Fox News Politics: FISA flops

Welcome to Fox News’ Politics newsletter with the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail. What’s happening? -Biden hints at executive order which will close the border-Senate GOP readies for battle if Senate Dems reject Mayorkas impeachment-Texas Democrat proposes Black Americans should not pay taxes as a form of reparationsMore than a dozen House GOP privacy hawks have blocked the House of Representatives from advancing a Speaker Mike Johnson-backed bill to renew a controversial federal government surveillance tool known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).It comes hours after former President Trump posted on Truth Social, “KILL FISA, IT WAS ILLEGALLY USED AGAINST ME AND MANY OTHERS.”Nineteen Republicans voted against their party leadership to tank a procedural vote that would have allowed for the House to debate and then vote on the bill itself. The final vote was 193 to 228. The House Judiciary Committee backed an amendment that would force U.S. officials to seek a warrant before querying communications made by an American, which national security-minded Republicans have largely opposed.Multiple sources told Fox News Digital that Johnson spoke out against the amendment during a closed-door meeting with fellow House Republicans on Wednesday, spurring anger from GOP hardliners.SHUT IT DOWN: Biden hints at possible executive order to effectively close the border …Read moreHOT AIR: Rep. Jackson Lee trashed after insulting critics of her moon ‘made of gases’ gaffe …Read moreTHIS MEANS WAR: Senate GOP readies battle plan if Dems table Mayorkas impeachment trial …Read moreLOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Senators demand FBI agents testify about ‘highly credible’ source who allegedly made up Biden bribery scheme …Read more’NO AUTHORITY’: Republicans push back on DOJ election law task force …Read more’POLITICAL FARCE’: Undecided voters question ‘timing’ of the multiple Trump indictments …Read moreFIGHTING WORDS: Trump lashes out at former VP Pence, who criticized his lukewarm abortion statement …Read moreBACKTRACKING?: Trump says Arizona pro-life law went ‘too far’ as Biden camp claims policy U-turn …Read moreGREEN NEW YEAR: Scalise kicks off 2024 fundraising rush with $12M in first 3 months …Read moreTHREE STRIKES TOO MANY: Governor kills Maine proposal to end ‘three strikes’ law for petty theft …Read moreSHOW ME THE MONEY: Texas Dem suggests Black people should not pay taxes as form of reparations …Read moreMENENDEZ TRIAL: Nadine Menendez requests trial postponement due to ‘serious medical condition’ …Read moreTRUMP EXEC SENTENCED: Former Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg gets 5 months for perjury in New York AG’s fraud case …Read more’IT’S THEIRS’: Fox footage shows migrants, smugglers swarming New Mexico …Read moreRISING AGAIN: Inflation accelerates more than expected in March as high prices persist …Read moreDEBT CRUNCH: Federal debt interest costs have eclipsed defense spending: CBO …Read moreSubscribe now to get Fox News Politics newsletter in your inbox.Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more on
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