Eric Swalwell calls out soft-on-crime prosecutors for letting ‘dangerous people threaten our kids’

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell took aim at soft-on-crime prosecutors on Thursday, saying that their actions threaten children.  The California lawmaker took to social media to respond to a story about a carjacker lifting a 2-year-old boy out of a stolen car and leaving him on the Oakland streets. “My wife and I play these scenarios over in our head all the time,” Swalwell wrote. “We’ve practiced going out through the back seat to get our kids out of our car if we are carjacked.” SOROS-BACKED GROUP PARTNERS ON ‘ABOLITION SCHOOL’ TO TRAIN ACTIVISTS TO ERADICATE POLICE, PRISONS “This is not normal. Soft on violent-crime prosecutors are letting too many dangerous people threaten our kids,” he said. Swalwell’s views deviate from those of many other Democrats, who tend to fully support such prosecutors due to their “reform-minded” nature. Liberal billionaires have played a significant role in pushing many left-wing prosecutors into office in several cities nationwide. George Soros, for example, has devoted tens of millions of dollars to elect such candidates. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES NEW RESOURCES TO COMBAT VIOLENT CRIME IN DC Meanwhile, crime in Oakland, where the carjacker left the child on the streets that prompted Swalwell’s response, has seen a sharp uptick.  Last year, violent crime rose 21% in the city, robberies increased by 38% and burglaries jumped 23%, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 
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