Biden stumbles over word in Philadelphia speech: ‘Recalibration’

President Joe Biden verbally stumbled while touting his administrations’ recent job growth and unveiling federal funding to repair aging lead pipes, struggling to pronounce, “recalibration” in a room full of supporters. “I reported today on the state of the economy. We added more jobs, over half a million jobs just last month.” Biden stated. “And, and the recap… recapil… recalibration of last month was another half million.” The stumble-prone president turned 80 years-old on Nov. 20 and regularly makes headlines for gaffes, including mispronunciations, verbal stumbles, and forgetfulness.  BIDEN BUSTED FOR CLAIM HIGH INFLATION ‘WAS ALREADY THERE’ WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE: ‘DEAD WRONG AND HE KNOWS IT’  Following his verbal fender bender, the president continued, launching into his administration’s latest initiative on clean water across America.  On Friday afternoon, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris announced $500 million in federal funding to repair aging lead pipes and upgrade Philadelphia’s water system at the Belmont Water Treatment Plant. “Every American deserves to be able to turn on their water tap or faucet,” Biden said, “And to be able to drink clean water. Through the infrastructure law, we’re making historic investments to make sure that they can.” The Biden administration said the money will go toward water and lead pipe service upgrades in the City of Brotherly Love. 
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