Biden ripped in new ad spotlighting his immigration record as border crisis escalates: ‘Trump was right’

FIRST ON FOX: President Biden was blasted by a fresh ad campaign highlighting the differences between him and former President Trump on immigration that was released as Trump was campaigning on the issue throughout the Midwest. The conservative nonprofit Building America’s Future launched a six-figure digital ad buy on Tuesday in the Midwest battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin hammering Biden’s immigration policies as Trump was set to deliver two speeches on immigration.”Donald Trump was right,” the one-minute ad opens followed by a soundbite of Trump saying in a 2015 speech, “They’re not sending their best. They’re bringing drugs.”The ad then plays audio from a news report discussing the dangerous drugs being smuggled across the border before quoting Trump also saying that illegal immigration is bringing “crime and rapists,” along with news reports backing up that claim.BORDER PATROL HAS ARRESTED 6,400 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WITH CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS, 178 GANG MEMBERS IN FY24The ad then shifts to an attack on the current president, saying, “Joe Biden is wrong.””You use the word illegal when talking about the man who allegedly killed Laken Riley,” a reporter asks Biden in a video clip. “Undocumented,” Biden answers. “Uh-undocumented person. I shouldn’t have used illegal. I’m not going to treat any any, any, of these people with disrespect. Look, they built the country.” “Who do you trust more to protect your family?” The ad then asks. “Donald Trump or Joe Biden?”‘SHOCKING’ CALIFORNIA BILL TO PROTECT VIOLENT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM DEPORTATION DRAWS FIERCE BACKLASHThe White House did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital. The ad from Building America’s Future, which previously blasted Biden in a State of the Union ad over the death of Laken Riley that CNN refused to air, came as Trump addressed immigration in speeches in Michigan and Wisconsin on Tuesday.In Michigan, Trump fired numerous salvos at his successor in the White House, arguing that “under Crooked Joe Biden, every state is now a border state.”The former president’s stop in Michigan came in the wake of the March 22 murder of Ruby Garcia, a 25-year-old woman allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported to Mexico in 2020 but returned to the United States. Garcia’s death – her body was discovered alongside a road in Grand Rapids – is dominating local conservative talk radio and social media.HOUSE REPUBLICANS HAMMER BIDEN AS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IS LINKED TO MICHIGAN WOMAN’S MURDERPointing to Garcia’s death, Trump said “a beautiful young woman was savagely murdered by an illegal alien criminal. Under the Trump administration, this monster had been deported, thrown out of the country.””It’s going to end on the day that I take office, which will be Jan. 20,” said Trump, who has pledged to launch the largest deportation operation in the nation’s history if elected in November.Before Trump arrived in Michigan, the Republican National Committee fired up a new website,, which it says is dedicated to “highlighting the horrors of Biden Migrant Crime.”In Wisconsin, Trump mentioned Garcia again as well as victims of other crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants, including the alleged rape of a mentally incapacitated 14-year-old girl in Alabama.”I’m here tonight to declare that Joe Biden’s border bloodbath… this is a border bloodbath, ends the day I take the oath of office,” Trump told the Green Bay crowd. “With your vote, I will seal the border. I will stop the invasion. I will end the carnage, bloodshed and killing and we will crush the human traffickers.”Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report
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