Biden super PAC targets battleground states with largest ad purchase in US history

The major super PAC supporting President Biden’s re-election effort is poised to make what it says is the single largest political ad purchase in American history on Tuesday.The organization, Future Forward, is reserving $250 million across the country, with $140 million going to television and another $110 million to digital and streaming platforms, the New York Times reported. The massive expenditure targets major battleground states, and the ads will run from August through Election Day.Specifically, the ads will run in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.The purchase represents a huge increase over Future Forward’s spending in Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, when it spent just $151 million.BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS ‘GRASPING AT STRAWS’ BY ‘DEPLOYING KAMALA HARRIS’: CAROLINE DOWNEYThe content of the ads has yet to be determined, but Biden and Democrats appear to be operating on the assumption that former President Trump will be the Republican nominee.AS HALEY TRIES TO STOP TRUMP, MANY PUNDITS DOWNPLAY HIS IOWA LANDSLIDEAds from Future Forward in 2023 focused on Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act as well as Latino issues in Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, according to Politico.News of the ad spending comes just as Biden’s campaign leaked its 2024 strategy to the New York Times. Unsurprisingly, the plan calls for targeting Trump above all else, using social media as the primary tool.Biden’s chances of re-election remain up in the air, with many swing state polls showing Trump in the lead. Biden had taken severe hits thanks to his age, inflation, the ongoing border crisis and growing instability abroad.
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