Biden may be missing from Ohio’s general election ballot due to key deadline issue, election official warns

President Biden may fail to get on Ohio’s general election ballot after the state’s top election official warned his campaign about missing a key deadline on Friday.Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a Republican, notified top Democratic officials that their party’s national convention is scheduled to occur well past the deadline for certifying a presidential candidate in Ohio.”The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to convene on August 19, 2024, which occurs more than a week after the August 7 deadline to certify a presidential candidate to the office,” LaRose wrote to Ohio Democratic Party Chairwoman Liz Walters, according to the letter first obtained by ABC News.”I am left to conclude that the Democratic National Committee must either move up its nominating convention or the Ohio General Assembly must act by May 9, 2024 (90 days prior to a new law’s effective date) to create an exception to this statutory requirement,” LaRose legal counsel, Paul Disantis, wrote in the letter.DEMS BLASTED OVER LEAKED MEMO THAT SAYS ‘QUIET PART OUT LOUD’ ABOUT VOTER REGISTRATION EFFORTSDEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST BOASTS PARTY FOUGHT TO UNDERMINE ‘DANGEROUS’ THIRD-PARTY THREAT TO BIDENBiden’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital on Sunday, but told ABC News that they were “monitoring the situation in Ohio” and remain “confident that Joe Biden will be on the ballot in all 50 states.”The Ohio Democratic Party has yet to respond publicly to LaRose’s letter.News of the letter came the same day an internal memo showing panic within the Democratic Party over its “nonpartisan” voter registration efforts potentially helping former President Trump.DEM CAMPAIGN CALL REVEALS PANIC MODE OVER RFK JR.’S WHITE HOUSE BID, SCRAMBLE TO SAVE BIDEN RE-ELECTION HOPESDemocrats across the country have become increasingly concerned over the amount of support Trump is pulling from usually reliable demographics and donors have been bickering over an internal memo casting doubt on whether the party should continue using nonprofits to register unregistered voters over fears it could help Trump, the Washington Post reported.”Indeed, if we were to blindly register nonvoters and get them on the rolls, we would be distinctly aiding Trump’s quest for a personal dictatorship,” the memo explained, casting doubt on the longstanding Democrat voter registration push that typically has resulted in favorable results in previous elections.The memo argues that Democrats should focus their registration efforts only in “specific, heavily pro-Biden populations” and the Washington Post explained that “the rise in Trump support among nonregistered voters has run up against a long-held Democratic policy priority of growing the voter rolls.”Fox News’ Andrew Mark Miller contributed to this report
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