NY v. Trump: House GOP lawmaker urges Merchan to dismiss case over ‘fatal flaws,’ refer to FEC

EXCLUSIVE: A member of the House Judiciary Committee is warning the judge presiding over New York v. Trump that the case brought against the former president suffers from “fatal flaws,” and could be an example of state prosecutors “[taking] federal law into their own hands.” Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, penned a letter to Acting New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan Thursday. Merchan is reserving his decision on Trump defense attorney’s latest motion to dismiss the charges, which claims there is “no evidence” to connect the former president to falsifying business records. NY V. TRUMP: DEFENSE RESTS WITHOUT CALLING FORMER PRESIDENT TO TESTIFY; MOTION TO DISMISS PENDING”Pending before your court are closing arguments concerning the prosecution of President Donald J. Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for alleged unlawful federal political contributions and the subsequent concealment of those contributions,” Nehls wrote. “This prosecution suffers from numerous fatal flaws, but most notably, it is premised upon the baseless contention that a formal finding that a violation of federal law occurred, which the federal government has not affirmatively established within the contours of a final adjudication with proper procedural safeguards,” he continued. “This proves fatal to the case at hand.”Nehls explained that it is the Federal Election Commission, not the Manhattan DA, that is charged by Congress with enforcing federal campaign laws and determining in the first instance whether those laws are being followed. STEFANIK FILES ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST TRUMP TRIAL JUDGE, CITES DAUGHTER’S WORK FOR GROUP PROMOTING DEMS”The FEC has not established that a violation of federal law has occurred,” Nehls wrote, noting that the House Judiciary has jurisdiction over law and constitutional rights, and suggested a ruling on the case could raise the “prospect that state and local prosecutors can take federal law into their own hands.”The Federal Election Commission, in 2021, dropped its case into the issue of whether Trump violated election law with his ex-attorney Michael Cohen paying $130,000 to adult pornography actress Stormy Daniels. The investigation was tossed after it “failed by a vote of 2-2 to… find reason to believe that Donald J. Trump knowingly and willfully violated” federal election law. FLASHBACK: FEC DROPS TRUMP-STORMY DANIELS HUSH-MONEY INVESTIGATIONNehls echoed further concerns about the case against the former president, including related to the “applicable statute of limitations, the conversion of a misdemeanor into a felony, and difficulties proving an actual intent to commit fraud by the former president.” Bragg charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. Trump pleaded not guilty. A charge of falsifying business records typically is a misdemeanor, but Bragg’s New York prosecutors must convince the jury that Trump allegedly falsified those records in the furtherance of “another crime.” Prosecutors suggest that the other crime was in violation of New York State law – to prevent or promote election. On its face, as a stand-alone offense, that charge is also typically a misdemeanor. NY V TRUMP: MICHAEL COHEN ADMITS TO STEALING TENS OF THOUSANDS FROM FORMER PRESIDENT’S BUSINESSCoupling the alleged falsification of business records with alleged prevention or promotion of election becomes a felony crime, according to Bragg. Nehls warned Merchan that federal campaign finance violations are “indisputably within the special competence of the FEC, not the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.” Nehls also requested Merchan ask defense attorneys and prosecutors whether he must “stay the case” and instead, “refer to the FEC the underlying fact question of whether former President Trump violated the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) by engaging in unlawful campaign contributions.” FLASHBACK: TRUMP SAYS HE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT $130G PAYMENT TO STORMY DANIELS BY MICHAEL COHEN”Such a referral would neither disrupt the People of New York’s authority to try alleged wrongdoers nor your Court’s authority to adjudicate questions of New York law,” Nehls wrote. Nehls explained that if the FEC decided that no federal campaign finance violation occurred, Merchan would retain “sole jurisdiction to decide whether an underlying crime existed, notwithstanding claims of concealment.” Nehls said if the FEC did decide there were campaign finance violations committed, it would be up to the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section to decide “whether to indict him in federal court.” EX-TOP BIDEN DOJ OFFICIAL NOW PROSECUTING TRUMP WAS ONCE PAID BY DNC FOR ‘POLITICAL CONSULTING'”Only after exhausting the federal process would it be constitutionally appropriate for the Bragg case to proceed to a jury,” Nehls argued. Meanwhile, Nehls said Bragg’s case “presents a substantial risk to the Constitution’s balance between federal and state authority.” “Failure to consider the propriety of a stay in this case means that any individual, let alone a former president, could be convicted for an underlying federal crime without the FEC or DOJ having exercised prosecutorial review,” Nehls said. “This threatens due process by allowing state prosecutors to enforce federal law without the procedural protections afford by the federal government.” Nehls added: “Without appropriate consideration of the primary jurisdiction doctrine, the case before you could mean that Congress’s legislative process is nullified, for our laws can be enforced by state prosecutors without federal oversight.” Nehls told Merchan that whether New York County’s Supreme Court stays Bragg’s criminal proceeding against Trump and refers it to the FEC is within his “discretion.” “But failing to consider the question and allowing a verdict and judgment to become final risks abrogating the discretion of my committee and the United States Congress as a whole,” he said. In 2019, federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted out of charging Trump related to the payments made to Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. 
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‘Squad’ Democrat claims Trump DOJ would go on ‘murdering spree’ with death penalty

A Democratic lawmaker is claiming that if former President Trump is re-elected, his Department of Justice would go on a “murdering spree.”Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts made the speculations about political violence at a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing on the Office of Personnel Management on Wednesday.Speaking about Project 2025, a policy roadmap for a future Republican president to consolidate political power created by the Heritage Foundation, Pressley criticized its plan to gut agencies and hire loyal staff via Schedule F appointments as a “pathway” to “wholesale policy violence.””The federal government has the largest and most diverse workforce in the country and Schedule F – an Executive Order that would replace tens of thousands of civil servants with partisan sycophants would destroy our government infrastructure —destroy it,” Pressley said at the hearing.BIDEN ADMINISTRATION RULE MAKES FIRING FEDERAL WORKERS HARDER AS TRUMP PROMISES ‘DEEP STATE’ REVAMP”It is critical that we understand that the far-right extremists who are advocating for Schedule F see it as a means to an end. It is their pathway to enact widespread, wholesale policy violence,” she continued.’SQUAD’ MEMBER AYANNA PRESSLEY CALLS FOR ALLOWING ‘INCARCERATED CITIZENS’ AND 16-YEAR-OLDS TO VOTEPressley went on to claim that under another Trump presidency, the Department of Justice would perpetrate a “murdering spree” via abuse of capital punishment.”The Department of Justice would go on a murdering spree,” Pressley told the committee. “It would rush to use the death penalty and expand its use to even more people while circumventing due process protections.”Fox News Digital reached out to the Trump campaign and the Heritage Foundation for reaction to the representative’s comments.
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Biden EPA granted $50M to anti-Israel ‘climate justice’ group

A group selected for a grant of tens of millions of dollars by President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was revealed to be partially focused on anti-Israel activism, claiming on its website, “The path to climate justice travels through a free Palestine.”Biden’s administration selected the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) to receive $50 million last year for “environmental justice projects” after the group had already started significantly organizing and demonstrating against Israel. The announcement of the grant was made months after the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, which the group never denounced. The CJA did put out a statement on Oct. 20, nearly two weeks after the killing of Israeli civilians and capturing of hostages, calling on Biden “to support an immediate end to the violence by publicly demanding a ceasefire within the region.” BIDEN OUTPACES TRUMP WITH 200 CONFIRMED JUDGES, CEMENTING IMPACT ON COURTSThe group claimed, “For generations, Palestinians have been living under a system of apartheid” and pushed the president to reject “genocide with U.S. taxpayer dollars.”By early November, not even a month after the events of Oct. 7, the group was demonstrating with signs depicting a one-state solution, designed to look like a watermelon. ‘WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING’: GOP RIPS INTO SCHUMER-BACKED BORDER BILLAt the same time, only weeks after Hamas’ attack on Israel, the CJA accused the country of levying “genocidal warfare” on the Palestinian people. The group has also claimed Israel is an apartheid state. On its website, the CJA has an entire section dedicated to “Free Palestine.” One image promoted by the organization for use at protests depicts a bulldozer taking down a section of the Israel-Gaza border fence following the Hamas terrorist attack on civilians, with the word “Decolonize Palestine” written above it. BIDEN BORDER CHIEF MAYORKAS IN HOT SEAT OVER JORDANIAN NATIONALS WHO TRIED TO BREACH QUANTICO”The Biden administration doesn’t seem to care,” Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Ranking Member Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., said during a press conference on Tuesday. “All they care about is the mission — the climate mission no matter what the radical ideas that are associated with the groups.”A spokesperson for the EPA told Fox News Digital that the grant money has yet to be awarded. “EPA has selected the 11 Grantmakers and is in the process of awarding funding,” they said. “As such, no grant has been awarded and no subgrants have been issued through the Grantmakers program by CJA or any other Grantmaker.”MCCONNELL-ALIGNED GROUP SHREDS SEN BROWN’S ‘HANDOUTS FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ IN OHIO SPOTAccording to the EPA spokesperson, grantmakers were all subject to a “rigorous, multi-level application process.” The agency stressed that “Political affiliations played no role in the evaluation, scoring, and selection of Grantmakers.”Additionally, “Grantmakers will be accountable to EPA for proper expenditure of the funds and will be reporting to EPA on a quarterly basis on the overall progress and deliverables of the program.”The recipients’ use of grant money is also restricted to “allowable grant activities,” per the spokesperson. Neither the White House nor the CJA responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment in time for publication.
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Supreme Court upholds GOP-drawn voting map in South Carolina gerrymandering case

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday to reverse a lower court’s decision that said a South Carolina redistricting map was unconstitutional, rejecting the idea that it was racially discriminatory.In a 6-3 decision, written by Justice Samuel Alito, the high court said that, “a party challenging a map’s constitutionality must disentangle race and politics if it wishes to prove that the legislature was motivated by race as opposed to partisanship. Second, in assessing a legislature’s work, we start with a presumption that the legislature acted in good faith.””In this case, which features a challenge to South Carolina’s redistricting efforts in the wake of the 2020 census, the three-judge District Court paid only lip service to these propositions,” the decision states.NAACP LASHES OUT AT ‘HATE-INSPIRED’ SUPREME COURT AFTER AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RULING”That misguided approach infected the District Court’s findings of fact, which were clearly erroneous under the appropriate legal standard,” Alito wrote.The case stems from a challenge by the ACLU and the NAACP claiming that the redrawn maps following the 2020 census were illegally gerrymandered and had urged the justices to rule in time to impact upcoming congressional races.However, a federal court panel that had initially struck down the maps as unconstitutional said in late March it was “plainly impractical” to wait for the Supreme Court to decide, and allowed the disputed maps to stand.It is unclear the extent the high court’s ruling may will have on other 2024 elections, with many states already holding primaries or setting deadlines for early voter registrations.The high court’s conservative majority in its ruling expressed concern over a federal court ruling that initially ordered South Carolina to create a new congressional map in time for the November 2024 election.SUPREME COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF CFPB, BRAINCHILD OF SEN. ELIZABETH WARRENThat three-judge panel found the coastal 1st Congressional District, now held by Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., was an unlawful racial gerrymander when Republican lawmakers shifted about 30,000 Black voters from Charleston County over to the state’s 6th Congressional District, which became more solidly Democratic than it was before.That seat is held by Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., a longtime member of Congress who is Black.However, the high court’s delay in issuing its ruling means the disputed map will remain in place for the 2024 elections.Justice Elana Kagan, backed by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson, dissented, saying, “In every way, the majority today stacks the deck against the Challengers. They must lose, the majority says, because the State had a ‘possible’ story to tell about not considering race—even if the opposite story was the more credible.”EXPERTS EXAMINE HOW SUPREME COURT COULD OVERHAUL VOTING RIGHTS LITIGATION IN POSSIBLE GERRYMANDERING CASE”And they must lose again, the majority says, because they failed to offer a particular form of proof—which they did not know would be relevant and which this Court recently told plaintiffs was not required,” she said. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”It does not matter that the Challengers offered extensive evidence, including expert statistical analyses, that the State’s districting plan was the product of racial sorting.”
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Why Donald Trump is headed to the Bronx, the bluest part of blue state New York

It’s been 40 years since a Republican nominee has carried New York state in a presidential election.You have to go back to President Ronald Reagan, who won the state as part of his landslide re-election victory in 1984.But it appears former President Trump is hoping to end the GOP’s losing streak.”We’re coming to the Bronx,” the former president touted on social media on the eve of his Wednesday campaign event in the New York City borough, which is one of the bluest parts of a blue state.THE BLUE STATES TRUMP AIMS TO FLIP RED IN HIS 2024 REMATCH WITH BIDENThe former president’s campaign says they expect a crowd of a couple of thousand supporters on hand when Trump speaks at Crotona Park, a public park in New York City’s most diverse and economically challenged borough.The Bronx population is overwhelmingly Hispanic and Black, and roughly a third of its residents live below the poverty line, according to Census data. And the Bronx is one of the most Democratic-dominated counties in the country.So why is Trump, who often holds rallies and other campaign events in politically safer locales, heading to what seems to be enemy territory?”President Trump is unafraid to bring his message to every borough of New York, to every corner of this great country, because he believes his message is a winning one,” Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt told Fox News.WARNING SIGNS FOR TRUMP AND BIDEN AS THEY CAREEN TOWARDS NEXT MONTH’S FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Trump won less than 10% of the vote in the Bronx in his 2016 presidential election victory. His support in the Bronx edged up to 16% in his 2020 re-election defeat, with Biden winning 83.5% of the vote.But polls suggest Trump is making gains with Black and Hispanic voters.Trump’s campaign thinks the former president can make a dent in Biden’s support among Black and Hispanic voters, especially younger males who may be frustrated with economic conditions – especially inflation – and who are attracted to Trump’s bravado.”The strategy is to demonstrate to the voters of the Bronx and New York that this isn’t your typical presidential election, that Donald Trump is here to represent everybody and get our country back on track,” Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., told Fox News.Donalds, a potential Trump running mate who grew up in New York City, will join the former president at the Bronx gathering.New York City Republicans note that the GOP won a city council seat in the Bronx last year for the first time in four decades.”There is improvement. And you have to question why there wouldn’t be more,” New York City Councilman Joe Borelli said in an interview on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends First.””Who has been in charge of the Bronx for the better part of a generation? It’s been Democrats at every level at local, state and federal government,” Borelli emphasized. “So you shouldn’t be surprised when people come out tonight in great numbers to hear someone who’s not, you know, singing from the same choir book. Donald Trump is going to go out there and really confront the public with why they’re being faced with so many economic problems from Joe Biden.”DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN SAYS HIS CONSTITUENTS WON’T BE FOOLED BY TRUMPDemocrats plan a counterprotest on Thursday evening, with the Bronx Democratic Party holding their own event in the same park.”Trump isn’t welcome in the Bronx,” they argued in a social media posting.And the political arm of the New York Immigration Coalition, pointing to the former president’s record and rhetoric on immigration, charged that “there is no place for Donald Trump’s hatred and racism in a neighborhood as diverse, vibrant and rich with immigrant history as the South Bronx.”Thursday’s campaign event comes during a brief pause in Trump’s criminal trial. Closing arguments are expected when court resumes on Tuesday, following a break for the Memorial Day federal holiday.Trump is charged with falsifying business records in relation to payments during the 2016 election that he made to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about his alleged affair with the adult film actress. Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, $130,000 in return for her silence about allegations of an affair with Trump in 2006.Both Cohen and Daniels testified for the prosecution and were grilled by Trump’s attorneys during cross-examination in a case that’s grabbed tons of attention on the cable news networks, online and on social media.Trump, who is making history as the first current or former president to stand trial in a criminal case, has repeatedly denied falsifying business records as well as the alleged sexual encounter with Daniels, and has repeatedly claimed, without providing evidence, that the case is a “SHAM TRIAL instigated and prosecuted directly from the inner halls of the White House and DOJ.”With Trump mostly confined to New York City for the past month and a half since the start of the trial, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee has made a series of campaign stops in the city he long called home before changing his residence to Florida.Among his stops have been a visit to a bodega in Harlem, a construction site, and a local firehouse.Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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Experts question RFK Jr.’s sudden ‘bizarre’ medical claims that include brain worms, mercury poisoning

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appears to be the one White House hopeful suddenly most open to discussing his past medical issues, a willingness some experts are describing as “bizarre.”Revelations earlier this month that Kennedy once had a parasite infecting his brain led the candidate to openly talk about the incident in a number of interviews, which included him bringing up other medical problems he frequently talked about years before running for president, including mercury poisoning.”Having brain worms, bragging about getting mercury poisoning and generally being weird doesn’t instill confidence in voters, and it’s definitely bizarre,” Democratic strategist Eric Koch told Fox News Digital. “Robert F. Kennedy Jr can’t expect people to take him seriously as a candidate if he’s openly telling them he might not be fit to lead.KENNEDY COVER-UP: FAILING TO DISCLOSE A BRAIN-EATING WORM AND OTHER PROBLEMS”Revelations like this are why his poll numbers are tanking. The more people learn about RFK Jr., the clearer it is that his vanity project campaign isn’t worth wasting a vote over,” he added, referencing what some polls suggest is a slow-down in support for Kennedy. Other polls suggest he holds a steady double-digit level of support nationally.Republican strategist and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe called Kennedy’s sudden openness about his medical problems “a weird flex” considering Biden “is essentially a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ candidate.”EXCLUSIVE: MISSOURI AG TORCHES KANSAS CITY’S ‘RETALIATION’ AGAINST CHIEF’S KICKER EXPRESSING CHRISTIAN BELIEFS”You would think that you would want to project strength in this race as opposed to weakness, so it’s a little bit of an odd strategy. The irony is that Donald Trump, at 77, is the one with the stamina in this race. He’s outworking and outhustling everyone else while they’re trying to throw him in jail and bankrupt him at the same time,” she added.Kennedy’s experience with the brain-eating worm was unearthed in a New York Times article published earlier this month, which cited a deposition from 2012 stating the candidate was called by a doctor at New York-Presbyterian Hospital after physicians had noticed a dark spot on his brain scans and that he had complained of memory loss and a mental fogginess. Kennedy recalled the doctor telling him the spot “was caused by a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.” He had, however, told the Times in an interview months prior that he recovered from the previously disclosed memory loss.He said in the same interview he had suffered from atrial fibrillation for decades, including being hospitalized four times, but that he had not had an incident related to the condition for more than 10 years.Kennedy told both the Times and Ben Shapiro’s “Pushing the Limits” podcast the day following the worm revelations that he experienced mercury poisoning around the same time he was infected with the parasite and underwent treatment to rid his system of the metal.”At the same time, I was having my mercury tested, and I was getting all kinds of tests. And my mercury test came back sky-high … ten times what the EPA levels were for blood mercury, I think it was,” Kennedy told the program. “They were over ten times what anybody considered safe, and I had that chelated out, and all of that brain fog went away.”Kennedy, however, frequently talked about battling mercury poisoning in interviews going back to at least 2004, years before dealing with the parasite.”I have so much mercury in my body … that if I were a woman of childbearing years, I would have children with cognitive impairment … probably a permanent IQ loss of five to seven points,” Kennedy said during an appearance on C-SPAN in September 2004.He said in multiple subsequent interviews in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 he had “recently” been found to have high levels of mercury in his blood, leading to memory loss.Fox News Digital has reached out to Kennedy’s campaign for comment.Fox News’ Howard Kurtz contributed to this report.Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.
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GOP pushes for stripping Columbia’s accreditation status after campus unrest

FIRST ON FOX: House Republicans are urging a top college accreditation board to reevaluate its standards for Columbia University as a top academic institution in the wake of anti-Israel campus protests there and around the country.Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga., led a letter to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education accusing the New York City Ivy League school of violating established standards on “ethics and integrity,” as well as delivery and support of the “student learning experience.””Accreditation entities play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and integrity of higher education institutions by assuring quality assurance, public accountability, and continuous improvement. The U.S. Department of Education has come to rely on accrediting agencies to help ensure that the higher education institutions that receive federal funds meet quality standards in curriculum, faculty qualifications, student services, facilities, and educational outcomes,” the letter said.JEWISH STUDENTS FROM ACROSS US DESCRIBE RAMPANT CAMPUS ANTISEMITISM AT HOUSE HEARING: ‘WASTELAND OF HATRED’McCormick accused Columbia of becoming a hotbed for antisemitism in the wake of Hamas’ Oct. 7, 2023, terror attack in Israel.”Jewish students have been made to feel unsafe and have been subject to harassment and even physical violence by pro-Hamas student protesters and faculty,” he said.The letter went on to cite comments by professors in support of Palestine, including one professor who wrote a paper calling the sight of “Palestinian resistance fighters storming Israeli checkpoints” on Oct. 7 “astounding.”They also knocked the university’s president for initially moving classes online when the protests began.USC VALEDICTORIAN WHO HAD SPEECH CANCELED ‘NOT APOLOGETIC,’ DEFENDS CALL TO ABOLISH ISRAEL IN ITS CURRENT FORMThe letter is signed by nine other Republican lawmakers, including the No. 4 House GOP leader, Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y.House Republicans have been coming down hard on colleges that have seen anti-Israel encampments pop up on campus, with several university presidents being summoned to Capitol Hill to testify about how they are handling antisemitism at their schools.ANTI-ISRAEL CAMPUS PROTESTS ARE SPREADING: CALIFORNIA, TEXAS BRACE AFTER ACTIVISTS OVERRUN COLUMBIA, YALE”Columbia University no longer upholds the accreditation standards outlined by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. We urge you to reevaluate Columbia Universities’ accreditation based on their incompliance with Standard II: Ethics and Integrity, Standard III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience, and Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience,” the letter said.”Quality standards are a defining hallmark of effective higher education institutions, and we must ensure American tax dollars are not being sent to institutions incapable of upholding them.”Fox News Digital reached out to Columbia University for comment.
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Jordanian who tried to breach Marine Corps Base Quantico was in US illegally, sources say

One of the two Jordanian nationals who tried to breach Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia earlier this month crossed into the U.S. illegally in April before he was released from custody, multiple Department of Homeland Security sources have revealed to Fox News. The individual, who along with his colleague is now in ICE custody awaiting removal proceedings, crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in the San Diego sector, the sources said.  He was later released on a notice to appear in court because there was no initial derogatory information found regarding him, the sources added. They said the other Jordanian national was an overstay on a student visa. The attempted breach happened on May 3. A spokesperson for the base said two people in a box truck were stopped at a gate, with the driver allegedly telling military police officers they were making a delivery to the post office and worked for a company subcontracted by Amazon. BIDEN BORDER CHIEF MAYORKAS IN HOT SEAT OVER JORDANIAN NATIONALS WHO TRIED TO BREACH QUANTICOHowever, an Amazon spokesperson told Fox News it does not appear these individuals were delivering on behalf of the company and that it is looking into the matter. Because the men had no affiliation to the base and no approved credentials, they were directed to a holding area for vetting. The Homeland Security sources that spoke to Fox News said that neither man has a criminal history in the U.S. Their identities are being withheld over privacy concerns, officials also said. ‘SOMETHING DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT’ ABOUT ATTEMPTED QUANTICO BREACH, MIKE POMPEO SAYSDepartment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is now facing scrutiny over the incident. “Please explain how they came to the United States. Were they here illegally? Are either of them on any terrorist watchlist?” Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., questioned Mayorkas in a recent letter, also requesting the current status of the individuals. A spokesperson for DHS has told Fox News Digital that “DHS responds to congressional correspondence directly via official channels, and the Department will continue to respond appropriately to Congressional oversight.” Fox News’ Adam Shaw, Bill Melugin and Julia Johnson contributed to this report. 
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Fani Willis’ ex-staffer to testify to GA Senate committee probing DA’s office

A Georgia state Senate investigation committee will hold its fourth hearing Thursday afternoon as part of its probe into alleged misconduct by District Attorney Fani Willis. The Senate Special Committee on Investigations, chaired by Republican state Sen. Bill Cowsert, will consider sworn testimony from witness Amanda Timpson, who served as Willis’ director of juvenile diversion programs but says she was demoted and eventually fired. That termination came after she became a whistleblower and began to complain about the misuse of federal grant funds, Cowsert told Fox News.The committee’s goal is to investigate the allegations of misconduct by Willis relating to potential conflicts of interest and misuse of public funds.NATHAN WADE’S PHONE DATA SHOWS HE MADE MIDNIGHT TRIPS TO FANI WILLIS’ CONDO BEFORE HE WAS HIRED: ATTORNEYWillis won her primary election on Tuesday by a sweeping margin over her Democratic challenger. “Tonight they delivered a strong and a powerful message,” Willis said in her acceptance speech. “They want a district attorney that believes everyone deserves to be safe. And everyone is entitled to some dignity. And it’s a message that’s pissing folks off. But there is no one above the law in this country. Nor is there anyone beneath it.”Willis is spearheading the 2020 election interference case against former President Trump. She has been a lighting rod of criticism since the allegations that she had an “improper” affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she hired to help prosecute the case. Georgia’s GOP-controlled Senate voted in January to form a special committee to investigate Willis amid the revelations of her romantic affair with Wade.She is not expected to testify on Thursday and has previously called the committee “unlawful,” though the committee has subpoena power to compel her testimony.Previous state Senate committee hearings revealed that oversight of Willis’ $36 million budget was “like the Wild West, very little control,” Cowsert said.At that hearing earlier this month, Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts and Fulton County Chief Financial Officer Sharon Whittmore testified that Willis has broad discretion over those taxpayer dollars, including whether to hire a special prosecutor and how much they should be paid.”You don’t know how much of that is spent on professional services, who is hired, how much they’re paid per hour, what their total compensation is. Yet you’re being asked to provide $36.6 million a year that you know encompasses a number of those types of independent contractors that you know you’re funding with no oversight or control, right?” Cowsart asked Whittmore at one point. Pitts also testified that Willis did not have to get any pre-approval for hiring an independent special counsel to assist with her activities. EMBATTLED DA FANI WILLIS WINS GEORGIA PRIMARY ELECTIONAshleigh Merchant, lawyer for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, testified at the committee’s first hearing that Willis was awarded a $780,000 increase in the DA’s budget on Sept. 15 2021, through the end of that year, with the next year not to exceed $5 million.The budget increase was just a few months before Wade was hired in November 2021, and roughly eight months before the special grand jury in this case was impaneled in May 2022.She said that the DA claimed this money was to hire extra people to help with the backlog of homicide cases the office was seeing at that time.FANI WILLIS SUGGESTS SHE WON’T TESTIFY IN ‘UNLAWFUL’ GEORGIA SENATE INVESTIGATIONMerchant testified that when she made open records requests to confirm that her office hired new employees and not special contractors, her request was denied by the DA’s office.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThursday’s hearing is slated to begin at 1:30 p.m. ET.Fox News’ David Lewkowict and Fox News Digital’s Chris Pandolfo contributed to this report.
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19 state attorneys general challenge blue states’ ‘radical’ climate policies impacting others

Alabama is spearheading a coalition of 18 Republican-led states in a federal lawsuit against five Democrat-run states, alleging the latter are trying to coerce the former into complying with strict climate-conscious policies that could imperil their residents’ access to affordable energy.The filing was made at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday as the plaintiffs argued that Democrat-led states California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island are essentially forcing residents of politically opposed states to feel repercussions of their restrictions and, therefore, are dictating national energy policy.”California and New Jersey and the defendant states are trying to make national energy policy through state laws,” said Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, one state official who is party to the lawsuit. “And if the Supreme Court does not step in, they may succeed.” “If the defendant states’ laws have their desired effects, fossil fuel energy companies across the nation will either be hit with massive damages or have to change their policies directly. And, those defendant states will affect the availability of cheap, affordable energy in our states,” he said.”One state does not have the right to control policy in another state.”GOP STATE AGS PRESS SUPREME COURT TO TAKE UP HAWAII CLIMATE CHANGE CASE THEY CALL A ‘GRAVE THREAT’Of criticisms that it may not be apropos to escalate such a case immediately to the Supreme Court, Kobach said this is a rare instance where it is needed. He said the high bench has always had jurisdiction over interstate quarrels and that the “opposing interests” in this filing are especially stark.Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who is leading the charge, told Fox News Digital he has the right to take the complaint directly to the Supreme Court because it has original jurisdiction over state action. He pointed to other cases in which one state takes legal action against another and makes its plea to the high court.”When you have two sovereigns that are making claims against one another, it is the appropriate venue for those claims to be heard,” he said.CONSUMER GROUP REVEALS LEFT-WING GROUPS INCREASINGLY USING COURTS TO PUSH GREEN NEW DEALMarshall said the crux of the matter is essentially that defendant states are crafting climate policies that will have an undue effect on Alabama and its fellow plaintiff states.”I think one of the things that is so most objectionable is the fact they are using common law claims, plus the statutory Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims, as a vehicle to engage in climate policy,” he said.”I think, broadly, the issue is how does this affect the constituents of our individual states? And so the legitimate question is: Why should we care in Alabama how California chooses to operate in the state courts themselves?””Well, if California prevails, they’re really going to be able to do two things. They’re going to be able to impose a tax on carbon because that’s what [legal] ‘damages’ truly are in these cases,” Marshall said.He expressed hope the Supreme Court would agree that energy and climate policy is a federal issue and not one the states can dictate in a way that could affect others.BILLIONAIRE-FUELED ROCKEFELLER FUND COORDINATED CLIMATE LAWSUITS WITH DEM STATE AG: INTERNAL DOCUMENTSThe legal complaint reads in part: “Defendant States want a global carbon tax on the traditional energy industry” … “In their view, a small gas station in rural Alabama could owe damages to the people of Minnesota simply for selling a gallon of gas.” The complaint cited API v. Minnesota, a case brought against energy firms for alleged harm caused by their contributions to global warming, among other things.It also referenced a case from 1981 brought against West Virginia by bordering states who took issue with a policy that required Mountaineer natural gas producers to meet local needs before exporting their valuable energy source.Kobach said this current multiparty lawsuit is one of a few qualified cases that should be heard first and ultimately by the Supreme Court:”A relatively small number of cases can go directly to the Supreme Court because they are complex between one state and another or one group of states and another group of states,” Kobach said, adding that the high bench has at times declined to hear such cases.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAsked about what plaintiff states’ resources might be if New Jersey, California and the others are permitted to continue crafting policy with alleged wider-reaching effects than statutorily permitted, Kobach said Kansas, for example, has limited recourse.”The second course of action would be [to] seek legislation in Congress, preempting what the defendant states have done, but that is a difficult process,” he said.”It takes a long time, and it may come too late, depending on what happens in these defendant states.”Kobach said the current suit is not the first of its kind. The Supreme Court previously upheld California’s sow housing law that plaintiffs said led to an avoidable spike in the cost of bacon and other pork products outside California.Efforts to reach representatives for the defendant states in the case were unsuccessful.Editor’s Note: This story originally reported 12 states had signed onto the lawsuit. Since its publication, that number has increased to 19. 
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