DC mayor ripped for private jet flight to golf tournament while crime persists, approval ratings nosedive

Democrat Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has faced the ire of critics over the past week for taking a private jet to The Masters golf tournament as violent crime continues to plague her city. Bowser, who is now dealing with an approval rating in free-fall, traveled with a senior adviser on a jet belonging to Jodie McClean, a real estate executive and donor to the mayor’s campaign, more than 500 miles away to Augusta, Georgia, for the tournament on April 13.Bowser initially faced criticism for traveling to The Masters at all on the taxpayers’ dime, but once news broke she took a private jet — although the cost was covered by McClean — critics took to social media to express their frustrations.DC MAYOR REFUSES TO MEET WITH FATHER WHO LOST THREE SONS TO CITY’S VIOLENT CRIME”It takes a lot of work and determination to make the guy from the Mario games the second-worst Bowser, but somehow she did it,” one critic wrote, referencing the classic Super Marios Bros. villain who shares the same name.”Is there such a thing as a deep blue politician that isn’t corrupt?” another critic wrote, while another declared Bowser “should be in prison.”One critic simply wrote, “Good look, mayor,” while another jokingly wrote, “When will these corrupt Democrats realize that all you have to do is include Hunter Biden, and you’ll be fine?”DEM MAYOR BOASTS ABOUT VIOLENT CRIME GOING ‘DOWN’ FOR A WEEK, LASHES OUT AT MEDIA FOR NOT COVERINGBowser’s trip on McClean’s plane has drawn the attention of watchdog groups concerned over a potential conflict of interest because of his company’s business with the city, but a spokesperson for the company, EDENS, said there was an understanding the trip would be reimbursed, the Washington Examiner reported last week. Bowser’s approval rating among residents of the heavily Democratic city fell below 50% for the first time, a Washington Post poll released Monday found.The negative ratings appeared to be largely driven by her handling of crime and homelessness, two issues becoming increasingly synonymous with Washington, D.C., as the city continues to reel from violent crime.RACIAL SLUR, ALLEGED THREAT TO ‘EXECUTE’ MAN” WATCH MOST OUTRAGEOUS MOMENTS FROM THIS DEM SENATE CANDIDATE”I’ve always looked at polls for what they are: a snapshot, a report card, as such, in any point in time,” Bowser said Monday at the opening of a public safety hub, Washington’s local NBC affiliate reported. “We always work hard, regardless of what polls say, to deliver for the people of the District of Columbia.””This is what I say to my team every day: People will feel better about crime when crime is better,” she added.Homicides are down in the city compared to the same time last year but remain high, with 56 individuals being victims of homicide since the beginning of 2024, according to D.C. crime data.Fox News Digital has reached out to Bowser’s office for comment.Fox News’ Aubrie Spady and Cameron Cawthorne contributed to this report.
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