Chris Christie withdraws from consideration for ‘No Labels’ presidential run

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie turned down an offer to run for president  on a “No Labels” ticket on Wednesday.The No Labels group has struggled to put forward a ticket challenging both former President Trump and President Biden in the 2024 election. The group contacted Christie about a potential run last week after he appeared to leave the door open to a third party run in a public interview.”I appreciate the encouragement I’ve gotten to pursue a third party candidacy. I believe we need a country that once again feels like everyone has a stake in what we’re doing and leadership that strives to bring people together, instead of using anger to divide us,” Christie said in a statement. “While I believe this is a conversation that needs to be had with the American people, I also believe that if there is not a pathway to win and if my candidacy in any way, shape or form would help Donald Trump become president again, then it is not the way forward,” he added.NO LABELS TAKES ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS LAUNCHING A THIRD-PARTY PRESIDENTIAL TICKETChristie ended his 2024 GOP nomination campaign in mid-January. The one-time Trump supporter, ally, and adviser broke with him over the then-president’s attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss to President Biden. Christie became an extremely vocal GOP critic of the former president and made his opposition to Trump a centerpiece of his 2024 White House run.TRAILING BIDEN IN FUNDRAISING FIGHT, TRUMP AIMS TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELDChristie had previously shut down the idea of a No Labels run as a “fool’s errand” in an interview last year.Earlier this month, No Labels took further steps toward forming a bipartisan presidential ticket in November’s general election, as it announced the formation of a committee to vet candidates for a potential ticket. The announcement of the committee came a week after roughly 800 No Labels delegates who took part in a virtual meeting voted to give a thumbs up to fielding a presidential ticket.REMATCH: TRUMP, BIDEN, CLINCH GOP AND DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONSNo Labels has nevertheless approached several potential candidates in recent months, none of whom have moved forward with a campaign.Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report
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