Censured Schiff raises over $8 million for Senate bid after being punished for Trump-Russia claims

Rep. Adam Schiff brought in a massive fundraising haul of $8.1 million in the second quarter of his campaign to replace retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., after the high-profile House vote to censure him last month. That’s the largest amount ever brought in by a U.S. Senate campaign during an off-year election cycle, Schiff’s campaign said in a press release on Wednesday. “When I say we are a grassroots campaign, I mean it! Last quarter, we raised over $8.1 million – with an average contribution of just $34. We’re in this fight together – and I’m so grateful to have you on this team,” Schiff wrote on Twitter. Schiff, D-Calif., is running against fellow California House Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee and Katie Porter for Feinstein’s seat. SCHIFF BLASTED BY GOP OPPONENT FOR CALLING CENSURE A BADGE OF HONOR: ‘HE’S A NATIONAL DISGRACE’ His prominent role in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment guaranteed him a higher national name recognition than his progressive rivals – while his accusations that Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House also made him a target for this Congress’ House GOP majority. But Republican attempts to punish Schiff appear to have boosted his support in the blue stronghold of California. As of Wednesday’s announcement, Schiff’s campaign has more than $29 million in its war chest. After chairing the House Intelligence Committee under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Republicans stripped Schiff from the panel altogether when they took power in the chamber this year. ‘NEEDED TO BE DONE’: LAWMAKERS CONSIDER IF SCHIFF’S CENSURE WILL BOLSTER HIS SENATE CAMPAIGN Last month, the resolution by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., to censure him over his probing of Trump-Russia collusion claims as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was approved along party lines, though she was forced to remove a provision that suggested a $16 million fine against Schiff. Schiff seized on the drama immediately after the censure bid was announced, rolling out video clips and other campaign materials based on the GOP’s effort to punish him. It also served as a massive publicity push, earning him wall-to-wall media interviews. SCHIFF GLOATS ON ‘THE VIEW’ ABOUT CENSURE: ‘I’M DOING PRETTY DAMN WELL’ “The authors of the Big Lie would attack me for telling the truth,” Schiff said in a video posted to Twitter. “But the real goal is to intimidate, to silence critics of the president. It takes issue with me for investigating Donald Trump, for impeaching him, for getting the first bipartisan vote to convict a president in U.S. history.” “This is an attack on our democracy, even as it’s an attack on me and the institution of Congress. But I will never back down,” he pledged. Last quarter, Schiff sprung out the gate with $6.5 million raised for his Senate campaign, more than Porter and Lee’s hauls combined. Porter, who like Schiff is a prolific fundraiser, had raised $4.5 million, while Lee took in $1.4 million.
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