Dem gov ‘absolutely’ blames feds for border crisis, but admits own policy ‘can be seen’ as attracting migrants

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs believes that Washington, D.C. is responsible for the ongoing border crisis, while she promotes new policies that provide migrants with additional resources. In a conversation with “Fox News Sunday,” Hobbs admitted that the migrant crisis has gotten bad enough that she is continuing a Republican-initiated program of busing migrants away from border communities, despite criticizing in the past. Under her administration, however, the state is sending migrants to the destinations of their choosing. “Yeah, we’ve continued the program, but I think with a more humane and more efficient spin on it.,” Hobbs said. “This money was appropriated by the legislature to specifically bus these legal asylum seekers, and so our decision was to get them where they need to go – to their sponsor or where they have resources and support – instead of just putting them on a bus to D.C., which is expensive.” Hobbs added that this program serves the dual purpose of “providing relief” to border communities, “but also a more humane response to these folks. MIGRANT ENCOUNTERS HIT 156,274 IN JANUARY AS BIDEN ADMIN CLAIMS NEW BORDER MEASURES ‘ARE WORKING’ Hose Shannon Bream asked Hobbs if sending migrants where they want to go is an “attractive pull” for them to come to the United States. “It certainly could be seen that way,” Hobbs admitted, while pointing out that the money for the busing program had already been appropriated by state Republican lawmakers. Bream then asked Hobbs if she agrees with the position of a fellow Democrat, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, who believes that ultimately the federal government is to blame for the border crisis. “Absolutely. This is an issue that the can has been kicked down the road for decades by both parties in Washington,” Hobbs said. “Solving our immigration crisis could help with economy, help with inflation. We need real solutions.” In her State of the State address last month, Hobbs announced another plan for migrants, specifically $40 million for in-state college tuition assistance for Dreamers – those who were brought into the U.S. illegally by their families when they were minors. BORDER PATROL NABS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, SMUGGLER AFTER SPOTTING SUV ‘DRIVING ERRATICALLY’ ON SHREDDED TIRE  Hobbs defended the plan on Sunday by saying it is what Arizonans want. “Our plan to create this scholarship program for Dreamers is right in line with Arizona voters who overwhelmingly passed a provision in this last election to provide in-state tuition for Dreamers,” she said. “These are Arizona students who went to Arizona schools and high schools and should be afforded the same opportunities as Arizona students.” Hobbs pointed out that Dreamers are not eligible for federal tuition assistance programs like Pell grants. “This is the only country that they know. They’re not the ones who made the choice to come here, and they deserve the opportunity in the country that they call home,” Hobbs said.
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