DC court appears to be prepping for Trump jury selection, as residents reportedly get ‘suspicious’ notice

Residents in Washington, D.C. have begun receiving notices to appear for a jury screening process for what appears to be former President Donald Trump’s election interference trial, according to NBC News. At least one DC resident shared photos with the outlet showing a notice to appear for a “pre-screening” questionnaire on February 9. The photos went on to indicate that the jury was for a trial on March 4. While the notification does not name the trial, both of those dates line up with the schedule for Trump’s court case. “The date’s public and the length is suspicious,” the individual who received the notice told NBC. “You can easily infer what it’s regarding.” Trump’s election interference case is one of four indictments currently leveled against him. The former president is already combating civil fraud allegations in New York, but he also faces accusations of mishandling classified documents in Florida and another election interference case in Georgia, in addition to the one in DC. BIDEN JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SAYS TRUMP CAN BE SUED BY POLICE, DEMOCRATS OVER JAN. 6 RIOT Trump has pleaded not guilty in relation to all the charges. A federal appeals court also ruled late last week that Trump is not immune to facing civil lawsuits relating to the Jan. 6, 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol. APPEALS COURT REINSTATES GAG ORDER IN TRUMP FRAUD CASE Capitol Police officers and members of Congress who were at the U.S. Capitol that day have submitted cases seeking civil damages “for harms they allege they suffered arising from the riot,” with the sole defendant in the lawsuits being Trump. Meanwhile in New York, Trump has accused both NY Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron of political bias in his fraud case. His rhetoric lead to the imposition of a gag order relating to court staffers. “They are defending the Worst and Least Respected Attorney General in the United States, Letitia James, who is a Worldwide disgrace, as is her illegal Witch Hunt against me. The Radical and Unprecedented actions of Judge Engoron will keep BUSINESSES and JOBS forever out of New York State,” Trump wrote in a recent social media post.
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