Fox News Politics: Biden impeachment takes off

Subscribe now to get Fox News Politics newsletter in your inbox. THE RUNDOWN: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announces impeachment inquiry against President Biden… Trump files motion to quash Fulton County, Georgia indictment… U.S. announces $6 billion payment to Iran as part of prisoner swap… Biden takes heat for 9/11 anniversary remarks…  ‘BIDEN DID LIE’: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says the House has “uncovered serious and credible allegations,” which will serve as basis for impeachment inquiry …Continue reading BRIBE SCIENCE: The CIA allegedly offered senior officials substantial cash to change opinions about COVID-19’s origin …Continue reading $100B AND COUNTING: Biden administration provides accounting of spending for Ukraine’s defense against Russia …Continue reading ‘SLANDERING’: House GOP accuse Hunter Biden’s attorneys of intimidating IRS whistleblowers …Continue reading FRESH WHOPPER: Biden claims he visited Ground Zero one day after Sept. 11, 2001, but the history books tell a different story …Continue reading TULSI GABBARD REACTS TO BIDEN’S 9/11 CELEBRATIONS: “Joe Biden’s absence was also very palpable.” WATCH: IRAN’S PLANS: The Biden administration’s $6B payment to Iran will only encourage hostage taking, critics of the aid say …Continue reading WHAT REPUBLICANS WANT: 5 key demands House conservatives are making before taking partial government shutdown off table …Continue reading CHANGE OF TUNE: McCarthy says an impeachment inquiry is the “logical next step” to take against Biden, but that’s not what he said last month… …Continue reading DEEPFAKE PROBLEMS: GOP senator demands federal standard for AI content identification …Continue reading PHOTO OF THE DAY: Mayor of Burbank, California takes paddle from a drag queen during a Democratic fundraiser: SEEDY POLITICS: A Virginia Democratic candidate reportedly solicited money by posting blow job videos online …Continue reading ‘AMERICA IS FALLING’: YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul has launched a project to help voters select the best presidential candidate in 2024 …Continue reading ‘GET OUT OF THE RACE’: GOP governor minces no words in advice to low-polling Republican presidential candidates …Continue reading Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub
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