Dem governor calls out Penn president comments on antisemitism: ‘Failed leadership’

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro on Wednesday said the University of Pennsylvania’s leadership has failed after its president did not unequivocally condemn anti-Jewish chants on campus as harassment. Penn President Elizabeth Magill appeared Tuesday on Capitol Hill for a hearing on antisemitism on college campuses and was asked whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates the university’s codes of conduct regarding bullying and harassment. She told Congress that if the speech turned into conduct, it would be considered harassment, adding that it was a “context-dependent” situation that would constitute bullying and harassment if it was “directed,” “pervasive” and “severe.” Shapiro, who is Jewish, told reporters that Magill’s comments were “unacceptable” and showed the university was under a “failed leadership,” Jewish Insider correspondent Gabby Deutch reported on X. HARVARD, MIT AND UPENN PRESIDENTS PRESSED ON ‘RACE-BASED IDEOLOGY OF THE RADICAL LEFT’ AT ANTISEMITISM HEARING Shapiro added that the Ivy League university’s board should decide whether Magill’s comments represent the school’s “values,” according to the report. Fox News Digital reached out to Penn for comment, but they did not immediately respond. Shapiro also took a stand against antisemitism earlier this week when protesters against the bombardment of Gaza chanted about genocide outside an Israeli-style restaurant. Shapiro told reporters that the demonstration was “antisemitic.”  HARVARD WHISTLEBLOWER POINTS TO ‘UNDISGUISED CALLS FOR THE MURDER OF JEWS’ AFTER LAUNCH OF FEDERAL PROBE “The purposeful gathering of a mob outside of a restaurant simply because it is owned by a Jewish person. Well, that’s antisemitism, plain and simple,” Shapiro said at a conference Monday in suburban Philadelphia. Shapiro later said he spoke to one of the restaurant’s owners in support of him and his staff. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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