Democrat downplays attacks on churches after Dobbs abortion decision: What is the ‘relevance?’

A Democratic member of Congress appeared to downplay attacks on churches after the Dobbs Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. During Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the FACE Act, Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., got into an exchange with Arielle Del Turco, director of the Family Research Council’s Center for Religious Liberty, interrupting the witness and attempting to discredit her inclusion on the panel. “There have been over 420 acts of hostility against pro-life pregnancy centers, is that correct?” Johnson asked, with Del Turco noting it was “against churches.” FLORIDA PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTER TARGETED WITH DECAPITATED CHICKEN, MUTILATED LAMB IN ‘RITUALISTIC ATTACK’ “Against churches? Not against pro-life pregnancy centers? Is that right?” Johnson asked, going on to interrupt Del Turco as she answered that her report was “focused on churches.” “Are we here conflating acts of hostility against churches to acts of violence against these pregnancy centers that you all talk about? Is that what we’re conflating today?” Johnson continued. “No, these are both covered in the FACE Act,” Del Turco responded before being interrupted by Johnson again. ATTACKS AGAINST CATHOLIC CHURCHES APPROACH 300 INCIDENTS SINCE MAY 2020: REPORT Johnson asked what “relevance … acts of hostility against churches have when it comes to the assertions on this committee that there have been acts of violence against these so-called pro-life pregnancy centers.” “Churches and houses of worship are also covered in the FACE Act, as well as abortion clinics and …,” Del Turco responded before being interrupted by Johnson again. Johnson said the hearing was about “pro-life pregnancy centers, not churches” and attempted to discredit Del Turco as a witness by accusing Republicans of including her on the panel to “confuse the public” by talking about churches. The Georgia Democrat asked Del Turco if she noted “any acts of murder” in her report, to which she answered “no.” But he appeared caught off guard when Del Turco told Johnson about bomb threats and a “pipe bomb incident” against churches. “But no bombing, correct?” Johnson asked, with Del Turco responding, “I guess not.” Johnson said he abhors “violence against anyone and anything,” but said Del Turco’s testimony was “good for another hearing, not this hearing.” “Will the gentleman yield for just a moment?” Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., the subcommittee chairman interrupted, pointing out that the bill in the title of the hearing covers pro-life pregnancy centers. Last week, a pro-life pregnancy center in Orlando, Florida, JMJ Pregnancy Center, was vandalized, the vandals leaving behind a beheaded chicken, another bird and a young lamb between 3:30-5 p.m. Wednesday.  Fox News Digital exclusively obtained photos of the attack that showed a decapitated chicken, a lamb and what appears to be a pheasant on the lawn of the pregnancy center near the entrance in what the center’s director called a “ritualistic scene.” It is unclear if the animals were mutilated at that location or dumped after being mutilated elsewhere. The attack on the JMJ Pregnancy Center comes as pro-life pregnancy centers across the country have been targeted by radical abortion activists.
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