Fox News Politics: Hot Takes on ‘Cheap Fakes’

Welcome to Fox News’ Politics newsletter with the latest political news from Washington, D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail. What’s happening…- VP Harris gets a big promotion in ‘Queer Eye’ blooper- Speaker Johnson urged to crack down on DEI- Climate radicals target Taylor SwiftWhile White House officials are busy dismissing as “cheap fakes” a series of viral videos apparently showing President Biden in declining mental acuity, a conservative tech expert counters that the footage is genuinely troubling and that the Biden message shop is simply working to “gaslight” social media moderators and voters.”The discredited right-wing critics of President Biden who spread other debunked lies, including that the 2020 election was stolen, are clearly threatened by the wide range of nonpartisan fact-checkers that have pulled back the curtain on the cheap fake smears they’re forced to rely on,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Fox News Digital.”It’s very clear what’s going on here,” counter Heritage Foundation tech researcher Jake Denton. “They’re trying to push a new term underneath the school of misinformation to try and pressure social media companies to take action on videos of this nature.”The reality is that the videos accurately reflect Biden’s current cognitive ability, Denton told Fox News Digital, saying Americans should “reject these terms and buzzwords and just assess the videos as they are, because they’re very damning.””It looks horrible because it is,” he said.TIGHT-LIPPED: Biden admin won’t say whether it plans to reach out to Rachel Morin’s family …Read more‘MADAM PRESIDENT’: VP Harris scores a big promotion in mistaken ‘Queer Eye’ video caption …Read moreSHOTGUN WEDDING: Experts warn Biden border order will lead to marriage fraud  …Read moreBORDER CONTRADICTION: Md. Dems lament mom’s murder allegedly by illegal migrant, yet praise Biden on border …Read more’WOKE’ WARS: Missouri senator pushes to eliminate DEI at the Pentagon  …Read moreABORTION BY MAIL: 1800s-era law targeted by Senate Dems over key postal provision …Read moreVARSITY BLUES: Johnson urged by over 50 conservative groups to crack down on DEI in medical schools …Read moreMEME WARS: Biden donors put up $10M in effort to compete with Trump viral videos …Read moreWHY NOW?!: Biden campaign manager asked about timing of immigration executive order …Read moreLOWEST ON RECORD: New Yorkers turn on Democrat governor in new poll …Read moreONE ON ONE: RFK Jr. fails to meet debate criteria, meaning it’s Trump vs. Biden, CNN says …Read moreFINAL COUNTDOWN: Insiders reveal how Biden, Trump are prepping for their first debate …Read moreNAME ‘THREE DRAG QUEENS’: Blue city mayor’s odd question to rival raises eyebrows …Read moreTROUBLE IN A SMALL TOWN: Florida mayor resigns via mass email to residents …Read more’INSIDIOUS’ BIAS: New lawsuit alleges a women’s medical program illegally excludes White women …Read moreEPA SUED AGAIN: Groups target trucking emissions standards …Read moreJUNETEENTH: Deep South state unveils monument honoring those who endured slavery …Read moreTAX CUTS: Red state governor signs income, property tax cuts into law …Read more’A GREAT DAY’: High Court delivers justice to Texas grandmother jailed for political retaliation  …Read moreLOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO: Climate radicals target Taylor Swift’s private jet  …Read moreDEM MAYOR ‘OUSTER’: Oakland pol to face landmark recall vote …Read moreARMS FOR ALLIES: Taiwanese president gives thanks as US approves $360M weapons sale  …Read more’SCOURGE OF ANTISEMITISM’: French political rivals join forces to decry Jewish girl’s gang rape  …Read morePOOCH PACT: Kim commits to defending Russia, seals deal with gift of dogs …Read moreSubscribe now to get the Fox News Politics newsletter in your inbox.Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more on
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