Democrats want to squeeze every dollar out of Americans’ pockets for their ‘wasteful’ spending: Rep. Donalds

During an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Sunday, Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds provided insight on the impending results of Democrats’ proposed spending bill as the ‘vote-a-rama’ continues, arguing that the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act” would be an “absolute tragedy” for Americans. REP. BYRON DONALDS: What America needs right now is for these Democratic senators, I’m talking about Masto in Nevada, I’m talking about Deb Haaland in New Hampshire, Raphael Warnock in Georgia. What they need to do, Mark Kelly in Arizona, they need to actually get those hires for border control, and border security. So we’re not losing a 100,000+ people a year to fentanyl overdoses.  That’s what they should be focused on in the United States Senate, not sending more employees into the IRS to harass American citizens just so they can squeeze every single dollar for their wasteful spending on green energy, which, frankly, does not work. It’s not as green as they say, and it actually pollutes the environment, when you look at the entire supply chain of solar panels and wind turbines.  SENATE ‘VOTE-A-RAMA’ DRAGS INTO SECOND DAY OF POLITICALLY CHARGED AMENDMENTS: LIVE UPDATES WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE: 
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