Biden visits daughter-in-law’s home ahead of her expected testimony in Hunter Biden trial

President Biden paid a visit to his daughter-in-law’s home Sunday night, days before the ninth anniversary of the death of his son Beau Biden, who was her husband.The president’s brief visit to Hallie Biden’s home also comes before she is expected to testify as a witness in Hunter Biden’s gun crime trial next month. The first son is charged with making false statements on a federal form when purchasing a firearm in 2018.A source with knowledge of the Oct. 23, 2018, police report told Fox News that it indicated that Hallie, who was in a relationship with Hunter at the time, threw a gun owned by Hunter Biden in a dumpster behind a market near a school.She is likely to be required to testify in the upcoming trial.HUNTER BIDEN PRETRIAL HEARING ON GUN CHARGES SET FOR FRIDAY IN DELAWAREA reporter for NBC News faced heavy criticism for pointing out her connection to the trial on social media. Biden allies argued there was nothing inappropriate about the visit.The court in Hunter Biden’s case met for its final hearing before jury selection begins on June 3. Fox News has previously reported that prosecutors planned to use portions of his book and laptop, including photos, to convince a jury that the first son is guilty of making false statements on a federal form when he purchased a revolver in 2018, while actively using narcotics. Biden has pleaded not guilty to the charges.Judge Maryellen Noreika said Special Counsel David Weiss must show Hunter Biden was addicted to drugs, but not necessarily using drugs the day he purchased the gun.In court documents, Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys asked the court to block certain salacious details of his life from being shown to the jury to avoid “significant risk of unfair prejudice.”IRS WHISTLEBLOWER SHAPLEY SAID HE ‘COULD NO LONGER PURSUE’ HUNTER BIDEN SUGAR BROTHER KEVIN MORRIS DUE TO CIAIn what is called a “motion in limine,” Hunter Biden asked the court “to exclude reference to the child support proceedings in Arkansas and reference to his discharge from the Navy.” This is in reference to the child he fathered out-of-wedlock with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts, whose daughter is President Biden’s grandchild.Acknowledging that some of the evidence prosecutors wish to bring forward may be relevant to the case, including purported drug purchases, ATM withdrawals and the purchase of the revolver, Hunter Biden’s lawyers said other details like references to money allegedly spent on “adult entertainment, online chat rooms, or escort services are not relevant to the charges.”Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report
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