‘Die MAGA die’: Dem congressional candidate in hot water for X post after Ukraine vote

A New York Democratic congressional candidate celebrated the House passing a $60 billion bill to fund Ukraine while hoping for the death of the MAGA movement, a message posted to X shows. “Slava Ukraine,” New York congressional candidate Nate McMurray posted to X Saturday afternoon. “Die MAGA die. You lose,” he added of former President Trump’s supporters and those who agree with the “Make America Great Again” platform. McMurray’s tweet followed the U.S. House passing a bill Saturday that provides $60 billion to Ukraine amid the nation’s ongoing war against Russia. The aid package passed 311 to 112, with more Republicans voting against the bill, at 112, than Republicans who voted for it, at 101. ‘NOTHING MORE BACKWARDS’ THAN US FUNDING UKRAINE BORDER SECURITY BUT NOT OUR OWN, CONSERVATIVES SAYMcMurray is running to represent New York’s 26th Congressional District, which includes parts of Erie and Niagara counties in the western area of the state, after previously serving as the town supervisor of the Town of Grand Island and as an attorney. Some conservatives have railed against continuing to fund Ukraine while the U.S. is coping with a border crisis, and some voted against the bill for its failure to include funding to secure the U.S. border. “Today, I voted no… These bills were brought forward under a contrived process to achieve a pre-determined outcome – a $100 billion, unpaid-for foreign aid package while failing to secure the border,” Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said.  “For months, House Republicans – specifically, Speaker Mike Johnson – have been unequivocal that we would not send billions in additional aid to Ukraine without securing our own border first. This package represents a complete reversal of a position that previously unified the Republican conference, despite the clear & present danger the southern border represents to U.S. national security.”HOUSE PASSES $60B UKRAINE AID BILL AS GOP REBELS THREATEN TO OUST JOHNSON”States and cities across our nation are grappling with the consequences of Biden’s border crisis, inflation continues to squeeze the budgets of every American household and our country is over $34 trillion in debt,” Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va, said Saturday. “As I continue fighting for the people of Virginia’s 6th District, I urge my colleagues in Congress and the Biden administration to listen to the American people and put their concerns first.”Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a Trump supporter, has railed against Speaker Johnson, R-La., for championing the bill’s passage, calling him a “traitor to our country.” Greene is also leading an effort to oust Johnson as speaker. “Zelensky thanks Speaker Mike Johnson (D-Ukraine) for sending $61 BILLION of your hard-earned tax dollars to fuel a foreign war. Johnson once again passed a bill with the help of Democrats while the majority of the Republican majority voted against it. Not only is Mike Johnson a traitor to our conference, he’s a traitor to our country,” Greene tweeted Saturday. DEMS SAVE JOHNSON’S $95B FOREIGN AID PLAN FROM GOP REBEL BLOCKADEMcMurray came under fire on social media for his comment “Die MAGA die,” including from those who said it appears he’s hoping for the deaths of MAGA movement voters. Others said they reported McMurray to X for inciting violence. McMurray posted a follow-up message Saturday directed at Trump supporters, saying the MAGA movement should “expire,” “fade” or “disintegrate.”HOUSE TAKES KEY TEST VOTE FOR JOHNSON’S $95B FOREIGN AID PLAN AFTER DEMS HELP IT ADVANCE”Dear MAGA: Send your regards to MAGA Mike, not me. He loves freedom and Ukraine too. You see, not even your leaders REALLY like your sick, twisted anti-freedom, anti-American MAGA movement. It should… let me see, what word should I use? Expire? Fade? Or maybe something stronger that starts with a ‘d’ Disintegrate?” McMurray continued in another post Saturday. Fox News Digital reached out to McMurray’s campaign Sunday morning, and also sent a message to the congressional candidate on social media, but did not immediately receive additional comment on the posts and their subsequent criticisms. TENSIONS ERUPT ON HOUSE FLOOR AS CONSERVATIVES CONFRONT JOHNSON ON $95B FOREIGN AID PLANMcMurray is currently facing a lawsuit from a Democratic competitor in the House race, state Sen. Tim Kennedy, who asked a state court last week to remove McMurray’s name from the Democratic primary ballot. The state senator’s suit claims more than 1,000 signatures collected for McMurray’s electoral petition are invalid, either due to circumstances “constituting fraud” or were collected by an ineligible canvasser, WBFO reported. McMurray has denied the claims. The 26th District was previously represented by Democrat Brian Higgins, who officially stepped down from the position in February. A special election will be held on April 30 to replace Higgins for the remaining months of his term. McMurray is only running in the Democratic primary ahead of the general election in November, not the special election. 
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