Biden’s DHS appeared to consider targeting pro-life moms and other ‘radicalization suspects,’ docs show

President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appeared to consider producing training videos targeting “radicalization suspects” that included suburban pro-life mothers, according to documents obtained by the America First Legal Foundation. The records appear to show DHS’s Office of Terrorism and Violence Prevention laying out approaches for the proposed videos just days after President Biden and his administration took power. “These findings add to the litany of evidence that DHS has shifted its focus from threats of foreign terrorism to monitoring and meddling in domestic US citizen political beliefs,” wrote the Foundation for Freedom Online, which first obtained the records. “DHS’s ‘radicalization suspects’ in the video screenplays are not violent terrorists or extremists,” they said. “They are typical everyday Americans with typical everyday American opinions.” HUNDREDS OF PRO-LIFERS DOMINATE MARATHON ALL-NIGH HEARING ON MAINE’S NO-LIMITS ABORTION LAW In one “radicalization suspect” scenario within the documents, dated Jan. 29, 2021, a profile is shown for a “middle-aged” woman named “Ann,” who is described as a “pro-life advocate.” “This is Ann, a resident of Elkville in rural America,” the fictional profile reads. “Ann has always been religious but since the death of her mother, she’s become increasingly devout. She’s a regular in the small-town community, active in several church groups. While she has always been protective of her four kids, she has become increasingly more concerned about the welfare of other children including the unborn.” The document asks viewers to take on “bystander” roles, in which they chose from three “difficult choices that approximate real-life decisions at the end of each scene.” In Ann’s case, the bystanders include a preacher, a bakery employee and a hairdresser, each containing its own scenarios. “You’re the preacher at Elkville’s only church,” the preacher’s scenario reads. “You notice that one of your members, Ann, has become increasingly more fervent about her pro-life stance. You see her and another parishioner in a heated discussion during a prayer group. Ann asks you directly if the bible justifies violence in defense of life.” OREGON DEMS ADVANCE SWEEPING BILL AIMED AT PROTECTING ABORTION, GENDER SURGERY The preacher’s “bystander” choices include scheduling counseling with Ann on church teachings and violence prevention, speaking to her husband about whether he’s noticed a behavior change and reaching out to a church group member to ask her about her recent interests. An “individualized narrative slide” is then presented to the viewer based on their choice.  The section includes two more scenarios: A bakery employee hearing her scream, “Baby killer,” and her telling her hairdresser that “something should be done to put a stop to the planned parenthood office in the next county,” according to the documents.  The document presents four other scenarios in the same fashion, including a racist white teenager who flashes a gun at his girlfriend, an anti-government and abusive parent, a young animal rights and environmental activist, and an “old high school friend” that’s a “budding conspiracy theorist.” DHS did not respond to a Fox News Digital request for comment on the records. FOX NEWS POLL: TWO-THIRDS SAY ABORTION PILL SHOULD BE LEGAL DHS previously found itself under a microscope over controversial internal dealings after creating and disbanding its “Disinformation Governance Board.” Experts and watchdog groups have also claimed that a federal agency within DHS appears to be “burying” evidence of its alleged censorship. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, has come under fire for working with Big Tech companies to flag and take down social media posts related to elections, COVID vaccines and a range of other issues deemed mis-, dis-, and malinformation (MDM).  “CISA pulled a fast one on the American public by setting up a social media censorship division in the name of fighting foreign influence, but then quickly seizing long-arm jurisdiction over domestic opinions online as well,” Foundation for Freedom Online executive director Mike Benz recently told Fox News Digital.  “CISA officials knew they lacked the legal authorization to do what they did,” Benz said. “Now, CISA appears to be burying the evidence of its domestic censorship activities, right as oversight of potential malfeasance is heating up.”
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