Fox News Politics: ‘A bridge too far’

Welcome to Fox News’ Politics newsletter with the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail.  Subscribe now to get Fox News Politics newsletter in your inbox. What’s Happening? – More Epstein docs are being released… – Named Epstein associate donated to Ramaswamy, Dems – Progressives pushing Biden to drop out Twelve New Hampshire state House Democrats voted with Republicans to pass a bill banning sex change surgeries for children. New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Jonah Wheeler was one of the 12 members of his party to vote for the bill, giving a floor speech on Thursday, citing the “irreversible surgeries” at the heart of the issue. “These are irreversible surgeries,” Wheeler said. “But when we’re talking about whether or not kids should get these surgeries, I think that goes a bridge too far.” The bill, HB 619, was originally designed to ban all transgender medical procedures on minors but was amended to only focus on barring sex change surgeries for kids. ‘TIME TO GO’: Former AOC aide’s progressive PAC pushing for Biden to step aside …Read more ACTING ‘IMMATURE’: Christie repeatedly targets Haley after her recent gaffes …Read more KEEPING THE FAITH: Trump campaign to hold ‘Iowa Faith Event’ with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee ahead of caucus …Read more FINAL STRETCH: DeSantis ahead of Iowa caucuses: ‘I don’t put a lot of stock’ in polls …Read more MASSIVE BLITZ: Influential conservative group launches massive ad and grassroots blitz on behalf of Haley …Read more ANOTHER ENDORSEMENT: GOP Rep. Tenney endorses Trump, says he is ‘the only candidate’ who can bring US to ‘prosperity and security’ …Read more BORDER FACE-OFF: Speaker Johnson floats meeting with Biden on border crisis …Read more ‘UNSUSTAINABLE’: Biden increasingly under pressure from Democrats on migrant crisis: ‘We are so frustrated’ …Read more ‘NOT INDOCTRINATING STUDENTS’: Boston Globe denies that American colleges are ‘left-wing hotbeds’ …Read more PEACH STATE DEBATE: Georgia House Speaker urges lawmakers to consider expanding health coverage in the state …Read more ‘SIGNIFICANT CONCERNS’: Oversight Committee probes John Kerry’s coordination with eco groups pushing coal power shutdown …Read more NO DEAL: Sen. Tuberville predicts there ‘will be no immigration bill’ ahead of Senate return …Read more CONSIDERING CONTEMPT: House Republicans consider holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress …Read more ‘HUMANITARIAN CRISIS’: Furious House Democrats accuse GOP states of having ‘foisted’ undocumented migrants on New Jersey …Read more ‘BUCKLE UP’: Border candidates issue stark warning to fellow Republicans over ceding to Democrats on Ukraine …Read more Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more on
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