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Former Trump Cabinet member Betsy DeVos undecided on 2024 endorsement

FIRST ON FOX: Betsy DeVos – who served as head of the Education Department under former President Donald Trump – remains undecided on whom she will support in the 2024 race for the White House. “She’s watching the race closely but has not yet made a decision on an endorsement,” Nate Bailey, DeVos’ chief of staff, told Fox News Digital. “She’s very encouraged to see all of the candidates talking seriously about expanding education freedom and empowering parents.” DeVos, the 11th person to serve as the U.S. secretary of education from 2017 to 2021, was one of few Trump-era Cabinet members to maintain her post for his entire term in office. As education secretary, the Michigan native championed school choice, arguing that parents should have the power to take tax dollars allocated for their child to different schools if their local public school doesn’t meet their needs. ‘STOP THE INVASION’: DESANTIS 2024 CAMPAIGN VIDEO PREVIEWS MAJOR BORDER POLICY ROLLOUT DeVos touted Trump’s 1776 Commission as an alternative to the historically inaccurate 1619 Project, which pegs slavery as the foundation of American history. But the former education secretary, now 65, has shown warmth to a number of other 2024 Republican candidates. On May 31, DeVos appeared with former Vice President Mike Pence in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for a conversation on what conservatives believe. The DeVos family financially backed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaigns. According to state campaign finance records, DeVos personally contributed $5,500 to a super PAC that backed DeSantis’ reelection bid in April 2022. DeVos continues to be an influential voice about American education. Last year, she released her best-selling book, “Hostages No More: The Fight for Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child,” which covers critical race theory in education, COVID-19 pandemic school lockdowns and how to fix America’s schools. Before serving as education secretary for the Trump administration, DeVos advocated for school choice, charter schools and free speech on campuses. She and her husband started All Children Matter in 2003 in support of voucher programs. In 2010, she helped found the school choice advocacy organization American Federation for Children. DeVos and her husband founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989, which donated to charter and Christian schools, organizations supporting school choice, and various universities and arts foundations.
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Chinese government mouthpiece vows Beijing will ramp up drive for AI global supremacy

China is fully embracing the potential transformative power of artificial intelligence and determined to emerge as the world’s leading AI power, according to experts and Chinese state media. The People’s Daily, the mouthpiece newspaper of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on Monday published its second commentary in two weeks vowing to intensify efforts to unleash the potential of AI. “[AI] will become an important driving force in the new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation, with a major impact on people’s production and life,” the commentary says. The article, first flagged by the South China Morning Post, lists several areas where China could benefit from AI, such as daily office work, pharmaceuticals, and meteorology. SENATE URGED TO PUNISH US COMPANIES THAT HELP CHINA BUILD ITS AI-DRIVEN ‘SURVEILLANCE STATE’ The People’s Daily’s focus on AI comes as experts in the U.S. are warning of China’s tech ambitions. In a new report, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments concludes that, while the U.S. currently leads China in industrial might and national security technology, Beijing is on the offensive in areas like AI and believes it can be a global leader in the next decade. “The United States has a powerful advantage because it played a central role in establishing the existing global techno-security order,” the report states. “But the current revolution in global technology affairs offers a window of opportunity for China to stake a leadership claim on emerging domains such as 5G, AI, quantum technology, cybersecurity, clean energy, and biotechnology.” The term “techno-security” describes various innovations that can be applied to national security requirements. According to the report, the U.S. needs to take action now to secure its stronger position or risk China catching up in the near future as it continues to close the technological gap between the two. AI PROGRAM FLAGS CHINESE PRODUCTS ALLEGEDLY LINKED TO UYGHUR FORCED LABOR: ‘NOT COINCIDENCE, IT’S A STRATEGY’ “The U.S. techno-security system remains better organized and structured for the long-term techno-security competition than China, but it cannot be complacent and needs to urgently address a raft of structural flaws in its system,” the authors conclude. “As China ramps up its efforts to transform its techno-security capabilities and sets deadlines to achieve its goals over the next 5–10 years, the U.S. has only a limited window of opportunity to act.” Tai Ming Cheung, a co-author of the report and a professor at the University of California, San Diego, noted that China “is now doubling down” on AI, telling the U.S. Naval Institute’s news website that the Chinese “think they have a real chance to lead” in this sector. Since the AI tool ChatGPT was releasee in November, many observers both in and out of government have highlighted the strategic importance of tracking China’s focus on developing AI to boost industrial productivity and its economy — the world’s second largest. In April, the Politburo, the CCP’s decision-making body, said China should prioritize the “development of artificial general intelligence” and “create an ecosystem for innovation” while simultaneously trying to mitigate the risks of AI, according to a statement issued by state media outlet Xinhua summarizing the Politburo’s quarterly meeting on the country’s social and economic development. According to the accounting and consulting firm PwC, China will benefit significantly from AI, which is set to contribute to a 26% increase in China’s gross domestic product by 2030. HOUSE DEMANDS AI UPDATE FROM PENTAGON AS THREATS FROM CHINA, OTHER ADVERSARIES PILE UP However, the People’s Daily noted that China still faces challenges, such as a lack of compute-in-memory chips, tough ethical questions, intellectual property rights, and potential issues for personal privacy and online fraud. “The evolving nature of AI also poses certain risks,” the commentary read.  The Chinese government mouthpiece also called on governments and industry leaders to address the risks associated with AI. Chinese leaders are deliberating over a new law to target telecoms and online fraud using AI face swapping technology. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has reportedly reached out to China about working together on international norms for AI in weapons systems — a potential new area of both cooperation and competition amid tensions between the two countries.
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Trump lead grows in NH, while DeSantis loses ground and new candidates see increase in support

Former President Donald Trump is extending his lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire, with newcomers in the 2024 Republican primary for president also earning support from voters in the state, according to a new poll. The Saint Anselm College Survey Center poll, released Tuesday, gathered responses from 1,065 registered Granite State voters from June 21 – 23 and found that Trump sits at 47% support from voters in the state. Following Trump, DeSantis received 19% support, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie received six percent support, former United Nations Ambassador Gov. Nikki Haley garnered five percent support, and South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott received four percent support. TRUMP LEAD GROWS FOLLOWING INDICTMENT, ONE FACTOR CONTINUES TO BE THORN IN BIDEN’S SIDE WITH VOTERS: POLL Other contenders for the Republican presidential nomination — including entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former Vice President Mike Pence, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson — received two percent support from survey respondents. Compared to a similar poll from Saint Anselm College earlier this year, support for DeSantis in New Hampshire has dropped 10 points and support for Trump has increased seven points. The poll from March found Trump to have 42% support, followed by DeSantis at 29%, Haley at 4%, and Ramaswamy at 3%. If an election rematch between Trump and President Biden was held today, New Hampshire voters who took part in the poll said they would vote for Biden over Trump 49% to 40%. DeSantis is in the same boat, with voters in the state still saying they would support Biden over the Florida governor 49% to 40% among general election voters. KAMALA HARRIS RECEIVES WORST VICE PRESIDENTIAL RATING IN NBC NEWS POLL’S HISTORY But Granite State voters said they believe a Biden-Trump matchup in 2024 signals that the system is broken. Fourteen percent of Republicans surveyed said they are somewhat more inclined than Democrats (6%) to believe such a match-up represents the best that each political party has to offer, but 83% disagreed overall. As for age, 70% of respondents to the survey — including 50% of Democrats — expressed concern about the 80-year-old incumbent, while only 34% said they are concerned about the age of the 77-year-old former president. Despite his polling numbers against Republicans, Biden remains in the clear among Democrats despite his primary challengers. Robert Kennedy Jr. received 9% support in the latest survey, while Marianne Williamson, who sought the party’s nomination for president in 2020, picked up 8% support. The Saint Anselm College Survey Center poll — conducted via online surveys — has a margin of error of +/- 3.0% with a confidence interval of 95%.
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Trump documents indictment does not charge the former president with holding onto Iran memo: report

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 37-count indictment of former President Trump reportedly does not include his holding on to a secret Pentagon document with plans to attack Iran. The document and an audio recording of an interview Trump gave at his Bedminster, New Jersey, resort in July 2021 were described in Smith’s indictment but the former president was not charged with holding onto the memo, sources tell CBS News.  TRUMP REACTS AFTER LEAKED RECORDING SHOWS HIM DISCUSSING CLASSIFIED DOCS The 2021 audio recording at the heart of the indictment which was leaked and appeared in media this week appeared to undermine Trump’s claim that he didn’t have such documents, only magazine and newspaper clippings. Trump was indictment earlier this month on 37 federal counts, including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice and false statements, according to an unsealed copy of the indictment obtained by Fox News. This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 
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Biden’s Joint Chiefs chairman nominee accused of ‘race-based’ hiring in military by conservative group

A conservative watchdog group is accusing Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. of embracing race-based hiring and promotions in the military for the sake of “diversity.” The American Accountability Foundation (AAF), an opposition research group that has claimed credit for dismantling several Biden nominations, is now targeting Brown, who is the president’s nominee to serve as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. At issue for the group are various public statements Brown has made in which he offered full-throated support for the military’s diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, programs. Brown, the first Black man to lead any branch of the U.S. military, has been outspoken in his belief that the military should be proactive in elevating diverse candidates to key positions. His previous public statements that articulated his views provide ample ammunition for critics like AAF and Republican opponents of DEI policies to attack his nomination. “All of us have to seek out those diverse candidates to bring them in. And that’s what we’re trying to do in the Air Force,” Brown said in a 2020 interview with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “It’s – you almost got to purposely manage some of this. You can’t let it – if you do it by happenstance, we won’t change.” WHO IS AIR FORCE GEN CHARLES BROWN JR, LIKELY REPLACEMENT FOR GEN MILLEY AS JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF CHAIR? “I mean, I get so much out of it. I purposely build my office, my front office, and my team with [diversity], and I hire for diversity because they all bring a different perspective,” Brown said. Those comments, which were obtained by AAF and shared with Fox News digital, are one of many examples in which Brown has voiced support for diversity-focused hiring in the military. “The things I think about is not only having diverse, you know, slates of candidates for some key positions, but it’s also that you have to select some of those individuals into those key positions,” Brown said earlier in the interview. “You can’t let it just be happenstance that brings in diversity, whether it be race, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation or socio background,” he said, explaining that the military should “identify diverse candidates and ensure that we are grooming them for opportunities.” BIDEN TO NOMINATE AIR FORCE GEN CHARLES BROWN JR AS JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF CHAIR TO REPLACE ARMY GEN MARK MILLEY Brown made similar comments in a December 2020 virtual town hall posted to Facebook, emphasizing the need for diverse groups to “have opportunities to be in key positions and compete in those positions” and that “there’s aspects of that on the enlisted side based on how we do their promotions as well.” And in a January 2021 interview with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, Brown said the Air Force under his command works to “ensure that we have diverse candidates” on lists for panels and boards. “And the last thing I would say on that is how we encourage and mentor some of those diverse candidates because sometimes they may feel like they’re not qualified to put their name in, and we’ve got to actually nudge and pull and actually purposely manage to ensure that we have diverse candidates that can compete,” said Brown. AAF President Tom Jones told Fox News Digital there’s no place for “diversity games” in military hiring and advancement. “The American people deserve to be defended by the most highly qualified soldiers, sailors and airmen in the world, selected by merit, not race. More importantly, our troops deserve to be led by officers who are the best at their jobs. They deserve to put their lives in the hands of officers chosen for their skill and courage, not the color of their skin,” Jones said. “Gen. Brown’s obsession with race-based hiring and promotions is extremely disturbing.” ‘WE MAKE THE LAWS’: TUBERVILLE HOLDS THE LINE AGAINST DOD’S ABORTION POLITICES DESPITE PUSHBACK FROM DEMS, GOP Reached for comment, an Air Force spokesperson said in a statement that the military branch “agrees the American people deserve to be defended by the most highly-qualified Airmen in the world, selected through a merit-based system of performance.” “General Brown’s remarks reflect his and the Air Force’s commitment to providing an opportunity for all to serve and an environment where every member of our organization can reach their full potential – to include serving in key positions and offices – so our warfighters can benefit from the best talent and leadership our Nation has to offer,” the spokesperson wrote. Biden announced his intention to elevate Brown to chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in early May, calling him a “warfighter” with “unmatched firsthand knowledge of our operational theaters.” Asked about AAF’s opposition to Brown, the White House referred to the president’s remarks in support of Brown’s nomination. SEN TUBERVILLE VOWS TO CONTINUE HOLD ON BIDEN DEFENSE NOMINEES OVER ‘ILLEGAL’ PENTAGON ABORTION FUNDING “General Brown has built a reputation across the force as an unflappable and highly effective leader; as someone who creates an environment of teamwork, trust and – and then executes with excellence; and someone who smokes a mean brisket,” Biden said at the time. Brown, a decorated F-16 fighter pilot with more than 3,000 flight hours, has received bipartisan support as he advanced through the ranks of the Air Force. Former President Donald Trump, a Republican, initially nominated Brown to be the 22nd Air Force chief of staff in March 2022. He was confirmed via a unanimous Senate vote shortly after in June 2022, making him the first African-American officer to serve as chief of staff of a military service. Initial reports indicated Brown is a by-the-book officer, referencing talking points during public appearances and speeches. However, Brown released an emotional video shortly after George Floyd’s death in 2020, wherein he detailed his experiences with racial prejudice in the military. Though Biden nominated Brown in May, he has yet to have his nomination heard by the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., has put a blanket hold on Biden’s Department of Defense nominees over what he said was the Pentagon’s “illegal” policy to reimburse travel for abortion and provide paid time off for service members or their family members who choose to terminate a pregnancy. Brown is included in that hold. In a recent op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Tuberville wrote that “our new national obsession with sexuality, race and gender is focused on self rather than on purpose, ability or service.” If the Alabama Republican ever permits Brown’s nomination to move forward, expect him and other GOP lawmakers to put Brown’s statements under a microscope. Fox News’ Kyle Morris, Adam Shaw and Houston Keene contributed to this report.
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Nikki Haley torches Trump, Biden on China response, deems Beijing ‘most dangerous foreign threat’ since WWII

GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley outlined her foreign policy approach to counter Beijing in a hard-line speech Tuesday, criticizing both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden before deeming China the “most dangerous foreign threat we’ve faced since the Second World War.” “The Communist Party’s endgame is clear. China is preparing its people for war. President Xi [Jinping] has openly said it,” Haley said, addressing the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. “We should take him at his word and act accordingly. Instead, President Biden continues to dither. His action makes conflict more likely. We must act now to keep the peace and prevent war. And we need a leader who will rally our people to meet this threat – on every front.” Haley argued that the U.S. must rally more nations to its side by deepening miliary ties with Japan, South Korea and Australia and by forging stronger bonds with India and the Philippines. “And we must finally get Europe to recognize that China threatens it as much as us. European countries are even further behind than we are in recognizing the Chinese threat. It’s time to shake them from their slumber,” she said. “We need a united front across the world. And one U.S. partner is especially important. Taiwan is the Communist Party’s most immediate target. If China invades, it will trigger the war that none of us want. We cannot let that happen.” NIKKI HALEY SAYS BIDEN, HARRIS ‘ASLEEP AT THE SWITCH’ AFTER ATTEMPTED RUSSIAN COUP “We and our allies should give Taiwan everything it needs to defend itself. We should make sure the American naval presence in the Taiwan Strait remains strong. And we should let China know now that an invasion of Taiwan would not just be met with a few slap-on-the-wrist sanctions. It would mean a full-blown economic decoupling that would massively damage China,” Haley said, putting herself in direct contrast with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who testified earlier this month that decoupling with China would be a “big mistake” for the U.S. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing last week, reiterated to reporters that the United States does not support Taiwanese independence. Haley categorized the trip as a “a gold-plated invitation for more Chinese aggression, not less.” “First, China scolded us. Then President Xi pronounced it a good meeting. He only says that when he gets a lot more than he gives. In fact, he gave us nothing. Joe Biden has 18 more months in office. Mark my words: He’s going to keep ignoring the Chinese threat. We’ll have wasted four more years. We’re falling behind. But China is moving forward, faster than ever.” Haley, who served as the Trump administration’s ambassador to the United Nations, gave her former boss-turned-2024 election rival credit for upending the consensus among Republicans and Democrats alike that China becoming a member of the World Trade Organization in 2001 came without risk. Haley said Trump “was right” in focusing on “Chinese trade abuses,” but she said he “did too little about the rest of the Chinese threat” and that he did not “put us on a stronger military foothold in Asia,” “stop the flow of American technology and investment into the Chinese military” or “effectively rally our allies against the Chinese threat.” “Even the trade deal he signed came up short when China predictably failed to live up to its commitments,” said Haley, who is also the former governor of South Carolina. “He also showed moral weakness. In his zeal to befriend President Xi, Trump congratulated the Communist Party on its 70th anniversary of conquering China. That sent the wrong message to the world. Chinese Communism must be condemned, never congratulated. China was militarily stronger when President Trump left office than when he entered. That’s bad. But Joe Biden’s record is much worse. The list of President Biden’s failures on China is long.” BLINKEN, CHINESE PRESIDENT XI JINPING MEET IN BEIJING, REESTABLISHING HIGH-LEVEL COMMUNICATIONS Haley contended that Biden has “refused to seriously investigate China’s cover-up of COVID-19’s origins, “has done little to stop the expansion of China’s footprint on our homeland,” “has failed to address China’s major role in the fentanyl crisis” and “has weakened our own military.” “His obsessive focus on climate issues naively plays into China’s negotiating hand,” she added. “The Communist Party is stealing our innovations to the tune of $600 billion a year. It’s using American enterprise to undermine American strength. And President Biden is letting it happen.” If elected president, Haley vowed her top priority would be strengthening America’s economy and military to “protect America’s prosperity and homeland from Chinese aggression.”  “We will tackle Chinese meddling in our society and its manipulation of our economy. And we will hold the Communist Party accountable while putting it on the global defensive,” Haley said, recalling her policy speech about China while on a trip to Seoul, South Korea, four years ago shortly after leaving her position at the United Nations.  “China is much more than a mere ‘competitor.’ Communist China is an enemy. It is the most dangerous foreign threat we’ve faced since the Second World War. We have to stop wasting time,” she said. “That was true four years ago, when I said as much in Seoul. It is more so today.” Haley said America must respond domestically, economically and militarily. Citing the great “national security risk,” she outlined how Chinese investors have bought nearly 400,000 acres of land in the U.S., equating to twice the size of New York City and including miles of farms near sensitive military facilities. “China treats our homeland like its personal playground,” she said, proposing a ban against all lobbying from the Communist Party and Chinese companies as well as preventing members of Congress and military leaders from lobbying on China’s behalf. Haley also said that sanctions meant to deter the flow of Chinese-made precursor chemicals to Mexican cartels, which are used to make the fentanyl that’s been flowing across the border, are not working. She said that as president she would “push Congress to revoke permanent normal trade relations until the flow of fentanyl ends.” She took concern over the Chinese navy, which was the same size as the U.S. Navy less than 10 years ago but now is the largest fleet in the world with 340 ships and has plans to hit 400 in the next two years.
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California Senate Democrats walk out after GOP honors gay Republican Richard Grenell amid Pride month

Democrat members of the California state Senate walked out of the chamber after Republicans honored former Trump administration Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. Grenell, who is gay, was honored by the chamber Republicans amid LGBT Pride Month, but that didn’t sit well with some Golden State Senate Democrats. Several of the California upper chamber Democrats – who control the Senate majority – walked off the Senate floor after Grenell was recognized as “the first openly gay presidential Cabinet member.” PUNCHES THROWN AT CALIFORNIA SCHOOL IN PROTEST OVER LGBTQ+ CURRICULUM, PRIDE MONTH California Senate Republicans, however, were more receptive to the nation’s former ambassador to Germany, with support from Minority Leader Brian Jones as well as State Assembly members Bill Essayli, Tom Lackey and Greg Wallis. Essayli told Fox News Digital that when “Democrats walked off the Senate floor in protest of Ambassador Ric Grenell, it highlighted their intolerance toward anyone in the gay and lesbian community that doesn’t agree with their far-left political ideology.” “The fact they would not even acknowledge the first openly gay presidential Cabinet member in United States history proves they really only care about advancing an anti-American and pro-Marxist agenda,” Essayli said. Democrat state Sen. Scott Wiener was one of the California upper chamber lawmakers to leave amid Grenell’s recognition. He said he believes the former Trump acting Cabinet member’s acknowledgment in the state Senate was GOP retaliation for Democrats recognizing controversial drag group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on the chamber floor. “This is their way of celebrating Pride, by bringing in a guy who is truly a self-hating gay man, who takes tons of anti-LGBTQ positions,” Wiener said Monday. “There are plenty of gay Republicans who don’t do the unhinged things that [Grenell] does. I’m not lumping all gay Republicans together – he is a particularly vile person.” Wiener also attacked the former Trump administration official with claims that he is a “scam-artist pink washer” in a tweet to which Grenell responded. “It’s an honor to be your enemy,” Grenell wrote. “You are a radical voice against common sense, decency and parental rights.” “You are an apologist for pedophilia [and] child abuse – and you undermine American values,” he continued. After his recognition, Grenell joined chamber Republicans in a press conference and torched Democrat policies and “the gay left mafia.” “Inherent in the word ‘tolerance’ is ‘tolerate,’” Grenell said. “It doesn’t mean you agree with it, it means that you tolerate someone else’s opinion.” “That means that you don’t get up and walk out when they are being honored,” he continued. “They just couldn’t be in the same room as someone who annihilates their world view.” Grenell was asked if he thought it was intolerant for Republicans to walk out on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to which the former ambassador said he has friends on the left and that he “doesn’t run out of the room” when confronted with opposing views. Other chamber Democrats left as well, including state Sens. Caroline Menjivar, Susan Talamantes Eggman and Senate President pro-tempore Toni Atkins, who is openly gay. Atkins said that while she and her Democrat colleagues “absolutely oppose the toxic polarization that Richard Grenell embodies,” they did not ask that he be uninvited. “Senate Democrats are strong enough in our beliefs to recognize there are others with different perspectives,” the Democrat who walked off the California Senate floor said. Grenell has called former President Donald Trump “the most pro-gay president ever” in his political career and boasts that he was the first openly gay Cabinet-level official in American history. Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay Cabinet official to be confirmed by the Senate.
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White House omits Hunter Biden from visitor logs, despite Obama admin disclosing his visits

The Biden White House has repeatedly claimed they are the “most transparent administration in American history,” but a Fox News Digital review found that the visitor logs from the beginning of the Biden administration through February 2023 have not included any of Hunter Biden’s White House visits or extended stays. Fox News Digital reviewed several articles to piece together Hunter Biden’s whereabouts during his dad’s administration and found that he has visited the White House over a dozen times through February 2023, the month accounted for in the most recent batch of visitor logs released last month. A majority of the White House visits that Fox News Digital found were from 2022, which include the annual egg roll, Medal of Freedom ceremony, France State Dinner on the South Lawn, Christmas tree lighting, his daughter’s wedding, among others. However, they are all absent from the visitor logs, including what appear to be extended stays at the White House. While many of these events are ceremonial and a tradition at the White House, Fox News Digital previously reported how Hunter Biden sought to use such events for his personal financial gain during the Obama administration.  Hunter and his longtime business partner, Eric Schwerin, would coordinate with his father’s White House staff to invite business associates and potential business partners they were courting to official events.  When asked why the White House logs omit Hunter Biden’s visits, a spokesperson pointed Fox News Digital to a policy released at the start of the administration.  “The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business),” the policy states, which appears to be less transparent than the Obama administration. But a Fox News Digital review found that while the Obama administration does not reveal all the Biden family member visits and omitted several Hunter visits, they included over 70 logs, including Hunter, Hunter’s daughters and now ex-wife, Biden’s brothers and other relatives. In addition to Hunter, several other Biden family members are absent on the visitor logs from the Biden administration, including President Biden’s brothers, his daughter, his granddaughters, among others. While his sister, Valerie Biden Owens or Valerie J. Owens, shows up a few times as visiting the White House, she has likely visited several more times due to her role as her brother’s closest confidante and her close working relationship with several members of Biden’s senior staff. HUNTER BIDEN, BURISMA-LINKED ASSOCIATES ATTENDED DAD’S HOLIDAY BASH DAYS AFTER INFAMOUS 2015 UKRAINE TRIP Hunter and his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden; Hunter’s sister, Ashley Biden; and his aunt, Valerie Owens, were all guests at the state dinner honoring French President Emmanuel Macron in December 2022, but their names are not listed. Between March and June 2023, months that have not been cataloged yet through visitor logs, Hunter Biden has been seen frequently at the White House, igniting rumors that he is living there full-time, according to the New York Post. Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy said back in April on “Fox & Friends” that it is “unclear” whether Hunter has been living there full-time, but said, “We do see him there a lot.” HUNTER BIDEN’S BUSINESS PARTNERS, ASSISTANTS VISITED WHITE HOUSE OVER 80 TIMES WHEN BIDEN WAS VP Hunter was listed as a guest at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his wife last Thursday, which drew scrutiny because it was hours after the House Ways and Means Committee revealed its interview with an IRS whistleblower, who shared a WhatsApp message from 2017 in which Hunter Biden allegedly told a Chinese business associate that he and his father would ensure “you will regret not following my direction.” “I am sitting here with my father, and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” Hunter Biden told Henry Zhao, the director of Chinese asset management firm Harvest Fund Management, in the message provided by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. “And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.” Videos of the state dinner surfaced showing him rubbing elbows with other guests while smiling and laughing. A couple days later, he was seen boarding Marine One to go to Camp David where he would stay until he returned to the White House on Monday afternoon with his dad and young son. In April, he attended the White House egg roll during that same week he flew off with his dad and Aunt Valerie for the multi-day trip to Ireland where he was seen helping explain a question from a child to President Biden, drawing mockery online.. Biden’s brother, Francis or “Frank,” was also at the White House in April, attending the White House state dinner alongside his partner, Mindy Ward, for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. It is unclear if the visitor logs for March-June 2023 and future months will show any of the Biden family members attending events at the White House.  Bloomberg published an analysis Monday on Biden’s White House visitor logs, finding “duplications, anomalies and missing names” in the records. The publication said the gaps raise “questions about the accuracy and completeness of the logs that record business meetings, social functions and receptions with Biden and other officials at the White House complex, which includes adjacent office buildings.” Bloomberg’s deep dive, for example, found that former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reported only six visitors over two years despite his high-level position.  The records can also conceal who visitors are meeting. A White House official previously confirmed to Fox News Digital that George Soros’ son, Alex Soros, twice visited Klain, but the records did not outright list Klain as the intended host. Instead, it listed lower-level staffers. Biden’s lack of transparency for visitors at both of his Delaware residences, including the beach house, has also come under scrutiny as Biden faces questions about his role in his son’s foreign business dealings and who is visiting him while he takes frequent weekend trips back to Delaware. Earlier this year, Republicans requested the records after Biden’s lawyers discovered classified documents inside his home’s garage. However, the president’s lawyers said they do not maintain a list of who visits the house. BIDEN CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS: 57% OF AMERICANS DISAPPROVE OF WHITE HOUSE HANDLING, AS STONEWALLING CONTINUES “Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal,” the White House Counsel’s Office told Fox News Digital in January. “But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.” House Oversight and Accountability Committee chairman James Comer, R-Ky., demanded to see the residence logs following the discovery of the classified documents at Biden’s home. “Given the serious national security implications, the White House must provide the Wilmington residence’s visitor log,” Comer wrote to then-White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. “As Chief of Staff, you are head of the Executive Office of the President and bear responsibility to be transparent with the American people on these important issues related to the White House’s handling of this matter.” Comer also sought records of any home searches conducted by Biden aides. The letter noted that Biden’s assistants and personal attorneys had scoured the premises even though the Justice Department was already investigating the situation. The lawyers continued to go there even after the appointment of a special counsel. Biden is facing a special counsel investigation into his handling of the classified documents, which were discovered between November and January at the Wilmington home and the Washington, D.C., office for the president’s think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Fox News’ Anders Hagstrom, Peter Doocy and Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.
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Top House Republican slams Small Business Administration after agency admits twice as much COVID loan fraud

FIRST ON FOX: The Republican chairman of the House Committee on Small Business is accusing the Small Business Administration (SBA) of failing to protect coronavirus loan programs from fraud after a government report found that the agency disbursed over $200 billion in possibly fraudulent COVID-19 loans, nearly double that which was previously expected. The Small Business Administration Office of the Inspector General said in its report on COVID-19 pandemic loan fraud on Tuesday that the agency disbursed more than $200 billion in potentially fraudulent PPP loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans during the pandemic. In total, the SBA’s Office of the Inspector General said there were 4.5 million potentially fraudulent loans and grants from pandemic loan programs. The Office of the Inspector General said the SBA “did not have an established strong internal control environment for approving and disbursing program funds,” adding that “there was an insufficient barrier against fraudsters accessing funds that should have been available for eligible business owners adversely affected by the pandemic.” COVID-19 RELIEF FRAUD LED TO BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER-FUNDED PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM LOANS LOST Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas., said in a statement to Fox News Digital that the Office of the Inspector General report shows significantly more criminal activity occurred than was previously known. “These findings show the SBA failed to implement basic guardrails to protect the integrity of these programs, resulting in roughly 1 in 5 loans dispersed being labeled as potentially fraudulent. When COVID-19 hit the United States, the SBA was tasked with taking on an oversized role to help save small businesses and our nation’s job creators. Unfortunately, these after-action reports show the agency was not up to the task. I look forward to hearing directly from Inspector General Ware in July on what went wrong, how to fix these issues, and what recourse we must take to recoup these stolen taxpayer dollars,” Williams said. PPP FRAUD CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST CEOS, CELEBRITIES IN GEORGIA According to the Office of the Inspector General report, SBA management said that the report contains “serious flaws that significantly overestimate fraud.” The Office of the Inspector General said in response that “we remain confident in our estimates of potential fraud for the COVID-19 EIDL program and PPP.” In a press release by the Small Business Administration, Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman said that “Pandemic relief programs, including those supported by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, have driven a historic economic recovery, including saving millions of businesses and creating over 13 million jobs since 2021.” Fox News Digital reached out to the Small Business Administration for comment.
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Top House Republican slams Small Business Administration after agency admits twice as much COVID loan fraud Read More »

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