Former top ICE official sides with Texas Gov. Abbott over Biden in ongoing border battle

A former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief who served in federal law enforcement under presidents of both parties is backing Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, in his fight with the Biden administration over efforts to secure the border.Thomas Homan, whose service includes being head of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) under President Obama and acting ICE director under President Trump, spoke to Fox News Digital about the ongoing feud between Abbott and the administration over border security.”I’ve seen six different administrations, I’ve seen policies come and go. I see policies that failed and policies work, but as far as what Gov. Abbott is doing I’m 100% behind him,” he said.HOW EAGLE PASS BECAME THE CENTERPIECE OF ABBOTT’S EFFORTS TO SECURE THE BORDER Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in 2021, surging resources and personnel to the border in response to what he believes is a lack of leadership on the matter by the Biden administration.Its efforts to secure the border, including setting up razor wire, deploying buoys and a new anti-illegal immigration law allowing police to arrest illegal immigrants, have seen pushback from the Biden administration and immigration activists. In January, Texas officials also seized Shelby Park, part of Eagle Pass.The White House has accused Abbott of trying to politicize the border crisis, and the administration has argued in court that its border security measures – including the anti-illegal immigration law – interfere with federal immigration enforcement.”[Texas’] efforts, through SB 4, intrude on the federal government’s exclusive authority to regulate the entry and removal of noncitizens, frustrate the United States’ immigration operations and proceedings, and interfere with U.S. foreign relations,” the Department of Justice said in its January lawsuit against the law.CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMMIGRATION COVERAGEHoman pointed to things Abbott had done, including putting up barriers and imposing punishments for illegal entry, moves that are similar to what the Trump administration did.”He has proven what the Trump administration did, that border barriers work and consequences work, ending catch release,” he said.Homan said that if the Biden administration worked with Texas on the matter, it would benefit both sides. He said Texas taking Shelby Park allowed Border Patrol to go to areas where gotaways are getting through.”So why would they push back on the governor, who has proven success in Eagle Pass? Why not use the state of Texas as a force multiplier? The men and women of the Border Patrol love what the state of Texas is doing because they act as a force multiplier for them.”He dismissed the claim that Texas is interfering with federal enforcement.”I would say, ‘Interfering with what enforcement? What are they interfering with?’” he said.BIDEN, TEXAS FEUD OVER ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAW AS MIGRANTS RUSH BORDER: WHAT TO KNOW The Biden administration has said it is imposing “consequences” for illegal entry while expanding “lawful” migration pathways, but says it is dealing with a hemisphere-wide crisis that needs funding and immigration reform from Congress. Biden has accused Republicans of making the crisis worse by refusing to pass a bipartisan Senate border package. Conservatives have said that package would not fix the crisis, and have urged instead the passage of a House GOP bill that passed the chamber last year.As that feud goes on, the border crisis is still hitting records. And while places like Eagle Pass have seen a reduction in migration encounters, the crisis has had flashpoints elsewhere in places like El Paso – where migrants burst through barriers last week and have also been spotted trying to cut through fences with boltcutters.Homan argues that Texas was right to take action as he believes the federal government is not stepping up.CLICK HERE FOR MORE IMMIGRATION COVERAGE”I truly believe if the federal government’s going to abdicate their responsibility to secure the border and protect Texas, then Texas has to do it,” he said. “And what we’ve got to remember is Texas isn’t only protecting the citizens of Texas; 98% of the people aren’t staying in Texas, they’re going all over the country, so Gov. Abbott is actually protecting the entire country.”Asked whether states or the federal government are better at enforcing immigration law, Homan stressed that it isn’t an either/or situation.”I think it’s a combination of the two. Border Patrol is good at what they do if they’re allowed to do it. We proved that under the Trump administration. But again, we had high numbers in the first two years of the Trump administration and the partnership of Texas was invaluable. So it’s best if everybody works together to secure the border.”He also accused the administration of running an anti-Trump agenda, arguing that they focused on ending anything that was a Trump-era policy, including wall construction and safe third country agreements.”From day one it’s been political… they tried to tear down anything associated with Trump,” he said.Homan is supportive of a second Trump term, and asked whether a Trump administration would restore that cooperation, Homan said “100%.””Because, again, they’re a force multiplier, we have the same goal. Additional resources are always good on the border. So, of course, we’d have a partnership. Why would you not have a partnership with a force that has the same goals as you?”Fox News Digital’s Aubrie Spady contributed to this report. 
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