Firearms executive wins Dem nomination in Montana gubernatorial primary

Former senior firearms sales executive Ryan Busse has won the Democrat nomination in the Montana gubernatorial race to unseat Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte in November. While most of Montana’s statewide leadership are currently Republican, the state’s governor’s seat was occupied by a Democrat for nearly a decade before being flipped red in 2020 by Gianforte.Busse detailed his views on what he described as the “climate crisis,” having a pro-abortion stance, his pro-Second Amendment viewpoint and access to public land on his campaign website.TRUMP, BIDEN FACE TESTS IN FINAL 2024 PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIESBusse worked as sales executive of a major firearms company for 25 years, saying on his campaign site that he supports gun ownership, but “also saw how unchecked extremism risks all gun owners’ rights—and how that extremism could take away American freedoms and even jeopardize our democracy.”Busse is running with candidate for lieutenant governor, Raph Graybill.
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