Biden would veto GOP bill protecting access to pistol braces

President Joe Biden will veto a Republican bill that would restrict his administration’s plans to regulate pistol braces if the legislation reaches his desk, the White House said Monday. The measure, introduced by Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., would put a halt to a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) rule announced in January that places further regulations on stabilizing braces for pistols. These arm braces are mounted to the rear of a pistol to make it easier to shoot with one hand. SCALISE DENIES GOP LEADERS HELD ANTI-ATF PISTOL BRACE BILL HOSTAGE TO SECURE VOTES FOR DEBT CEILING INCREASE The ATF rule categorizes pistols with braces as short-barreled rifles, which require a federal license to own. The White House has argued this reclassification is necessary because the gun industry uses braces to work around regulations on short-barreled rifles, which shoot more accurately. “The rationale is clear: short-barreled rifles are more concealable than long guns, yet more dangerous and accurate at a distance than traditional pistols,” the White House said in a Monday statement. “As a result of this industry innovation, in the past few years we have witnessed mass shooters – including those in Dayton, Ohio, and Boulder, Colorado – use these ‘brace’ devices on heavy pistols in order to inflict mass carnage.” FEDERAL JUDGE IN TEXAS BLOCKS BIDEN ATF PISTOL BRACE RULE ON DAY OF DEADLINE TO REGISTER WEAPONS The House GOP measure that disapproves of the ATF rule has 188 cosponsors. Several pro-gun groups have challenged the rule in court. These critics note the ATF initially approved pistol braces as a simple firearm attachment, often used by disabled gun-owners who can only use one arm to shoot. “This abuse of rule-making authority requires either registration or a ban of pistol-braced firearms, dangerously violating our Constitution and irresponsibly disregarding Congress’ sole legislative authority,” Clyde said when he announced his resolution in March. “Unquestionably, this is nothing more than a reckless attempt to advance President Biden’s ultimate goal of an unarmed America.” GOP MOVES TO BLOCK BIDEN’S PISTOL BRACE RULE: ‘ABUSE OF RULE-MAKING AUTHORITY’ Biden’s promise to veto the measure comes amid Republican infighting over when to introduce it on the House floor. Clyde said in June that the measure was the subject of a threat from his party leadership over his opposition to the debt ceiling agreement. “I was told by GOP leadership that if I didn’t vote for the rule, then it would be very difficult to bring my bill to the floor,” Clyde said on former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., denied the claims from Clyde and insisted the measure has not been brought to the floor over concerns about a lack of votes.
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