GOP lawmaker praised for dropping ‘truth bomb’ on sex-change operations: ‘100% failure rate’

Republican congresswoman Harriet Hageman was praised by conservatives on social media for saying there’s no such thing as a successful sex change operation during a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on “gender-affirming care” for children. “There’s a 100 percent failure rate for sex change operations, isn’t there?” the Wyoming Republican said to Dr. Jennifer Bauwens during Thursday’s hearing. “Because it’s not possible to change your sex.” “That’s right, you can’t change your sex,” Bauwens responded. During another part of the hearing, Hageman said, “There is only two sexes. Boys are boys, girls are girls. One cannot become the other.” DETRANSITIONER ISSUES ‘DESPERATE PLEA’ TO LAWMAKERS AT EMOTIONAL GENDER HEARING: ‘MY CHILDHOOD WAS RUINED’ “Harriet Hageman dropping truth bombs,” Citizen Free Press reacted on Twitter. DYLAN MULVANEY RELEASES VIDEO REFLECTING ON 500 DAYS OF ‘BEING A GIRL,’ SHARES ‘TRANS JOY’ AMID BUD BACKLASH “The current Democrat party is one of extremism and divisiveness – telling Americans to ‘follow the science’ on Covid, but denying the indisputable science that a man is a man, and a woman is a woman,” Rep. Hageman told Fox News Digital in a statement.  “It is an indisputable fact that 100% of ‘sex change’ surgeries fail for the simple reason that you cannot change your sex. It isn’t ‘care’ to encourage children to mutilate their bodies, and just as lobotomies were a medically accepted practice in the 1940s and 50s which would be viewed as cruel and barbaric today, history will render the same verdict on ‘gender affirming care’ that is being practiced on children now.” In the hearing, detransitoner Chloe Cole made a desperate plea for Congress to act against gender treatments and surgeries. “My childhood was ruined,” she testified on her 19th birthday. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “What message do I want to bring to American teenagers and their families? I didn’t need to be lied to. I needed compassion. I needed to be loved. I need to be getting therapy to help me work through my issues. Not affirmed to my delusion that by transforming into a boy, it would solve all my problems,” Cole said in her opening statement before the House Judiciary subcommittee. Fox News Digital’s Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.
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