Biden’s re-election efforts bolstered by massive donations from George Soros and other billionaires

George Soros and other prominent billionaires bolstered President Biden’s re-election efforts during the third quarter, filings reviewed by Fox News Digital show. The deep-pocketed donors each cut six-figure contributions to the Biden Victory Fund – a joint fundraising venture that consists of Biden’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), all 50 state Democratic parties and Washington, D.C.’s Democratic committee – between July and September.  The structure allows wealthy benefactors to donate up to $929,600 each per election cycle. Joint fundraising committees have gained traction with both political parties in recent years, enabling donors to contribute far more to one entity, which then takes the cash and showers it among the groups involved in the endeavor. LIBERAL GROUPS ANNOUNCE HALF-BILLION DOLLAR EFFORT TO BEEF UP LOCAL NEWS INFRASTRUCTURE AHEAD OF 2024 ELECTION According to its recent filings, Soros cut his largest check yet to Biden’s re-election efforts during the third quarter. The billionaire sent $250,000 to the Biden Victory Fund on Sept. 29. Soros’ check followed a maxed-out contribution directly to Biden’s campaign this summer. Soros and his son Alex, who recently took control of the Open Society Foundations network that funnels large amounts of money to left-wing nonprofits and causes, both pushed $6,600 to Biden’s campaign on June 30. The Soroses will likely provide considerably more to Biden’s re-election efforts and support outside super PACs backing his candidacy after helping to propel him during the 2020 elections.  During the last presidential election, George provided $500,000 to the Biden Victory Fund while sending millions more to super PACs backing him. Alex added $721,300 to the Biden Victory Fund in 2020. BIDEN’S CHOICE OF HUNTER’S EX-COLLEAGUE FOR WHISTLEBLOWER POST ‘RAISES CONCERNS’ HE’S GUARDING HIS SON: COMER Meanwhile, Alex has enjoyed close access to Biden’s White House and has visited at least 20 times since the president took office, Fox News Digital reported. He has also routinely posted pictures with Vice President Kamala Harris on his social media accounts and has mingled with prominent congressional Democrats, such as House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y. Soros’ spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Other prominent billionaires also propelled Biden’s joint fundraising committee during the third quarter. The filings show that Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, provided the fund with $929,000 in September.  Powell Jobs founded the Emerson Collective, a private grantmaking foundation focused on climate, education, journalism and other matters. She also previously funded the parent company of a network of liberal “fake news” sites, which pushed pieces that mirrored press releases from Democratic politicians, the Washington Free Beacon reported. SENIOR BIDEN ADVISER’S GROUP VOWS TO PROTECT PRO-HAMAS DEMONSTRATORS IN NYC Additionally, the Biden Victory Fund received maxed-out $929,600 contributions over the past three months from a handful of individuals, including sports executive Casey Wasserman, casino magnate Neil Bluhm, real estate mogul Kurt Rappaport, businessman Haim Saban and philanthropist Ellen Bronfman Hauptman.  The Biden Victory Fund raised just over $48 million during the third quarter. Its records show that it funneled $17.75 million into Biden’s campaign in late September. It also recently transferred $5 million to the DNC.
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