‘BIG WORDS’: Biden official takes dig at GOP governor following joke during major announcement

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm hit back at Republican Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo this week over what he claims was a joke during an event in McCarren, Nevada. During the Thursday event announcing a $2 billion green energy loan from the Biden administration for battery recycling company Redwood Materials, Granholm spoke on the importance of the U.S. competing with China on the manufacturing of batteries, as well the physical makeup of a battery itself. “A battery basically has four main components: the anode, the cathode, the separator material, the electrolyte. Redwood Materials is focused on two of those: the anode copper foil, the cathode active materials. You’re going to be the first to take cathode annual material production to scale in the United States,” she said, describing a number of battery components. BIDEN’S ENERGY SECRETARY MET WITH CHINA-CONNECTED GROUP FUELING GAS STOVE BANS IN US When she finished speaking, Granholm introduced Lombardo, who arrived at the podium and immediately appeared to joke about Granholm’s description of a battery. “Let’s give a round of applause to the secretary there. She gave me a good science lesson. Do you actually understand the science, or did you just memorize that?” Lombardo said, prompting laughter from the crowd. Later in the day, Granholm responded to Lombardo’s joke, taking to Twitter to question Lombardo’s understanding of “big words.” NEVADA GOV. JOE LOMBARDO ORDERS K-12 AUDITS IN AN ATTEMPT TO IMPROVE THE STATE’S PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM “Big words can be intimidating, I understand. All the Governor needs to know is that $2 BILLION and thousands of good-paying jobs are coming to Nevada thanks to [President Biden],” she tweeted. Lombardo’s staff told Fox News Digital that the quip was a joke, and said it was really at his own expense. “People who know Joe Lombardo are familiar with his self-depricating sense of humor. Of course, it was a joke. And one at his own expense. Regardless, the governor remains focused on welcoming new investment in Nevada and keeping our state open for business,” communications director Elizabeth Ray said. She also pointed to another instance she said Lombardo’s gruff joking style was evident, when he told a reporter last month he was most looking forward to “getting s— done” as governor. Fox News Digital reached out to Granholm’s office for comment but did not immediately receive a response.
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