‘Excited’ Milwaukeeans reveal the GOP candidates they are most looking forward to watching on the debate stage

Milwaukeans are gearing up for the highly anticipated Republican presidential primary debate, with the open-minded majority leaning on candidate performances to decide who they will be rooting for in 2024. Republican challengers vying for the GOP nomination in 2024 will square off on the debate stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Wednesday. The debate, hosted by Fox News, could likely determine who voters throw their primary support behind as many still remain open to all the candidates.”I’m excited to see all of the candidates on stage because I have not made my mind up yet as to who I want to support going forward,” a Milwaukee individual named Randy told Fox News Digital when asked who he is most interested in hearing from on the debate stage. ALL EYES ON THE GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE! SIGN UP NOW TO STREAM LIVE. “I think everybody,” another said. “I like Ramaswamy, too. He’s just bringing a different energy and a different vibe. And it’s nice to see somebody who’s less than 50 years old running for president.” POPULAR GOP GOVERNOR REVEALS KEY FOR CANDIDATES ONSTAGE AT REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE While most revealed they are not yet locked down on a candidate, each had one particular contender they were excited to watch on Wednesday. A woman named Sarah told Fox that she is most looking forward to seeing Chris Christie on the debate stage. “He’s been the most outspoken of all of them, kind of around the Trump issue. And since Trump’s not going to be there. It’ll be kind of interesting to see how they address that as candidates,” she said. Another said, “Nikki Haley, too, because she was one of the early announcers and kind of haven’t heard much from her. So I’d like to see what she’s going to have to say. I like her. I just think she’s been kind of just non-existent almost.”Another said that they are looking forward to seeing “maybe just Scott.” Others are not so hopeful about the current GOP field. GOP DEBATE MODERATOR MARTHA MACCALLUM: ‘THE NIGHT IS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY’ “Honestly? I’m very depressed about the choices that we have coming up in thenext presidential election,” Jennifer told Fox. “I think both parties are not listening to the needs of Americans.” Another Milwaukean said that the “issues” surrounding former President Donald Trump are distracting from the candidates discussing other important issues.  “We’ve heard so much about Trump and all the issues around him. I’d like to actually hear some vision for the country as opposed to just arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong and allegations and judgments,” they told Fox. Fox News Digital also received mixed responses when asked which candidate they thought would perform the best on Wednesday night’s debate. “I know that Vivek is a very strong speaker, speaks very well for himself. DeSantis has experience. Nikki Haley is somebody that I’ve enjoyed watching,” on individual said. “So I guess at this point, I’m not quite sure who’s done the best preparation.” “That’s tough,” another told Fox that it will be interesting to observe all the candidates. “You know, Christie’s awesome in a debate. I’ve seen him speak for years. Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny the guy’s really, really good on camera. I think Ramaswamy is good. I’m curious to see DeSantis because obviously he was an early favorite to a lot of people, seems to be losing steam.” “Probably Tim,” one said, followed by an individual named Sarah who thinks DeSantis because “he seems to be cool under pressure,” adding that “Christie might not be so, and Pence will be very cool under pressure. He’s so well versed having been vice president. So I think either DeSantis or Pence will probably come out on top.” Another said that their focus is looking for a candidate “that can give us a path toward healing.”  The first GOP presidential debate will be hosted by Fox News Wednesday, Aug. 23. 
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