Fox News Politics: Seems Very Bad? Bank collapse rocks Washington

SEEMS VERY BAD: The White House is taking heat from Republicans over Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse…. Senate Banking Republicans wary of Biden officials’ handling of SVB collapse: ‘Asleep at the wheel’ INVESTIGATIONS BEGIN: The DOJ and SEC have launched probes into SVB’s actions as part of the government’s response to the collapse… Silicon Valley Bank collapse under investigation by Justice Department FEEL THE CONFIDENCE: The president spoke earlier than usual Monday seeking to reassure Americans about the state of the banking system… Biden says Americans should ‘feel confident’ in banking system after federal response to SVB collapse FEELING MOODY: As credit raters look more closely at other banks, conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks blamed inflationary conditions for part of the SVB meltdown… SVB collapse: Moody’s flags six other banks with concerning credit ratings PRIORITIES: SVB’s executives have been criticized for supporting a string of left-leaning causes… Head of risk assessment at Silicon Valley Bank invested in LGBTQ programs in months leading up to shutdown OIL ROIL: Biden’s own party has turned against him as the administration moves toward approving a major oil drilling project… AOC, top Democrats issue stinging rebuke of Biden over failed climate promises WILLOW FALLOUT: President Biden’s plan to approve the Willow project in Alaska has caused major turmoil in the govenment… Massive oil project sparked civil war within Biden administration, lawmakers say BLAME WAR: Though the extent of the fallout from the SVB collapse is unclear, Republicans have started turning it into a 2024 issue… GOP presidential candidates react to Silicon Valley Bank collapse; Trump blames ‘out-of-control Democrats’ FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE GAS STOVES: The washing machine industry is sounding the alarm about a Biden administration proposal… Biden washing machine rule would make Americans dirtier and stinkier — and raise prices: manufacturers RUSHING THE BORDER: Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle weighed in on the migrant rush in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday… Texas lawmakers react to the El Paso migrant rush: ‘Full-blown invasion at our southern border’ GOP Rep. Lance Gooden says it’s time for the Department of Justice to reestablish its Trump-era China initiative… Support grows for reestablishing Trump-era China initiative: ‘They do not respect weakness’ FOREIGN THREATS: A group of Republican House committee chairmen are sounding the alarm over the U.S. intelligence community’s annual threat assessment… Top GOP chairmen sound alarm on foreign threats report: Nation at a ‘tipping point’ THE CARTEL: Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, is introducing legislation that would designate Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations… Rep. Roy introduces bill to designate Mexican cartels foreign terrorist organizations FAUCI UNDER FIRE: Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul blasted former National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci… Rand Paul blasts Fauci after freeze-out allegations: a ‘fact’ Fauci ‘convinced’ scientists to change minds SOUR LEMON: A number of female Republican lawmakers released a new ad this week firing back at CNN host Don Lemon… Female GOP lawmakers fire back at CNN’s Don Lemon in new video ad: ‘I’m in my prime’ FIRING SQUAD: The White House is beefing up its attacks on Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis… White House ramps up attacks on DeSantis ahead of his likely 2024 presidential run SPARKING RUMORS: Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will travel next month to New Hampshire, the state that holds the first primary… First on Fox: DeSantis heading to New Hampshire following stops in Iowa, Nevada, fueling more 2024 buzz MIGRANT VOTING: President Biden is being pressured to ramp up voter turnout among new immigrants and individuals in federal custody… Left-wing groups push Biden admin to get migrants, those in federal custody to vote ahead of 2024 elections WAKE-UP CALL: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s re-election loss should serve as a “wake-up call” for other mayors… Lightfoot’s election loss should serve as ‘wake-up call’ for other left-wing mayors, political insiders say ‘TRUMP WAS WRONG’: Former Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday that history will hold former President Donald Trump “accountable”… Pence says ‘Trump was wrong’ for Jan. 6 handling, ‘history will hold’ him ‘accountable’ TRUMP PRAISES DEM: Former President Donald Trump faced ridicule on Twitter after he praised former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat… Trump roasted on Twitter after saying Charlie Crist did a ‘good job’ governing Florida in dig at DeSantis Stay up to date on the latest campaign and political news by subscribing to Fox News’ Politics newsletter. 
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