Fox News Politics: A (longshot) Biden challenger emerges

NEVER MISS A MOMENT — Check out the latest news on campaigns and politics at ‘FORCES OF HATRED’: Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is back on the campaign trail. The spiritual guru and author formally declared her candidacy in Washington DC on Saturday, calling out the status quo and painting a dark picture of a nation plagued by poverty, inequality and despair. Read more: Marianne Williamson launches campaign against Biden, vows to fight ‘forces of hatred, injustice and fear’ LONGSHOT: It didn’t take long for people to call Williamson’s 2024 bid a “joke.” Read more: Democrats turn on ‘joke’ candidate Marianne Williamson after she announces 2024 challenge to Biden MAGIC 8-BALL SAYS… The White House sees no threat from Williamson. Read more: White House mocks Marianne Williamson’s run for president with ‘crystal ball’ joke: ‘If I could feel her aura’ C-PACKED: Former President Trump won the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference by a wide margin, gaining 62% support. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t launched 2024 run and did not attend CPAC, came in with 20% support. Read more: Trump overwhelmingly wins CPAC’s Republican primary straw poll with DeSantis coming in a distant second YOU DON’T SAY: A leaked Biden administration memo admitted that charging fossil fuel companies less to drill would provide “greater energy security,” while going forward with plans to hike fees. Read more: Biden admin makes stunning admission on climate agenda in leaked internal memo LORI GETS THE FOOT: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her shot at a spot in the mayoral runoff, following years of criticism for her soft-on-crime policies. Read more: Lori Lightfoot’s critics sound off on Chicago mayor losing re-election: ‘Crime doesn’t pay’ ‘HIT THE GROUND RUNNING’ The Supreme Court’s newest member, Biden appointee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, authored her first majority opinion which gained support from the entire court. Read more: Supreme Court Justice Jackson gets support from conservatives in first majority ruling NO ARRESTS: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got heated during a hearing demanding why Attorney General Merrick Garland has not charged protesters who demonstrated outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. Read more: Cruz accuses Garland of politicizing DOJ, AG fires back in heated exchange VETO ME NOT: President Biden made a major decision not to block Congress’ attempt to strike down a DC law that critics say is soft on crime. Progressive figures cried foul over Biden’s supposed support for the districts “home rule” and quest for statehood. Read more: ‘Sad day’: AOC, disappointed Democrats go after Biden for opposing DC law reducing penalties on violent crime RED PEN READY: The Senate passed a disapproval resolution, formally killing a Biden administration Department of Labor rule that encourages private retirement plan fiduciaries to consider environment, social and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions for over 150 million Americans. Read more: Biden may issue his first veto after Congress voted to repeal his administration’s ESG rule LAB WEAK THEORY: GOP leadership on a House committee said Sunday it uncovered new email evidence suggesting Dr. Anthony Fauci “prompted” the drafting of “proximal origin” publication meant to “disprove” the COVID-19 lab leak theory. Read more: House committee says Fauci ‘prompted’ drafting of medical paper to ‘disprove’ COVID lab leak theory DISINFO DEPOSED: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan subpoenaed Nina Jankowicz—the former chief of the Biden administration’s “Disinformation Governance Board”—to appear for deposition before the panel. Read more: Jordan subpoenas former ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ czar Nina Jankowicz, NSBA officials for deposition BAN WATCH: President Biden said in a speech on Wednesday that he’s going to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines “come hell or high water.” Read more: Biden vows to ban assault weapons ‘come hell or high water’ BLAME GAME: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., blamed a member of her staff for not paying the “several thousands of dollars’ worth of goods and services” for her attendance at the 2021 Met Gala. Read more: AOC blames staffer for not paying 2021 Met Gala expenses amid House probe into improperly accepted gifts BIG SPENDERS: GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley was critical of both Democrats and Republicans for spending irresponsibly while in power. Read more: Haley blasts both Democrats and fellow Republicans, including Trump, over exploding national debt PLANTING A FLAG: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out GOP leaders for acting like potted plants in culture wars during a meeting with top Republican donors in Florida. Read more: DeSantis, addressing top donors, chastises Republicans who act like ‘potted plants’ in ‘woke ideology’ fight VAX TO THE FUTURE: Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a prominent critic of the COVID-19 vaccine and a lifelong Democrat, said during a speech in New Hampshire that he’s considering a presidential run – and his wife, co-star of the show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is reportedly on board. Read more: Robert F. Kennedy Jr ‘thinking about’ launching Democratic challenge to Biden for 2024 White House nomination JOE ON JOE: West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin isn’t committing to supporting President Biden for president in 2024 just yet. Read more: Joe Manchin declines to endorse Biden’s 2024 campaign, wants to know ‘all the players’ Stay up to date on the latest campaign and political news by subscribing to Fox News’ Politics newsletter. 
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