Donald Trump defends Kate Middleton over picture editing scandal: ‘Everybody doctors’

Former President Donald Trump shared his opinion on the controversy surrounding a doctored photo of Kate Middleton, saying the Princess of Wales just does what everyone else does.”Well, that shouldn’t be a big deal, because everybody doctors,” Trump said in an interview with British politician Nigel Farage on GB News.During the interview, Trump recalled his experiences when meeting “movie actors” and often wondering if it’s “the same person in the picture.””It was a very minor doctoring,” said Trump. “I don’t understand why there could be such a howl over that.”PRINCE WILLIAM ‘SIMMERING’ OVER KATE MIDDLETON HEALTH SPECULATION, IS ‘BOUND TO CRACK’: EXPERTThe photograph in question surfaced on Mother’s Day after the princess finally broke her silence after weeks of speculation regarding her health. The princess underwent planned abdominal surgery in January. She has seldom been seen in public since.In the doctored photo, the 42-year-old is seen without her wedding ring. Many theorized that the picture was AI-generated or edited. Some speculated that it meant trouble in paradise for the royal couple.KATE MIDDLETON REPORTED SIGHTING TRIGGERS ‘FURTHER SENSE OF MISTRUST’: EXPERTHours after the photo was released by Kensington Palace, news wire services made a rare move to recall it. The Associated Press issued a “mandatory kill” order to news agencies, saying the picture appeared to have been “manipulated.”Middleton took to social media the next day to explain that she had edited the photo herself.”Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph was shared yesterday caused,” she wrote.KATE MIDDLETON PHOTO SCANDAL SPIRALS INTO PR MESS FOR ROYAL FAMILY: ‘A SHORTSIGHTED STRATEGY,’ EXPERT SAYS”I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day,” she added, signing off with “C” for Catherine.”It’s a rough period, that — you know, they’re really going after her,” Trump said in his interview.Kensington Palace previously announced that the Princess of Wales was not expected to return to public duties until sometime after Easter.Fox News Digital’s Caroline Thayer and Elizabeth Stanton contributed to this report. 
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