Fox News Politics: Joe Biden is ‘just getting started’

‘FREEDOM’: President Biden launched his re-election campaign, four years to the day since his previous announcement, promising to finish the job he started. Read more: Biden campaign announcement makes no mention of any bills he signed ‘DISASTER’: Reactions to Biden’s announcement from the right were swift and fiery… Read more: 2024 GOP hopefuls respond after Biden throws hat in ring for another term: ‘Attacking our patriotism’ NOT ALONE: Biden launched his campaign after two Democrats from his left flank have also launched longshot bids for the nomination… Read more: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gains sizable chunk of Biden voters at presidential launch: poll BIG NUMBERS: Which is greater — the percentage of Americans who don’t want Biden to run again, or Biden’s age? Read more: Huge majority of Americans oppose Biden running again, citing one ‘major’ factor: poll HUNTER FOR RED OCTOBER: Biden’s campaign coordinated 51 former intelligence officials to release letter attempting to discredit Hunter’s abandoned laptop ahead of the 2020 election… Read more: Biden campaign, Blinken orchestrated intel letter to discredit Hunter Biden laptop story, ex-CIA official says DON’T BLINKEN: The laptop, which Hunter still refuses to admit belongs to him, includes numerous emails with now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken… Read more: Blinken and wife emailed frequently with Hunter Biden, raising questions about role in laptop cover story SEX CHANGES FOR KIDS: While Europe and many American states seek to limit life-altering surgeries for children, two states are going the opposite direction… Read more: Laws protecting gender surgeries for children advance in Washington, Oregon over Republican objections LINKED-IN: A tech billionaire defended his donations to a law firm representing women accusing Donald Trump of rape… Read more: Billionaire Dem donor defends bankrolling Trump accuser’s rape lawsuit as judge seals funding docs FAKE DRUG ADMINISTRATION? Kamala Harris flubbed the full title of the FDA… Read more: VP Harris credits nonexistent federal agency with approving mifepristone: watch NOT THAT PLAN: Biden has threatened to veto the GOP’s deal to raise the debt limit and cut spending… Read more: Biden threatens to veto House GOP plan to address debt limit NEGOTI-HATE: Democrats want a clear line in the sand for Biden’s stalled talks with Republicans over the debt limit… Read more: Senate Dems say Biden should talk to McCarthy, but without linking debt ceiling, spending cuts BIG STAKES: Speaker McCarthy has a lot riding on the debt ceiling package… Read more: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to McCarthy’s debt ceiling plan NEW ERA, SAME E.R.A. Democrats have a plan to attempt to get the sweeping Equal Rights Amendment that failed in the 1970s added to the U.S. Constitution… Read more: Schumer sets up vote aimed at adding Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution BACK IN THE SADDLE: Sen. John Fetterman attracted a host of concerned reactions when he chaired his first subcommittee hearing since his stint in the hospital… Read more: Fetterman raises eyebrows with choppy opening statement in Senate return: ‘Frightening’ MORE BIDENS? A paternity case for an unacknowledged potential grandchild of Joe Biden proceeds in Arkansas… Read more: Hunter Biden ordered to appear in person for Arkansas paternity case hearing for unclaimed 4-year-old daughter WAR ON FOSSIL FUELS: The Biden administration is preparing major rules to further reduce the electrical grid’s reliance on natural gas and coal… Read more: Biden admin preparing major crackdown on power plants that fuel nation’s grid CONFRONTATION: Mayorkas expresses condolences to family members of two killed in car crash with human smuggler near border, but says Republican congressman is ‘politicizing a tragedy’… Read more: Mayorkas comes face to face with family of grandmother, 7-year-old girl killed by human smuggler near border HOUSE INTERRUPTED: Protests over Montana’s bills to protect children from life-altering gender transition surgeries prompted riot police response… Read more: Riot police descend on Montana capitol as left-wing protesters shut down proceedings: reports ESG: A red state is taking the lead in fighting investing rules based on “woke” causes… Read more: Republican-led state opens sweeping investigation into woke investing group LGB: Two students represented by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression are suing the school district over a Feb. 2022 incident… Read more: Michigan school district faces lawsuit after forcing students to remove ‘Let’s go Brandon’ sweatshirts ALPHABET SOUP: Left-leaning groups sue to block Missouri’s attempts to protect children from life-altering gender surgeries… Read more: ACLU, LGBT groups sue Missouri AG over gender transition emergency rule TARGET LIST: Democrats are defending two governorships in red states, and has their eyes on flipping another in 2023 elections… Read more: 3 deep red state governors’ races that could be surprisingly competitive in 2023 — and even expand Dem control Stay up to date on the latest campaign and political news by subscribing to Fox News’ Politics newsletter. 
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