Democrats rake in $12.3 million in Hakeem Jeffries’ 2nd month as leader

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raked in $12.3 million in donations in February; the vast majority of those funds coming thanks to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY. Jeffries’ fundraising efforts accounted for $9.3 million of the month’s funds. Democrats in Congress now have a war chest of $21.3 million, according to Punchbowl. Republicans have yet to release their February spending totals, but they took in $11.7 million in the same month last year. Jeffries took over from former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in January after Pelosi announced she was retiring from Democratic leadership. Pelosi had led Democratic fundraising efforts for decades, and her access to mounds of cash was a major reason for her long tenure at the top of the Democratic Party. Pelosi took Jeffries on a tour to meet many of California’s top Democratic donors in January, hosting events in San Diego and Los Angeles. MCCARTHY SLAMS BIDEN FOR ‘DIVIDING THE NATION’ AHEAD OF SPEECH ASSAILING MAGA REPUBLICANS Fundraising for party members is a major part of the leadership role in the House. Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s political machine raised some $500 million for his Republican colleagues in the midterm election cycle, and Pelosi is no stranger to raking in tens of millions of dollars. Jeffries has spent a large amount of time with Pelosi since coming into his role as Democratic leader. Pelosi led their party in the House for decades, but she says she does not want to be overbearing now that she is no longer in leadership. “She’s been tremendous,” Jeffries said in January. “And her advice, her guidance and her counsel has been invaluable.” PRESIDENT BIDEN IGNORES QUESTION ON WHY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS WERE FOUND AT HIS THINK TANK While Jeffries may be following Pelosi on the fundraising front, he has proven more willing to work with his Republican counterpart than his predecessor. Jeffries and McCarthy are frequently seen speaking together on the House floor, and the pair have worked together on issues relating to China and data breaches.
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