Ex-Trump officials launch forum to oppose left-leaning European policies ‘infiltrating’ US

Former Trump officials are joining together to form a non-profit that aims to shine a light on what its founders say are dangerous policies in place in Europe that are “infiltrating” into the U.S. — including censorship and illegal immigration.The EU-US Forum is being set up by Matt Mowers, a former senior White House advisor at the State Department, and Josh Grogan — a former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.The forum aims to focus on EU policies that it fears are spreading socialism across the globe and into the U.S. It will focus on five areas of policy: business and corporate taxation, environmental regulation and policy, the “erosion of meritocracy,” political censorship and immigration policy.TRUMP SAYS US WILL 100% STAY IN NATO IF ALLIANCE TREATS AMERICA ‘FAIRLY’ “Thanks to the European Union’s left-wing dangerous agenda, Europe has become a hotbed for illegal immigration, the home to mass censorship of free speech, and a case study for the failures of socialism,” Mowers, who will serve as Founding Board Member, said in a statement. “The EU-US Forum was formed to expose the radical policies originating in Brussels and stop them from infiltrating into the United States. The future of America and the world is hanging in the balance and there is no time to waste,” he said.Policies that the group believes have been fueled by the EU include Medicare for all, the banning of gas-powered cars and “mass censorship of free speech.” The group says it will use “rigorous” research and publica awareness campaigns to expose the threat of the “extreme liberal agenda” being pushed by the EU.NATO MEMBERS BRACE FOR TRUMP WIN AS RECORD NUMBER OF MEMBERS MOVE TO MEET SPENDING PLEDGESAn accompanying video of the non-profit’s launch points to Democratic primary politicians pledging to give government health care coverage to illegal immigrants, and moves by states to ban gas-powered cars. It highlights reports of struggles European countries are having related to those issues.Grogan said that there needs to be a watchdog to hold Brussels accountable “and keep their radical ideas away from the U.S.””I look forward to working with my colleagues at the EU-US Forum to fight back against the EU’s leftward shift so we can protect freedom and economic prosperity for future generations on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said.Under the Trump administration, the U.S. was more Eurosceptic than prior administrations, with former President Trump very supportive of the United Kingdom’s efforts to leave the EU in the wake of the 2016 Brexit vote. That vote was widely seen as part of a populist wave sweeping through the West that also resulted in his own election. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe Biden administration has since moved to draw closer ties to the bloc. In October, President Biden said his administration is “committed to revitalizing the partnership between the EU and the United States.” “And over the last two years, we made good on that commitment, I think,” he said.
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