Former DNC chair says Harris ‘will not be replaced’ on 2024 ticket, will be Dem nominee if Biden does not run

Donna Brazile, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris will not be replaced on the 2024 ticket, amid growing concerns that a candidacy could hamper Democrat’s 2024 aspirations. During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie questioned Harris’ future if President Joe Biden decides to seek re-election, as members of her own party doubt the strength of a potential candidacy. “While her poll numbers may not reflect her true popularity, I can guarantee you Kamala Harris will not be replaced on the party’s ticket. And I can also guarantee you, if Joe Biden decides not to run, Kamala Harris will become the next nominee of the Democratic Party,” Brazile replied. The most recent Real Clear Politics average reveals the majority of Americans, about 52%, have an unfavorable opinion of Harris, but even so Brazile assured that “she is going to serve as vice president” next cycle. TED CRUZ SAYS BIDEN WILL NOT BE NOMINEE IN 2024, SAYS KNIVES OUT ‘FROM EVERY DIRECTION’ FOR KAMALA HARRIS The concerns heightened after a New York Times article highlighted Harris’ lack of impact after two years in office and reported that some Democrats are eager to separate themselves from the vice president as the election nears. KAMALA HARRIS ANONYMOUSLY HIT BY DEMOCRATS QUESTIONING HER ‘BASIC POLITICAL SKILLS “Two Democrats recalled private conversations in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lamented that Ms. Harris could not win because she does not have the political instincts to clear a primary field,” the Times reported, claiming that even Democrat Clinton has doubts over Harris’ ability to lead. “I can’t think of one thing she’s done except stay out of the way and stand beside him at certain ceremonies,” Democratic fundraiser John Morgan recently told the Times. Harris ran for president in 2020, but quietly backed out of the race before primary voting began due to a lack of support for her candidacy. As 2024 approaches, Democrats are doubting whether Harris proved herself capable of winning a second term alongside Biden if he seeks re-election. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Although Biden has not announced a run for re-election, Christie said he is confident he will run after watching the president’s State of the Union address, which he believes was “obviously a campaign speech.”
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