‘Free Father Theresa’: Trump supporters and critics sound off on Trump’s guilty verdict

Bystanders outside the New York City courtroom where former President Trump was convicted on all counts Thursday evening reacted with a range of different emotions.”Very disappointed, I wanted him to be acquitted,” a male Trump supporter told Fox News Digital outside the courtroom.”Just very sad. I wish this case had not been brought.””It’s about time for justice,” another man said as he hugged a woman next to him who appeared to be celebrating the news that the former president is now a convicted felon. WHAT’S NEXT FOR TRUMP LEGALLY? WHICH CASE MIGHT UP BEFORE ELECTION DAY?”I am so freaking happy I can go home now,” a woman wearing a shirt with Trump’s mugshot and holding a sign rooting on his conviction said. Another woman celebrating the verdict outside said the news of Trump’s conviction is “wonderful” while a woman next to her said, “Great, just great.”FEDERAL JUDGE POSTPONES TRUMP’S CLASSIFIED RECORDS TRIAL INDEFINITELY”Look at what they’ve done to your son God!” a man shouted toward the heavens as he held a sign that said, “Free Father Theresa.”Trump had previously commented that he was facing charges that even Mother Theresa “could not beat.”Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree on Thursday. Each count carries a maximum prison sentence of four years. In total, Trump faces a maximum sentence of 136 years. Moments after the verdict was delivered by the jury, the former president spoke to reporters in the hallway outside the courtroom. “This was a disgrace. This was a rigged trial by a conflicted judge who was corrupt as a rigged trial and disgrace. It wouldn’t give us a venue change,” Trump said. “We were at 5% or 6% in this district, in this area. This was a rigged, disgraceful trial.” Trump said “the real verdict is going to be Nov. 5 by the people.” Fox News Digital’s Brooke Singman contributed to this report
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