latinos con Biden-Harris will be essential to activating and mobilizing Latinos across the country, and importantly, is another way we are making clear with action that we are investing aggressively into earning the Latino vote.”The Hispanic voter base is considered one of the most valuable demographics for candidates in the 2024 presidential election – the Latino population continues to rise while its historic affiliation with the Democrats has wavered.”Our community has deep roots in organizing, and we are excited to harness that skill set to fight for our families, our communities, and against Donald Trump’s anti-Latino agenda. There’s too much at stake in this election,” Chávez Rodríguez added.YOUNG LATINO VOTERS IN PENNSYLVANIA ARE ‘TRUMP FANS’ ON ECONOMY, MAY VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2024: REPORT”Hispanic voters are rejecting what Joe Biden is selling,” Make America Great Again Inc. spokesman Alex Pfeiffer said in a statement Tuesday. “The last three years of Bidenomics have left Hispanic Americans poorer.”A poll from earlier this month found former President Trump holds a six-point lead over Biden among Hispanic voters.The New York Times/Siena College poll, which was conducted from Feb. 25 to 28 and included responses from 980 registered voters nationwide, asked respondents whom they would support in the 2024 presidential election if it were held today. Between candidates Biden and Trump, 46% of Hispanics who responded to the poll said they would vote for Trump, while 40% said they would support Biden. That’s a big difference from Biden’s 2020 general election support from Hispanics.Biden won 59% of the Hispanic vote to Trump’s 38% in 2020, according to Pew Research.Fox News Digital has reached out to the Trump campaign and Biden campaign for comment.Fox News Digital’s Kyle Morris contributed to this report.
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