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Obama marks 12 years since ‘Dreamers’ executive action, seeks ‘permanent’ solution for DACA recipients

Former President Obama on Saturday marked 12 years since his executive action on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or “DACA,” and called on Congress to codify the program into law before it expires. The Obama administration implemented DACA in 2012, so that those who entered the U.S. illegally as children were protected from deportation and had a pathway to citizenship. Recipients, called “Dreamers,” were able to request “consideration of deferred action” for a period of two years, which was subject to renewal.ICE SOUNDS ALARM ON WHAT MIGRANTS ARE FAILING TO BRING TO BORDER AS FEARS MOUNT AFTER ISIS ARRESTS”Today, most of the original Dreamers are grown. They’re serving their communities as teachers, doctors, lawyers, and having children of their own. But because the program that offered that protection remains temporary, they’re also living in fear of being sent back to a country many of them can’t even remember,” Obama said in a post on X. Obama praised the Biden administration for making it easier for Dreamers to access federal programs like health care. But he warned that Dreamers will “continue to live under a cloud of uncertainty” until Congress acts. “That’s why I’m calling on Congress once again to pass a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers — one that offers them a pathway to citizenship and makes our immigration system fairer, more efficient, and more just,” Obama said. President Biden will host a White House event next week celebrating the Obama-era initiative as his own administration prepares potential new benefits for other illegal immigrants who have long-standing ties in the U.S.Five people with knowledge of the plan told The Associated Press that White House officials are closing in on a plan that would tap the president’s executive powers to shield spouses of U.S. citizens without legal status from deportation, offer them work permits and ease their path toward permanent residency and eventually American citizenship.Still, the timeline for implementing that plan, if at all, remains unclear. To protect the spouses of Americans, the administration is expected to use a process called “parole-in-place.” It not only offers deportation protections and work permits to qualifying immigrants but also removes a legal obstacle that prevents them from getting on a path to a green card, and eventually, U.S. citizenship.That power has already been used by other groups of immigrants, such as members of the U.S. military or their family members who lack legal status.
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House GOP launches investigation into federally funded news ratings group’s impact on free speech

The House Oversight Committee announced this week that it has launched an investigation into a news-rating system that purportedly ranks which news outlets are trustworthy, with the focus of the probe surrounding whether the ratings group’s contracts with federal agencies have an influence on what news it attempts to suppress.Oversight Chair James Comer, R-Ky., said Thursday his committee was investigating NewsGuard’s impact “on protected First Amendment speech and its potential to serve as a non-transparent agent of censorship campaigns.”In a letter to Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard’s chief executive officers, Comer requested documents on the group’s “business relationships with government entities, its adherence to its own policies intended to guard against appearances of bias, how it tries to avoid and manage potential conflicts of interest arising from its investors and other influences, and actions that may have the impact of delegitimizing factually accurate information.””A primary concern for the Committee is the Department of Defense contract NewsGuard was awarded in 2021, which raises questions about the involvement of federal agencies in potential censorship campaigns,” Comer wrote in the letter. “One concerned journalist expressed fear that NewsGuard’s activities are an extension of federal efforts — since struck down by courts — to coerce social media companies and to ‘destroy the financial survival of disfavored outlets. . . . “NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST IS ‘POLITICALLY BIASED’ AGAINST CONSERVATIVES, ECONOMIST STUDY FINDSComer told the duo that his committee is looking to “make an independent determination about whether NewsGuard’s intervention on protected speech has been in any way sponsored by a federal, state, local, or foreign government.”Comer also pointed out in his letter that NewsGuard “touts” how its editorial employees sign a pledge to “refrain from any political activities, such as participation in or donations to political campaigns, opinionated social media posting, involvement in protests, or other activities that could call into question my fairness or create the appearance of political bias.””The social media accounts of several individuals listed as ‘editorial’ on NewsGuard’s online list of employees casts doubt on NewsGuard’s commitment to enforcing this pledge and anti-bias efforts,” Comer said.NewsGuard has reportedly received nearly a million dollars from the federal government, most of which came from the Department of Defense. NewsGuard was also awarded a prize after participating in a State Department co-sponsored “COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation” tech challenge.REPUBLICANS KEEP PRESSURE ON NPR AND CONTROVERSIAL CEO AMID POLITICAL BIAS SCANDALSeveral advertisers use the service as a way to find niche audiences for a product or service. Other advertisers, however, reportedly use the service to prevent doing business with networks or outlets that peddle “misinformation.””The Committee does not take issue with a business entity providing other businesses and customers with data-based analysis to protect their brands. Rather, we are concerned with the potential involvement of government entities in interfering with free expression. Truthfulness and transparency about the purpose and origin of inquiries and managing conflicts of interest that may impact the public good are also relevant,” Comer added.”This appears to be a very biased, very unfair service that’s getting federal funds. It could be another backdoor attempt at censoring conservative media outlets,” Comer said during a recent appearance on One America News. “What’s their criteria that just happen to give networks like MSNBC and CNN tremendous grades, and then networks like OAN, Newsmax and Fox very poor grades?”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPNewsGuard is a web extension that “employs a team of journalists and experienced editors to produce reliability ratings and scores for news and information websites based on nine journalistic criteria,” according to the group’s website. News sources that are ranked by NewsGuard receive scores from certain journalists and “experienced editors” who are tasked with rating publishers on a scale of 0 to 100, based on “a set of apolitical criteria of journalistic practice.”Comer requested a number of documents from NewsGuard — including complete versions of “current and past contracts with government entities” and “records of all disciplinary or corrective actions taken by NewsGuard over the past five years related to violations” of its editorial employee pledge — that are due on or before June 27, 2024.
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Supreme Court signals interest in hearing a major climate change case that could be a ‘nightmare’ for liberals

The Supreme Court seemed to signal interest this week in taking up a challenge launched by Hawaii against big oil companies to hold them liable for climate change, and some Democrats are suggesting the high court is “captured” for the fossil fuel industry. The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Justice Department to weigh in on a petition to hear a lawsuit brought by the City of Honolulu against major fuel companies including Sunoco, Exxon and Chevron, claiming the companies’ products cause greenhouse gas emissions and global warming without warning consumers about the risks. The city employed a series of state laws like public nuisance and trespass measures and said the companies should pay billions to the state to abate the effects of climate change like weather events, sea level rise, heat waves, flooding and global warming generally. The high court gave DOJ no deadline for the solicitor general’s input, but its request indicates a high likelihood the court wants to hear the case. HERE’S HOW PROGRESSIVE LAWYERS ARE USING PUBLIC NUISANCE LAWSUITS TO OUTLAW GUNSThe energy companies first appealed to the Hawaii Supreme Court, arguing federal law prevents individual states from effectively shaping energy policies for all states. But that court disagreed and ruled that the case should advance to trial. One justice said “the Aloha Spirit inspires constitutional interpretation.””It is important for the U.S. Supreme Court to grant review. The Hawaii Supreme Court’s decision flatly contradicts U.S. Supreme Court precedent and federal circuit court decisions, including the Second Circuit which held in dismissing New York City’s similar lawsuit, ‘such a sprawling case is simply beyond the limits of state law,’” Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr. of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, lawyer for the Chevron Corporation told Fox News Digital. “These meritless state and local lawsuits violate the federal constitution and interfere with federal energy policy,” he said. HAWAII’S BIG OIL SUIT A ‘STALKING HORSE’ FOR GREEN NEW DEAL PUSH NATIONWIDE, EXPERTS SAYBut some Democrats and liberal advocates have begun preemptively criticizing the court.  Last week, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, posted on X saying, “[t]his captured Court’s delays of and interference in fossil fuel emissions regulations have already saved the polluters hundreds of billions — way more than they spent to capture it. But there is no end to fossil fuel polluters’ greed and entitlement.”Lisa Graves, the executive director at the left-wing watchdog group True North Research, told the Rolling Stone that fossil fuel companies’ “efforts to evade legal accountability are being aided by… the very same groups that helped the majority of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court get their seats on the bench.” The Federalist Society, a conservative legal group, and affiliated lawyers and groups have discussed the case in seminars and journal articles advocating that the Court take up the case. The Federalist Society has made recommendations to Republican administrations for justices and judges across the country.But Fox News Digital has previously reported that the Hawaii litigation has been pushed by liberal dark money groups and legal partners.Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald, in his opinion rejecting the energy companies’ arguments, wrote, “Defendants knew of the dangers of using their fossil fuel products, ‘knowingly concealed and misrepresented the climate impacts of their fossil fuel products,’ and engaged in ‘sophisticated disinformation campaigns to cast doubt on the science, causes, and effects of global warming,’ causing increased fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which then caused property and infrastructure damage in Honolulu.”Last year, Fox News Digital reported last year that Recktenwald quietly disclosed in May that he presented for a course in collaboration with a little-known judicial advocacy organization funded by left-wing nonprofits, the Environmental Law Institute (ELI). According to the ELI, the Climate Judiciary Project is designed to educate judges across the country on how to handle climate change litigation that comes before them.”As the body of climate litigation grows, judges must consider complex scientific and legal questions, many of which are developing rapidly,” CJP states on its website. “To address these issues, the Climate Judiciary Project of the Environmental Law Institute is collaborating with leading national judicial education institutions to meet judges’ need for basic familiarity with climate science methods and concepts.”GOP STATE AGS PRESS SUPREME COURT TO TAKE UP HAWAII CLIMATE CHANGE CASE THEY SAY IS ‘GRAVE THREAT’Sher Edling, LLP, the firm helping represent Hawaii at the Supreme Court works on dozens of climate-nuisance cases, representing cities and states across the country. The Daily Caller reported that the firm accepted $2.5 million in 2022 from The New Venture fund, an fund of the liberal dark-money firm, Arabella Advisors. In addition to sharing funding sources, Sher Edling, LLP and ELI have shared personnel. In February, Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas revealed that former Biden administration official Ann Carlson consulted for Sher Edling on climate litigation while serving on ELI’s board.”We have been raising awareness about the dangers of public nuisance litigation for well over a year,” O.H. Skinner, executive director of the Alliance for Consumers, told Fox News Digital. “These cases represent a coordinated, dark-money-fueled threat to everyday consumers. The cases, commentators, law firms, and state court judges are all funded, supported, and trained by left-wing dark money.” “And these cases find support in the halls of congress from hypocrites like Sheldon Whitehouse, who bemoan dark money while filing legal briefs supporting liberal dark-money-backed public nuisance cases. Whitehouse’s true goal, and that of most nuisance suits, is to remove products and services from the market that do not align with the progressive agenda,” he said. “Left-wing dark money groups such as the Climate Judiciary Project are indoctrinating judges all across the country with their far-left climate change propaganda,” Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network told Fox News Digital. “The possibility that the Supreme Court would hear this case is a nightmare for these groups, because this Court cares about constitutional tenets like federalism rather than left-wing policy goals,” she said. The Supreme Court could decide to take up the case, Sunoco v. Honolulu, as early as this summer.Fox News Digital reached out to Senator Whitehouse, the Environmental Law Institute and Sher Edling for comment. 
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CNN finalizes rules for first Biden vs Trump debate, RFK Jr. could still qualify

CNN has finalized the rules for the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, which is less than two weeks.The campaigns of President Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to the rules, CNN said on Saturday, noting that it is not “impossible” for independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to join the pair on stage.To qualify for the CNN showdown, a candidate must have received 15% support in four separate national polls, and be on the ballot in enough states to reach 270 electoral college votes. Currently, Kennedy is on the ballot in six states, totaling 89 potential electoral college votes.The 90-minute debate, scheduled to take place on June 27 in Atlanta, will be hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. It will be the first in-person face off between Biden and Trump since they stood alongside one another on debate stages during the 2020 cycle.TRUMP PREDICTS THERE’S A ‘10% CHANCE’ CNN WILL BE FAIR TO HIM AT FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATEAhead of the election, both candidates accepted the network’s invitation to debate last month and agreed to certain rules and formats that were outlined in CNN letters to their respective campaigns.CNN said there will be two commercial breaks during the debate, and candidates are not allowed to consult with other members of their campaign during that time.The network also noted that candidates’ podiums and positions will be determined by a coin flip, their mics will be muted outside of speaking time, and that they will only be provided with a pen, a notepad, and a bottle of water.Candidates will not be allowed to bring props or prepared notes.CNN HOSTS KNOCK BIDEN FOR GETTING ‘SNIPPY’ WITH PRESS: ‘FAR BELOW HIS PREDECESSORS’ IN TAKING QUESTIONSFor the first time in recent history, the debate between presidential contenders won’t have a studio audience.The network said debate moderators “will use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure a civilized discussion.”In order to qualify for the debate, candidates must also meet the requirements outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution to serve as president. Biden and Trump both meet those requirements. Other candidates on non-major-party tickets – Kennedy, Cornel West and Jill Stein – also meet those requirements.All five have also filed a formal statement of candidacy to the Federal Election Commission, another requirement to participate in the debate.National polls of registered or likely voters that meet CNN’s standards for reporting include those that are sponsored by CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Marquette University Law School, Monmouth University, NBC News, The New York Times/Siena College, NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist College, Quinnipiac University, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.
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White House says Trump’s tariffs will destroy manufacturing, exacerbate inflation

FIRST ON FOX: The White House is taking aim at congressional Republicans over their support for “MAGAnomics” and former President Donald Trump’s “across-the-board tariffs” plan, which it claims would raise prices for families and worsen inflation.In a Friday memo to “allies and interested parties,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates slammed Republicans for “targeting Medicare and Social Security for cuts, pushing tax welfare for the super-rich, and supporting across-the-board tariffs that would raise costs and taxes for hardworking families.””Yesterday congressional Republicans met to plot a 2025 agenda that involves historic tax increases on the middle class in the form of high tariffs, then gives tax handouts to big corporations that are overcharging Americans despite inflation decreasing,” Bates wrote.Trump met with both Senate and House Republicans on Thursday during his trip to Capitol Hill. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said afterward that the former president “briefly floated the concept of eliminating the income tax and replacing it with tariffs.”TRUMP SELLS SENATE REPUBLICANS ON PLAN TO WIN OVER WORKERS IN CLOSED-DOOR MEETING”What’s more, the lead House Republican for budget issues, Jodey Arrington, recently wrote, ‘Unchecked mandatory spending on programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and welfare represent a growing threat to our economic security and potentially our way of life,’” Bates said in the memo.Pointing to other recent reporting, Bates claimed that “in addition to extending the Trump tax giveaway for billionaires and multinational companies, congressional Republicans want even further corporate tax windfalls that will add another $1 trillion to the deficit.”President Biden “rejects this dangerous MAGAnomics agenda,” Bates noted.”His plan would protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security, further cut the deficit by making rich special interests pay their fair share, and to crack down on the corporate greed that is ripping off American families as inflation falls,” he wrote in the memo. “Republican officials have stood against every aspect of that plan, even defending junk fees and price gouging.”‘TOTAL LIE’: TRUMP CAMPAIGN, GOP LAWMAKERS BLAST REPORT CLAIMING HE CALLED MILWAUKEE A ‘HORRIBLE CITY’Bates insisted the “MAGAnomics summit puts into relief the stark choice between President Biden’s plan for an economy in which economic growth flows to the middle class, and an economy in which hardworking families are sold out to billionaires and the biggest corporations, forced to pay whatever big corporations want to charge while stripped of the Medicare and Social Security benefits they pay to earn.”The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.Trump’s trip to the nation’s capital this week made numerous headlines, as he met for the first time in several years with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump told Republican senators that there was tremendous unity in the party, and promised to “bring back common sense to the government” if he’s elected in November.
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Trump celebrates 78th birthday with massive MAGA cake, fan club members in Florida

Former President Donald Trump celebrated his 78th birthday by hosting a political rally with members of his fan club in Florida.Trump appeared at an event celebrating his birthday in West Palm Beach with members of Club 47.”This is the biggest birthday party I’ve ever had by far,” Trump said of the event.TRUMP VOWS TO BUILD ISRAEL-STYLE ‘GREAT IRON DOME’ OVER US IF RE-ELECTED: ‘MADE IN AMERICA’The former president was presented with a Make America Great Again-themed birthday cake.Trump revisited some of his biggest hits from the campaign trail, speaking at length about his belief that President Biden is mentally incompetent to hold office.”Our country is being destroyed by incompetent people,” Trump told the crowd. “All presidents should have aptitude tests.”BIDEN LOOKS TO CAPITALIZE ON STAR-STUDDED HOLLYWOOD FUNDRAISER AFTER TRUMP’S MASSIVE CASH HAUL IN BLUE STATEClub 47 is based in Palm Beach County and is intended to keep local Trump supporters engaged with the campaign.The club sold out of its approximately 5,000 tickets, which were priced at $35 a piece. More exclusive seats near the stage were priced at $60.During the event, Trump promised to build a “great” Iron Dome for the U.S. during his birthday rally, saying that it would be “made in America.””By next term we will build a great Iron Dome over our country,” Trump said about the idea, which he attributed to former President Ronald Reagan. “We deserve a dome. We deserve it all, made state of the art. “It’s a missile defense shield, and it’ll all be made in America,” he said. “Jobs, jobs, jobs.”Fox News Digital’s Sarah Rumpf-Whitten contributed to this report.
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Trump says he understands Biden family pain dealing with addiction: ‘A very tough thing’

Former President Donald Trump offered rare words of empathy to President Biden this week regarding the impacts of addiction.Trump told Fox News during a Thursday interview that he understood well the negative effect that addiction can have on a family, speaking from personal experience.”I understand it pretty well, because I’ve had it with people who have it in their family,” Trump told Fox News. “It’s a very tough thing.” TRUMP HAS ‘SORT OF A PRETTY GOOD IDEA’ OF VP PICK, WILL PROBABLY ANNOUNCE DURING RNC CONVENTIONTrump did not offer specific details regarding which member or members of his family he was referring to — but his brother, Fred Trump, openly wrestled with alcoholism for years.Fred Trump’s addiction eventually compromised his day-to-day life and contributed to the heart attack that took his life in 1981.”It’s a very tough situation for a father; it’s a very tough situation for a brother or sister; and it goes on, and it’s not stopping, whether it’s alcohol or drugs or whatever it may be,” Trump continued in the interview with Fox News.TRUMP CAMPAIGN SAYS SUPREME COURT’S DECISION STRIKING DOWN HIS ADMIN’S BUMP STOCK RULE ‘SHOULD BE RESPECTED’He added, “It’s a tough thing, and so that’s a tough moment for the family. It’s a tough moment for any family involved in that.”Trump has previously attributed his decision to refrain from alcohol to his brother, who he says warned him to never drink alcohol.First son Hunter Biden was found guilty Tuesday on all charges related to making a false statement about the purchase of a gun, making a false statement related to information required to be kept by a federally licensed gun dealer, and possession of a gun by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.Hunter Biden has a well-documented history of drug abuse, which was most notably documented in his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things.” The memoir walks readers through his previous need to smoke crack cocaine every 20 minutes, how his addiction was so prolific that he referred to himself as a “crack daddy” to drug dealers, and anecdotes revolving around drug deals, such as a Washington, D.C., crack dealer Hunter nicknamed “Bicycles.”President Biden has expressed unconditional love and support for his son despite the high-profile battle with substance abuse.Fox News Digital’s Emma Colton and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.
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Ranked choice voting and the love-hate relationship both Democrats and Republicans have with it

Depending on who you ask, ranked choice voting can either reward extreme and wealthy candidates in elections or lead to a more publicly-palatable electoral process and encourage voter engagement.The practice has grown in prevalence in recent elections – particularly in Alaska and Maine, plus Virginia, to some extent – entailing a hierarchical approach to election tallies. Several rounds of tabulation occur after voters are asked at the polls to choose their candidates in order of preference.In the first round, totals for each candidate are tabulated, and the candidate with the fewest “first votes” is eliminated, and the “second votes” of that candidate’s supporters are added to the totals of the remaining candidates until a winner is decided.A Republican former Alaska U.S. Senate candidate fell on the side of RCV critics, while a Republican former state lawmaker in Virginia credited it with leading to a political shakeup in his state. Democrats appeared similarly divided.Democrats in Maine and New York have praised the system, while one Democratic governor appeared to throw up a potential roadblock in the way of his state’s implementation. He later stated that he would support the will of the people in a forthcoming ballot measure.ALASKA SUES FEDS OVER ‘KNOWINGLY’ POLLUTED NATIVE LANDSBallot measures implementing or banning RCV will appear in Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Missouri and Colorado. Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Kentucky also have pre-emptively banned RCV.Former Virginia State Del. Chris Saxman, a Staunton Republican who is now executive director at the free-enterprise non-profit Virginia Free, told Fox News Digital that RCV worked in the selective way it was implemented in his state.During the 2021 gubernatorial sweeps, Virginia Republicans utilized RCV in their primary candidate selection process, which led to Glenn Youngkin winning the nomination.Virginia Republicans voted to hold a convention rather than a primary that year.After Youngkin was selected, Saxman told Fox News Digital, a consultant approached him at the convention to complain that supporters of perceptibly more conservative candidates had been stymied from attacking the nominee.GAS CRISIS: ALASKA GOVERNOR SAYS ‘BIDEN IS SEARCHING FOR OIL ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET EXCEPT AT HOME’”If it wasn’t for this damned ranked choice voting, we could have gone after Youngkin harder, but we couldn’t afford to alienate his voters,” the consultant complained, according to Saxman.”I was like, ‘So, it’s a problem not to attack a fellow Republican?’,” he said, citing former President Reagan’s noted rule.Saxman said that situation showed there is value in nuanced reforms to elections like the way the party utilized RCV.”Complex systems reward small change,” he said, going on to claim that because of the surgical way Virginia Republicans implemented RCV, it led to a political earthquake that November.Saxman noted the GOP had been out of power in Richmond since the Bush era, but now, suddenly, Youngkin, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears and Attorney General Jason Miyares supplanted the Democratic establishment.Saxman said national fundraising groups had largely dismissed Virginia’s governor’s race as a lost cause, but in part thanks to RCV, funding poured in after the Youngkin-Sears-Miyares ticket was announced.Separately, in New York City, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated 2021’s contest as the “biggest ranked choice voting election in America,” while many of the competitive races fell during the Democratic primary.IN THE ONLY STATE BORDERING RUSSIA, ALASKA GOVERNOR SAYS DEFENSES ARE STRONGOn the other side of the country, however, Alaska Republicans appeared ready to dispense with the recently-implemented system, which many blamed for the election of Rep. Mary Peltola, D-Alaska, in a solidly red state as a replacement for the late five-decade GOP mainstay Don Young.Proponents of RCV in Alaska said in multiple reports that the new system worked in the 2022 race there, in that Peltola – a liberal – Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, – a moderate – and Gov. Mike Dunleavy – a conservative, all won races in the same election.But Kelly Tshibaka, a Republican who ran for Murkowski’s seat in the nonpartisan primary that year, told Fox News Digital that Alaskans were fooled by proponents of RCV who claimed it would take dark money and extremism out of elections.She noted how Peltola had prevailed after facing Republicans Nick Begich III – scion of a famous Alaskan political family – and former Gov. Sarah Palin.Tshibaka said she fully supports the effort to get rid of RCV in the Last Frontier, as its repeal is poised to be a statewide ballot initiative in November pending a legal challenge to the measure.She pointed to the failed candidacy of Al Gross, a Democrat-turned-Independent who, at times, led in the primary but dropped out. Tshibaka claimed that Gross had been forced from the ballot to make way for Peltola, who was to his left – and therefore claims that RCV quells extremism are unfounded.WHAT IS RANKED CHOICE VOTING, THE NEW ELECTION PROCESS USED IN ALASKA?Gross said at the time it was “just too hard to run as a nonpartisan candidate in this race” and that the country was “broken.”Tshibaka also argued that the system leads to a much smaller pool of voters ultimately electing a candidate as other votes are canceled out in tabulation rounds.”So, it’s very deceptive on how they sell it to the public,” she said, adding that 2022 is largely seen as the most negative election in the state’s history despite RCV being sold to voters as a moderating force.”We are baiting the water for negativity. You might have a one-off anecdote here or there. However, what we saw in Maine and Alaska … we’re seeing an increase in extreme negativity.”Judy Eledge, a former schoolteacher in the Arctic oceanside community of Barrow – or Utqiagvik – who is active in Alaskan conservative circles, said the RCV system has shown to be very confusing to voters:”You basically don’t get your first choice of who you want to win, and it enables people that otherwise would never win anything,” said Eledge. “It gives them enough to win and basically just destroys the party system within the state when it comes to elections.”Eledge also claimed that it allows candidates who have substantial outside financial support a leg up, artificially influencing second and third choices.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn Maine, the implementation of RCV paved the way for Democrat Jared Golden’s surprise 2018 upset over incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin, marking the first large-scale test of RCV statewide.Golden’s campaign told Fox News Digital that RCV is a “nonfactor” in his current race. “Like 2020, this will be a head-to-head race,” a spokesperson for the campaign said.In response to criticisms, Peltola said that while RCV gets a lot of attention in Alaska, the true denominator is the open-primary system.”We need more people willing to work with the other party, and Alaska’s system gives those candidates a chance. For instance, I wouldn’t have won a Democratic primary – I’m too conservative, and I talk about things that don’t just appeal to the Democratic base,” Peltola said.”Open primaries and ranked-choice voting give a voice to the 64% of Alaskans that aren’t Democrats or Republicans.”
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Biden looks to capitalize on star-studded Hollywood fundraiser after Trump’s massive cash haul in blue state

After a lucrative three-day swing by former President Trump through California, President Biden returns to the West Coast to tap into the Democratic-dominated state’s political ATM.With less than five months to go until the November election, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel will interview Biden and former President Obama as they team up with Hollywood heavyweights George Clooney and Julia Roberts at a star-studded fundraiser that’s expected to haul in millions.It’s the latest case of national politicians coming to California to pad their campaign coffers. According to figures from the Federal Election Commission, Biden and Trump have raked in more money in California this cycle than from any other state.”When politicians look to the west, they see a field of green,” veteran California-based political scientist Jack Pitney at Claremont McKenna College told Fox News.TRUMP HAULS IN PLENTY OF GREEN DURING SWING THROUGH BLUE BASTIONTickets for the gala at the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles, which an invitation described as a “historic night,” ranged from $250 for a single person to get in the door to half a million dollars for special access, photos with Biden and Obama and invitations to an after-party.The president arrives in California one week after Trump left the Golden State.Trump’s team said that when all the money is counted, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was expected to haul in roughly $27.5 million from three fundraisers in California and one in Las Vegas, a senior campaign official told Fox News.WHY TRUMP’S SAN FRANCISCO FUNDRAISER WAS FRUITFUL IN MORE THAN ONE WAYAnd the Trump campaign said an additional $6 million was raised for outside groups supporting his 2024 election rematch with Biden.Trump has been aiming to close his fundraising gap with Biden. In April, his campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) for the first time raised more than the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Trump’s campaign announced a week ago it and the RNC, fueled in part by the former president’s guilty verdicts in his recently concluded criminal trial, hauled in a stunning $141 million in May.Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts in the first trial of a former or current president in the nation’s history.The former president’s campaign noted that in the first 24 hours following the verdict, it and the RNC brought in nearly $53 million, which counted toward May’s total. The Biden campaign has also been raising money off the Trump verdict, and a source told Fox News “the 24 hours after the verdict were one of the best fundraising 24 hours of the Biden campaign since launch.”While Trump’s California fundraising haul was fueled by top-dollar GOP donors, including tech industry investors and hedge fund giants, Saturday’s fundraising for Biden is being orchestrated by the Democratic Hollywood machine.It’s no surprise. The entertainment industry, which showered presidents Clinton and Obama with campaign cash, has long been known for its Democratic leanings.And while the 81-year-old Biden doesn’t have the tight relationships with Hollywood that his Democratic predecessors enjoyed, he can still draw a crowd.”Any Democratic presidential candidate is going to be able to raise a lot of money in California, and an incumbent president has a big advantage. When the president enters a room, it fills up with cash,” Pitney said.Major strikes by two Hollywood labor unions representing film and television writers and actors from May through November of last year delayed Biden from raising money in Los Angeles entertainment circles.But the president started making up for lost time in December with a major fundraiser hosted by famed directors Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner. Saturday’s mega-fundraiser was orchestrated by media mogul and Democratic rainmaker Jeffrey Katzenberg, who’s a Biden campaign co-chair.Katzenberg also put together a major fundraiser with Biden, Obama and Clinton in March at New York City’s famed Radio City Music Hall, which raked in $26 million.The Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee have enlisted the help of plenty of stars and well-known performers from the entertainment world as the president runs for a second term.Among those lending a hand is famed actor Robert De Niro, who headlined a Biden campaign news conference outside the New York City courthouse during the final days of Trump’s trial. The news conference went viral after De Niro, who portrayed mobsters in such cinematic masterpieces as “The Godfather Part II” and “Goodfellas,” screamed at nearby Trump supporters that “You are gangsters” as they yelled obscenities at the actor.Actor Mark Hamill, who portrayed Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, made a recent unannounced appearance at the White House briefing room to praise the president and called Biden “Joe-Bi-Wan-Kenobi.”Spielberg has helped the DNC with its storytelling efforts, and Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer campaigned with Vice President Kamala Harris on a recent swing through battleground Michigan.Trump, whose final California fundraiser took place last weekend at a tony gated community in upscale Newport Beach, California, and included veteran actor Jon Voight, will spend this weekend in Michigan, holding multiple events, including a roundtable discussion at a northwest Detroit church.The Trump campaign argued the former president will be meeting with “everyday Americans” while “Biden will be at a glitzy fundraiser in Hollywood with his elitist, out-of-touch celebrity benefactors that own him.”The Trump campaign and Republican allies also criticized the president for skipping a peace conference on Ukraine being held this weekend in Switzerland to appear at the California fundraiser. Vice President Kamala Harris will represent the U.S. at the peace talks.Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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Biden looks to capitalize on star-studded Hollywood fundraiser after Trump’s massive cash haul in blue state Read More »

North Carolina Gov. Cooper vetoes bill that would have required more juveniles to be tried as adults

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed a bill Friday that would have mandated that more minors accused of serious crimes automatically be tried as an adult in court.As it currently stands, some criminal cases involving youth defendants may remain in juvenile proceedings.House Bill 834 passed the House and Senate with significant bipartisan support before the veto from Cooper, who sided with critics of the measure who warned the changes scale back the provisions of the 2019 “Raise the Age” law that ended a mandate that children of ages 16 and 17 be tried in the adult criminal justice system.The opposition to automatically prosecuting children in adult court was considered a way to help more young people avoid public, lifetime criminal records for one-time mistakes, while also giving them access to youth-centered resources within the juvenile system, which does not make records public.NORTH CAROLINA ATTORNEY GENERAL SEEKS FUNDS TO CREATE FENTANYL, COLD CASE UNITS”I remain concerned that this new law would keep some children from getting treatment they need while making communities less safe,” Cooper wrote in his veto message.The American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a letter to the governor ahead of his veto that prosecuting children as adults “causes significant harm to young people and does nothing to address the underlying causes of youth crime.””The juvenile justice system requires far more accountability, counseling, education, and family involvement than the adult system and it works better,” the letter reads. “Recidivism is significantly higher when children go through the adult system rather than receive the services and punishment from the juvenile system.”Republican Sen. Danny Britt, who spearheaded the bill, said lawmakers worked to change the law to reflect the reality that young people charged with serious felonies ultimately ended up in adult court and that the legal efforts to move them there from juvenile court were clogging up prosecutors’ juvenile caseloads.”From a practical standpoint this process improves efficiency in our courts,” Britt told The Associated Press, adding that he supported the “Raise the Age” legislation and still believes it was the correct move.The bill now returns to the General Assembly, where lawmakers will attempt to override the governor’s veto. Eighteen Democrats in the House and Senate combined voted with all Republicans except one in favor of the legislation.Republicans hold veto-proof majorities in the General Assembly, and overrode all 19 of Cooper’s vetoes last year. A bill that the governor vetoed earlier this year has not yet had a vote to override the veto.According to juvenile justice law, cases of children ages 16 and 17 accused of the most serious felonies must be moved to adult court after a notice of an indictment or when a hearing determines there is probable cause that a crime was committed. Prosecutors have discretion not to try in adult court children these ages accused of some lower-grade felonies.H.B. 834 would have ended the transfer requirement for most of these high-level felonies, but instead placed the cases of these minors in adult court automatically.North Carolina was the last state where minors of ages 16 and 17 were automatically prosecuted as adults when “Raise the Age” was enacted. Children these ages are still being tried in adult court for vehicle-related crimes.UNC BOARD OF GOVERNORS VOTES TO REPEAL DEI MANDATES FOR NORTH CAROLINA PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES”Most violent crimes, even when committed by teenagers, should be handled in adult court,” Cooper said. “However, there are cases where sentences would be more effective and appropriate to the severity of the crime for teenagers if they were handled in juvenile court, making communities safer. This bill makes this important option highly unlikely.”The bill would also have established a new process in which a case could be moved from Superior Court to juvenile court if the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney agree to the transfer, and the adult records would be deleted.Children ages 13 through 15 who are accused of first-degree murder will still be automatically transferred to adult court after an indictment or hearing that determines probable cause.The legislation would also have raised penalties for adults who solicit a minor to commit a crime.The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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North Carolina Gov. Cooper vetoes bill that would have required more juveniles to be tried as adults Read More »

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