Florida pro-life pregnancy center targeted with decapitated chicken, mutilated lamb in ‘ritualistic attack’

FIRST ON FOX: A pro-life pregnancy center in Orlando, Florida was hit by an attack from vandals who appeared to leave behind a beheaded chicken, another bird, and a young lamb. JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando was hit by a vandal attack on Wednesday afternoon between 3:30 and 5 p.m., leaving a wake of mutilated animal bodies in front of the clinic. Fox News Digital exclusively obtained photos of the attack that showed a bloodless, decapitated chicken, a lamb, and what appears to be a pheasant on the lawn of the pregnancy center near the entrance in what the center’s director called a “ritualistic scene.” WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES OHIO PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTER ATTACKED BY RADICAL ‘JANE’S REVENGE’ GROUP: ‘ABORT GOD’ “We see this as a direct attack on our services and mission, as well as those seeking care at our facility and those providing that care. And why?” Bob Perron, executive director of JMJ Pregnancy Center told Fox News Digital. “We suspect it is because we do not support or refer for abortions, which we know hurts women and their families.” JMJ Pregnancy Center;s volunteer physicians and technicians have offered support to women and families dealing with unexpected pregnancies “through faith-based, unconditional love and free services,” Perron said.  “Why are supposed supporters of all women’s choices directly targeting a center whose only purpose is to help women struggling with difficult decisions — and do it for free no less?” Perron said. “By attempting to hurt us, they are hurting the women, babies, and families that rely on us for education, guidance, and resources in times of great need.” DOJ CHARGES TWO MORE PEOPLE FOR ATTACKS AGAINST FLORIDA PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTER Perron said he and his organization “call on our local, state, and federal government to act immediately to find the perpetrator(s) of this horrific, ritualistic attack on our pregnancy center and bring to justice those who have caused this desecration.” “Nationally, the lack of arrests and charges against people who have targeted pregnancy centers, not only in our state, but across the country, is staggering and unnerving,” Perron said.”Why are centers who help women, many of them low-income and minority, not being protected against pro-abortion extremists?” Perron said that doorbell camera footage showed the person they believe may be behind the attack spending 45 minutes walking around the front of the clinic as well as venturing into the bushes where the carcasses were found. It is unclear if the animals were mutilated at the scene of the vandalism or dumped after being mutilated elsewhere. Perron said that his Catholic pro-life pregnancy center has been in talks with both police and a priest to exorcise the site of the animal sacrifices. Additionally, Perron told Fox News Digital it took the Orlando Police Department nearly two and a half hours to respond to their call about the vandalism. MORE THAN 100 PRO-LIFE ORGS, CHURCHES ATTACKED SINCE DOBBS LEAK Orlando police didn’t immediately return a request for comment.  The attack on the JMJ Pregnancy Center comes as pro-life pregnancy centers across the country have been targeted by radical abortion activists. A pro-life pregnancy center in Ohio, for example, was attacked last month by the radical pro-choice group “Jane’s Revenge,” which tagged the building with messages to “fund abortion” and “abort God.” HerChoice, a pro-life pregnancy center in Bowling Green, Ohio, was attacked by “Jane’s Revenge” and hit with anti-Christian and pro-choice graffiti. HerChoice, also known as the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center (BGPC), provides free pregnancy and STI testing, ultrasounds, parenting classes, as well as supplies for infants and toddlers. The graffiti on the pregnancy center read “liars,” “fake clinic,” “fund abortion” and “abort God.” Additionally, the group signed its name – the calling card left behind on the other attacks linked to “Jane’s Revenge.”
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